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Fiction Gay Romance

Running through the large open fields toward the great forest was like running through the shallow landing of water on a beach. Cosmo needed to get to the train, not just because of the need to survive; but also the need to protect his family and friends. If he could get to London in time, everyone might just survive. If he could make it, then Thistle could live a good life. Thistle is Cosmo's best friend. He was always there for Cosmo and he trusted Thistle with his life, not that there was much to live of it. With Cosmo being 15 and Thistle being 17, it was a bit hard for them to bond without people hating the relationship they had. One of the many reasons they were forced out of the town and into the Rimstone Fields. Nothing ever survived in those desolate Fields, so Cosmo needed to go to London for one reason; to find someone who would accept who he was, who his family was. Outcasts, Queers, and different from others. With hair as white as snow, and skin as pale pink as Clementi Flowers.

Cosmo and Thistle had a less than normal relationship; always having a fluttering feeling in the depts of their stomachs. Or turning a dark rouge when first seeing each other. People of this time hated "abnormal" people. Ones with different colored skin, or no skin color at all. Ones with weird eyes or different emotional feelings, not that Cosmo had feeling for Thistle. Besides, even if he did, who knows if Thistle liked him back. That was a close to none possibility, wasn't it? Besides, they couldn't be together. Even if it was in secret...Not that Cosmo wanted to be in a relationship, because he doesn't like Thistle at all. But it still made him upset to think about it.

Cosmo could hear the whistle of the train in the distance, snapping him back to reality, getting louder. He was almost there! Just a little farther and he could save the people he loves most. 1....2......3......4.......5........6..........whistles. Shit, the train is boarding. Cosmo ran as fast as he could, burning his lungs like never before. He could hear his heartbeat pounding in his ears. The need and the want to give up was so strong that he could've stopped and walked back to the tree his family was near. Or he could be the town hero, and help his family and friends live in luxury instead of in exile. The choice was almost made for him when he remembered that he would most likely die trying to save everyone from the discrimination. Maybe they would die before he could find someone to house them or support their unique differences. Right now, he couldn't think about those things. He had to stay focused and run faster then he was running, jumping over logs, and shooting the dirt up into oblivion behind every step. Snap.... What was that? Doesn't matter, Cosmo had to make it to the train before it left. 1.......2.......3........4........5.........6........7.........whistles. NO! He had to make it! Snap, rustle, crack.....Thump. Thump! THUMP!

"HEY!!" A loud, booming, deep voice could be heard behind Cosmo, making him run faster.

"Go Away! You can't stop me!" Cosmo shouted back in response. The footsteps became louder as the person gained on Cosmo. The final whistle could be heard so loud, Cosmo could almost touch it. The smell of burning oil and coal was so strong that it could've withered a bush with ease.

Suddenly a hand grabbed Cosmo's wrist, making him stop abruptly.

"Let me go! I'm almost there!" Cosmo started to cry, "I have to save them, I have to save them all before they get hur-" Cosmo's words were stolen by a heat on his mouth. He tried to pull away before he saw the smooth dark skin and the long eyelashes. When the kiss ended, Cosmo's voice became small and suppressed as he said,

"Thistle?" The train was leaving, but nothing mattered in that moment.

"Don't do this, you'll die!" Thistle put an arm around Cosmo's waist, pulling him in closer, "We don't need you to give us luxury and risk your life in the process." Thistle looked deeply into Cosmo's eyes, searching for a reply. But Cosmo was too flustered to think. The whistle of the train sounded one last time as it left. Bringing Cosmo back to his original goals.

"No! I have to get to the train!" Cosmo wiggled out of Thistle's grasp and started to run towards the track.

"You don't! Stay here with me!" Thistle said desperately while chasing after Cosmo. When Cosmo saw the train racing off on the track, he didn't bother to do anything. He plopped down on his knees on the side of the track, feeling nothing but guilt for not being able to catch it in time.

Thistle came to Cosmo's side and helped him up. Having Cosmo stand directly in front of him.

"We need you more then we need acceptance and luxury.." Thistle said in a soft voice that made Cosmo look at him.

"Really?" Cosmo's voice was so surprised and precious that Thistle's face changed color to a dark, deep maroon. Cosmo raised on his tippy-toes to reach Thistle. Kissing him passionately with Thistle's large body supporting his own. Making Cosmo feel safe and secure, turning his stomach into a stew of butterflies; while they both melted together, neither of them wanting to let go. Knowing they would have to make they're way to their home, they let all their repressed feelings of fear of rejection and hidden admiration out affectionately. Eventually, they let go of each other, only to cling like magnets. Teeth-full smiles and moist lips, anticipating another loving embrace.

Hand in hand, the boys made their way back to the run-down campsite they called home. Stealing kisses along the way, and enjoying the momentarily peace. Ready to fight against the towns people to accept unique personalities back into the community.

October 20, 2022 20:16

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Delbert Griffith
22:37 Oct 26, 2022

I absolutely love the message, Nyxlan. I can see that you care about your theme; all good writers care about their themes. I would respectfully ask that you check your grammar before publishing. None of the errors are huge, but it makes a difference. I have to re-read my works several times because I make so many grammatical errors. Also, try to keep your opening paragraph a little shorter. It can turn off some people. Still, this is a great story. Keep up the good work and keep on caring about people.


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