Horror Crime Suspense


A girl was walking alone and the environment was keeping silent. She wore the black hood and the jean. She looked so poor. She blew out the hot air by sighing alone. There were few people walking around the street. The sky was being dark still but the early birds are singing the sounds loudly. She was heading forward to the newspaper publishing house for taking the newspaper. Her part-time job was starting today. When she arrived, the manager took her in and gave her the newspapers and the list of customer’s addresses. Before she leave, the manager gave her a bike to take the newspapers. She put the newspapers into the basket in front of the bicycle handle and rode the bike. She knew how to ride the bike well but it’s hard to ride back after five years later. The memories entered into her mind on her way to post the newspapers. Her family had many debts so she sold her bike out for money. She went around the streets looking for the part time jobs and doing parallel jobs every day. Now, she got a chance to ride the bike again. Today she decided to do her best over this job. Because she got fire from other part-time jobs. She needed the money to buy medicines for her mother. The last week, she found out her mother was collapsing on the floor so she took her to hospital and then the doctor recommended her to do medical checkup. She did that by using all her money. This week, the doctor sent her the medical record paper. Later that day, she looked inside carefully and she found out her mother had a breast cancer stage 4. So, she went to hospital back then for discussing this issues with the doctor. Then, the doctor said her mother condition was worsening and they couldn’t do anything for her. Just the medicines could handle her condition for not getting worse. She trusted the doctor said. So, she kept finding more jobs for getting money to buy medicines.

                         She had full of thoughts in mind so she lose the reality a bit. When she went back into the reality, she didn’t realize her route. So, she stop at the corner of the street and double check the list back then. At that time, she heard the voice of the lady calling out for help. She looked around but she hadn’t see anything. She thought “will it be the ghost”. She still finding the owner of the voice around the street. She saw the narrow street beside of the street she stopped her bicycle. She took out the flash light and turned it on. Then, she pointed to the narrow street which was blackening all over. There she saw the lady wearing red was lying down to the ground. But that strange lady didn’t seem fine, so she moved forward to help. When she got closer, she felt the cool air suddenly flip around her face. She was shaking hands and legs. But she put her mind back in normal. Then, she moved forward to the strange lady and she looked down to the ground. The strange lady faced was turning towards her slowly. She couldn’t move her legs and hands at that time now she remembered she was dreaming of this scenes already over weeks. She shut her eyes suddenly and pray to Jesus by holding the cross. During she kept pray to lord, she heard the screaming voice and then she can move her legs. So, she turned her face and body to the direction back to the main street then start moving her feet. That’s all she remembered. She told her experience back to her colleagues at other job. Her colleagues asked her “have you looked at her back when you reached back to bicycle”. She answered “No, of course not, I am about to faint after I looked at her face”. Her colleagues asked “Was it scary”. She moved her face to other side and said “No, it’s thrilling my mind”. They were laughing out loud when they heard her answer. She said in her mind “Yes, you could laugh out loud because you hadn’t meet like I did”. There was the thing she can’t understand still. That was “why did she kept dreaming about that scenes in dream”. She knew that it was happening once and she decide not to go there again.

                             The coincidence happened again at another day. That was a date invitation from her supervisor. She wanted to deny but she can’t do that at last. So, she followed him on a date and doing things he wanted to do. They went to cinema, having a dinner at local dining shop and then he drove her home. She wasn’t thinking he choose that way to drive her home. Entering that street start thrilling her mind and she couldn’t hold herself in normal. He recognized her emotions and asked “what’s happened baby, are you okay”. She was sweating a lot in this condition and hard to breathe. But she would like him to drive as fast as he can to past that narrow street at the back of the condos and buildings. Unfortunately, his car engine stopped right there at that place. She held the car door and opened. Then, she was running to home. She didn’t care about him at all. Her thought in mind was “let’s getting escape from here”. After she ran away from him by landing down from the car and ran like a flash. He scratched his head and said “why was that”. He got back in to his car and starting the engine. It didn’t work. He came down and go back to the car and check the petrol and everything. There had nothing abnormal or problem. During he opened his car dashboard, he heard the woman’s screaming voice. His hair were being upwards like he saw the ghost. And then, he felt cold so he hurried back into the car and closed the doors. He was shaking and can’t even pick up the mobile phone normally. But he tried so hard to stable his shaky hand with other hand and called his friend to pick him up right now. His friend surprised by getting call from him at this time. It was too late to go out but he kept beg his friend and then his friend agreed to pick him up. His friend lived nearby building of them. So, he drove his car and headed to the street his friend told him in phone. When he got there, he only found his friend’s car. So, he went forward to his friend’s car and looked closely inside the car by window. “Bang” he heard the nose from his back. So, he turned around and then he saw the white shirt at the narrow street beside the main street. He went there for checking what that was exactly. He just wanted to know “was it be Nathen”. When he reached there, he saw Nathen’s faced turned to the ground and there were blood everywhere. He looked under his shoes and he found out he was stepping on the blood. He ran back out to the main street and called the police.

                           The police investigated the case and called the people who was last seeing him. His colleagues told that day he went on a date and the girl was the part timer. The police officer asked them for her phone number and other contact. They gave everything to officer. Then, the officer drove to that address they gave. When the officer arrived, she went out from home and seemed like head to job. The officer and other investigators blocked her way and tell her about the case to take her to investigating room. They said “Ms. Daran, we need to ask you some questions about Nathen”. She said “okay”. And then, she followed them without asking anything. When she went into investigating room, they asked her the questions. She answered every questions easily. At last, they asked her “we want to know the last time you saw him alive”. She looked at her phone and give it to officer. The record about the strange sound and the car stopped suddenly. She said “I had a phobia about the dark and street”. She continued “I told him to not drive this way”. The officer asked her more clearly about this issue and then focused on her answer. She said “I knew you might thought of me as crazy but I am not crazy I faced the ghost at that narrow street once”. She continued “I don’t know what happened to him after I left him alone”. Then, she said with crying suddenly “I just don’t want to drag by that red lady ghost again”. The officer and investigator went back out to discuss with others secretly and looking at her behind the mirror. Investigator told the other staff to find the old record about the murder case at that narrow street. They found it immediately because it wasn’t far enough. At that case, they found the body but no evidence so they couldn’t find the murderer. Now, they got a match of that girl saying that she saw the red lady ghost inside the narrow street. The officer went back into the investigating room and asked her. She told him everything she knew. The investigators behind the mirror thought she isn’t the murderer at all. They decided to check the dead man’s car and his body. Later, they found out the secret behind the red lady’s death. Both the dead man and his friend contained in this murder case. Luckily, they caught another murder this time because of the ghost. They thanked to ghost seeing girl. The head of department decided to hire her in their department for finding the secret cases. But she was being unstable in mind again because all that happened in her dream already. The places, situations and cases were being a dejavu for her.

July 20, 2021 05:38

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