Friendship High School Suspense

The day started out good and felt a bit normal. I was on my way to see my best friend Jo and play like we normally do. Summer heat on my back as I walked the two blocks down from my home to see her. I, Cari was a thin straggly haired girl. Blue eyes and always fashioning a smile. I grew up in Cadillac Michigan with three sisters and my two parents who got married young. I have a fraternal twin. She never likes to be known as a twin, but I call her my wombmate. Get it, we shared the same womb. I lived in a small town that knew everyone else. Guess it grows on you after a while, but you can't get away with much. My best friend and I didn't look anything alike and are completely different from the other. Her hair bright golden blonde, shorter and tan. My skin usually burned in the sun. I had a funny feeling that Jo was up to no good. I always had crazy adventures with her. She made me forget about reality and let go. Whether we were jumping off buildings, sledding steep hills, walking barefoot in rushing, rocky streams to catch catfish with bare hands or laundry baskets, we did it all.

The moment I reached her house she had already planned the day. She is an only child but has a step brother who is a toddler. I saw her eyes light up after seeing me and she was running around frantically searching for rocks. I asked her why with a puzzled look. She only showed me what but never why. She just wanted me to follow her lead. I began gathering rocks and then all of a sudden, she told me to put them in her backpack. I proceeded to do as she asked and we got on our bikes. Thirsty and confused I followed her.

We rode quickly through the neighborhood and reached our destination. The sun was at its peak but dehydration didn't deter Jo from accomplishing her mission. I felt like bait but I wanted to be brave. I looked up and in front of us was the well known towering hill. This hill is known for sledding but is very dangerous. My dad's friend died going down it on a sled and before he could stop, a car ran into him. Guess he had gone into the road.

Jo asked me to follow her up the trail to the top of the hill. I began sweating and feeling apprehensive. But, I never failed her dares before. So, up I went. Squeezing the handle bars and pedaling hard, my muscles ached and groaned as sweat poured down my salty checks. Fresh wind blew my hair. I saw Joe in front take off. Forgot my sense of time and the world came to a still. I felt fear and dread but kept on. I lifted my foot up to the pedal and once I decided to go, I stopped. Knowing the danger, I tried to stop, but slipped a bit and on I went.

I could see Jo in front, bobbing and bouncing on her ten speed. My chain and pegs rattling and vision a blurr, I tried hitting the brakes but couldn't stop. It was too fast. Diggins is tremendously steep. It felt like it would never end. My heart was raving. I realized I had a bag full of rocks still banging and clanging on my back. This wasn't good. I screamed out Help, but no one Knew where I was and no one was at Diggins hill but us. All of a sudden, I was airborne. Flipping and flying upwards then down for a crash landing. I landed near some trees with jo a few hundred feet away. Then all of a sudden, as dirt bellowed from our beneath me, my eyes lifted towards the sky...I saw my bike flipping and coming down on top of me. I clenched my head, and braced for impact.

But, something miraculous happened. A strong force moved me out of the way so quick I didn't have time to question it. I turned to look back at the bike with a shocked look, and discovered it was right where I had layed. the bike lay with bend up handlebars and bar. The tire still airborne landing near me. It bounced a few times and came to a halt. As dirt cleared, Jo was laying beside and all I could hear was my sister Jamie calling out for me. She came running and saw me distraught. I called out for Jo. She was sad and full of blood and scratches but we both survived. I didn't have a scratch on me.

As we stared at each other in amazement, we could see that Diggins hill won. Brave as we were, we knew we were in trouble My sister said we were dumb for doing that and Jo looked angry but mostly sad. I only felt empathy and love for her. I somewhat felt sad but grateful too. It was a miracle how I didn't get hit by the bike. My friend ran up to us from across the street and offered to help fix my bike. I agreed but later had trouble explaining where I was and what happened to my bike to my dad. Let's just say when the bike showed up unfixed my dad knew I wasn't just playing at joes. My family never got me a new bike and that's okay, but I did learn more about who I am and who my friends are.

God works in mysterious ways they say, I am truly thankful for the amount of times Our father provides and protects all of us. Jo and I still remain friends and kept our adventurous side. She has a boy and I have boy and two girls. We both got married and I helped with her wedding. A friend loves at all times scripture states. I will be there for Jo, my friends and family as much as I can be.

June 24, 2022 17:01

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Maham Fatima
21:17 Jul 03, 2022

An interesting tale of friendship, the thrill of adventure, and a miracle. Good effort!


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Chris Morris
07:49 Jul 02, 2022

Hi Cari, this is a good story, well done. Just be careful when you edit your story as there are a few little punctuation errors and some sentences just don't quite gel. "I screamed out Help, but no one Knew where I was and no one was at Diggins hill but us." This sentence could be improved in a few ways - I would either change the first part to "I screamed for help" or "" Help! " I screamed.". Then "knew" shouldn't be capitalised and "Diggins Hill" should be capitalised for both the "Diggins" and the "Hill" as it's a place name. I hope ...


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Cari Dehne
17:03 Jun 24, 2022

As all children do, we influence one another and find out who we are through our dates and adventures. Sometimes just listening to our inner voice and if we tune out all the distractions, we can notice the true miracles. Some our right in front of our eyes


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