Finally, I took a free day from work, m My husband is with the girl. Now there's no way anyone is going to disrupt! I'm going to reach my 5000 words today!

Come on! You just need to write the first word! Come on, girl! Oh, I know…! Damn, this phone.

"Hello?" I don't even try to hide my anger.

"Hey, sweetheart." My lovely husband.

"What is it?"

"Well, Queen of ice, we have a problem."

"Well, the first on my planning to kill list, what is the trouble?"

"You see, Anna is being stubborn."

"And that's your first time ever babysitting? Grow up!" I hung the phone with all my power. That's what's fun about telephone. A real telephone, not the little annoying phones.

Hopefully, my annoying husband won't… Damn, who's ringing now?!

"Daniel, stop pretending you are not her father!"

"Hello, Morgan."

"Hello, mom. Anything urgent?"

"Well, you know I recalled…"

She pauses for the longest time ever, geez!

"You said if you have a free day, don't you?"

"Yeah, and you're disturbing it."

"Morgan being polite isn't your strongest suit."

"Letting me work isn't the world strongest suit, apparently."

"Why do you work? Didn't you take a day off?"

"I told you, mom, I try to write a novel, but it's quite hard when everyone disturbs me every two seconds."

"Okay, darling. I'll talk with you later." She hung. Can't she just call tomorrow?

Okay, now no more disturbances. So…. Where was I? Right, chapter 20. The beginning of chapter 20. Damn, beginning chapters is the hardest. Why the hell can't I use outlines?! I had an idea, and forgot. Oh, now I…

Damn, I can't believe it. The power if off. I have no choice, I'll use Daniel laptop. He'll survive. Now… where is it?! Maybe is the study room…

Great, my lace of a husband put it so high to keep away from Anna, that even I can't reach it. I guess I'll need to go on the chair.

Why he had to choose a chair with wheels? I'm scared to death climbing on it, but look at me, I'm still climbing on…

Ouch! That was hurt… Stupid chair and stupid floor!

My back… my poor poor back… I try to stand, but oh… that hurts. Great. Best day off ever!

I guess nothing will happen if I make myself a cup of coffee to relax. I still have all day long.

One problem… I need to get up first. Stupid chair, be nice, and this time, when I hold you, DON"T MOVE!

I rise myself from the floor… and I feel like am about to fall again. I'll just roll on this chair to the kitchen. Maybe this I can bear.

Damn, I feel in in my grandmother's age rolling on this chair's wheels… Maybe we should buy a wheelchair for emergencies like this…?

That was tough, but I made my tea and finished it. Thankfully, my back is better. Thank God for creating the disk on keys! I mean, he didn't make them himself… herself? Itself? How God should be referred anyway…? Should I just go with the current "themselves"?

Anyway, I'll take my disk on key to the library. Who will interrupt my work now?!

Daniel took the car, so I guess I'll go there by bus. I feel like I'll fall if I try to walk all the way now. Luckily, the bus station is just under my house. There should be some profit in leaving in the most polluted street in a radius of 4 km. A bus just has passed through here. Oh, so much smoke. So… waiting at the bus stop is totally not one of the best things in living here.

My bus arrives. Where's my… My wallet isn't here?! Don’t tell me I need to wait for the next one. It's just not my day. So… I run back, get my wallet after searching for it for 5 damned minutes and get back to the station.

So, let's see how long until the next bus… 28 minutes?! Can I kill someone?! The question is who! Myself, maybe…

So, I sit on the so not comfortable branch in the bus station. I looked around me and saw that my apartment wasn't the only one with no light. That's probably going to take some time…

So… after 38 minutes (not 28) the bus arrives and my street is still in the middle ages. Damn, I am as wet as someone who just came out of the pool… plus the smell…

Anyway, now I can sit in the cold bus. I pay to the driver, and then realize… this bus is full of teens. Why couldn't I wait with my day off for after the school year?! It doesn't matter, I'm here.

20 minutes later I get off the bus and getting to the library… and surprise! All computers are caught by children playing computer games. Don't you have computer at home?!

Okay, I'll go to a shop to buy paper and write on them. I leave the library and walk to the close shop of writing implement… but it's closed. Hurray.

I decide to go to the mall in this unbearable heat, I'll be able to work there. So, I finally enter the mall after the longest 10 minutes in my life. I get some papers and a pen, enter a coffee shop and start to write. The word just flew!

"Ma'am?" I hear suddenly.

"Yes?" I don't even bother to look at the waitress.

"What would you like to offer?"

"Hmm… Maybe some cookies with iced tea on the side."

"On it way, ma'am?"

I really don't care if she doesn't come at all. I've written so many! Well, in the end she came, and I snitch a cookie or taking a sip from time to time.

I couldn't believe it. 4 pages! On both sides! But well, I have no excuses to stay here anymore. Guess it's to pay the bill. I signaled the waitress I wanted the bill. She nods and then goes to give to me. I put my bag in my bag, to take out my wallet, and then, I feel a warm liquid on my arm and legs. I look at them and see coffee is splashed on them. But the worst of it all… my papers to the most severe damage.

"I'm so sorry, ma'am!"

"A thousand apologies won't help you." I give her the money and leaves irritated.

Later on that day, when Daniel comes with the sleeping Anna in his arms, he asks "How was your day off?"

"Now I really need a day off!"

October 04, 2019 18:44

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