Luka The Traveling Motorcycle Cat

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Luka The Traveling Motorcycle Cat. 

Luka was asleep on his bed, When he was woken by his mate, Suge. “Come on Luka, we’re going on a long Journey today” said Suge. It was 7am in the morning, Suge was already dressed in his clothes. He only needed to put on his motorcycle clothes before leaving the house. Suge went to the kitchen to get Luka’s cat food, he wanted to feed him before they left 

To go on their  Favourite place. While Luka ate his food, Suge put his motorcycle gear on. “Here you go Luka, here’s your motorcycle hat, for your hat”. Said Luka. Suge put Luka’s motorcycle hat on his head. “ There you go Luka now you're all ready to go for your Journey” said Suge. 

“Will you be gone long Mesure Suge”? said Michele. Michele was French she was living with Suge for one more year before going back to France. She was a exchange student. Michele had been with Suge for 3 years now and was nearly finished with her studies in English. “Yes Michele we will be gone all day, we won’t be back till dusk”. said Suge which was late at night. 

“Meow Meow Meow”. said Luka. Luka was letting Suge know he was ready to go. “Okay Luka we will go in a minute, I need to get our food and drink ready, plus some safety stuff just in case. 

“Oh that is so good of you, Mesure Suge, to remember what you need to take”. “Yes careful planning is important, when you are going on a Journey Michele.” said Suge. “Meow Meow Meow”.. said Luka. Suge laughed at Luka, “Let’s go then”. Said Suge and bent down to pick up Luka and they both went out the back door to the garage. Suge put Luka the cat in the side seat and started the motorcycle up, Vroom Vroom the motorcycle went, and they drove out to the front of the driveway to the front gates. Vroom Vroom off they went slowly up the road. Are you okay? Luka said Suge. Luka sat and looked like he was enjoying the ride,  Suge smiled Luka was one of his best mates ever, Luka was practically the only cat who thought he was a human, Luka and Suge had been on a lot of road trips together, and each one was different from the next. They drove along the highway for a couple of hours, then stopped at a cafe on the highway to have a break, they had a drink of water and something to eat, then they filled up at a petrol station, not too far away. While the motorcycle was being filled with petrol, Luka went for a toilet break and when he was finished he noticed a small mouse scurrying into a hole, he was trying to find some way to get the mouse when Suge called out “Come on Luka time to go”. Luka stopped what he was doing and went to see Suge. He rubbed up next to Suge’s Leg and then Suge bent down and picked Luka up and put him in the passenger's side seat of the motorcycle. Vroom Vroom the motorcycle started up again and then they were off. “Next stop Aunty Mariah’s place Luka” said Suge. Aunty Mariah's place was about 5 miles away. Suge and Luka hadn't been to  Aunty Mariah’s place since covid 19 Level 4, and hadn't kept in contact, because she had asked that no one go and see her, because she didn’t want to catch covid 19 and that only her partner, her 3 children and herself were in their bubble. Suge and Luka arrived at the house to see Aunty Mariah, Suge stopped the motorcycle just outside her house, Suge grabbed his mate Luka the cat  and they went to the front door and knocked on the door. It was a steel door with small window peeks. “Hello who’s there”?.said the female voice from behind the door inside. “It’s me Aunty Mariah, Suge! I have come to see you, with my cat Luka'' said Suge. Mariah was a very beautiful woman and was brought up with a good background of education. She had been employed by her company because of her impressions she gave the company that she worked for which what the company valued about her, she was presenting the company on her appearance and her intellectual abilities. They were always relying on her to keep up with the latest skills for the company and sometimes she was given challenges she felt were a bit too much at times, luckily she had a team behind her to support her all the way. Without them she would not be able to get through the tough challenges she had to go through. “Oh do come in Suge and your cat Luka, nice name said Aunty Mariah. And opened the door with a smile, “Well hello Luka how have you been it is nice to see you again”. Said Aunty Mariah ``Come in”. They all went into the passage, then into the open planning kitchen, dining room, and Lounge. There were 3 doors that went to different areas of the house, and there was a verandah with a bbq and sliding doors leading out to the verandah, on the side was a spa pool which was really nice to be in on the cold winter days or in the summer in the late night times. 

Luka went to say hello to the cat of the house, her name was Sophie she was really a nice cat the same coloring as Luka black and white. Sophie was loved by everyone in the house but mostly the 3 children. Luka and Sophie had met before when they were kittens they had come from the same litter, ‘ the Humans don’t know we are brother and sister yet since we were brought separately at the pet shop. “I wonder if they will ever find out”. Said Sophie. “Nah they won’t ever find out they are humans, they don’t know the way we do things, their world is weird to ours”. said Luka. “ But the children on the other hand know, they keep our secrets” said Sophie. “Yes I know that Sophie” said Luka, one day they won’t understand us and they will be like the other Adults, except for Suge that is” said Luka. “Oh really Luka”. said Sophie, “How long are you staying for anyway? '' said Sophie, not long we are going in a couple of hours. How are your humans doing Sophie”? said Luka. “Well there’s this thing called covid 19 everyone is talking about it, and that it is a serious thing, I’m getting sick of being around them all day in and out, I need to get out and have my time to myself and just be one with myself. said Sophie. I’m glad I am able to get out because I would most probably do somersaults by now”. said Sophie. “Me too Sophie said Luka even though Suge thinks I think I am a human. “Luka, where are you”? said Suge. “Looks like we’re leaving Sophie, see you next time then”.said Luka, ``Yeah for sure” said Sophie. Suge bent down and picked up Luka and then out the Front door they went. Suge put Luka's helmet on and put Luka in the side seat of the motorcycle, Vroom,Vroom. They drove to the highway and got to the petrol station to fill up for their ride home. They stopped at the cafe and had a drink and something to eat, Luka had another attempt to catch the mouse again and wasn’t able to do so, since the mouse had seemed to disappear all together. Suge picked up Luka, “Time to go home now Luka!”. said Suge. Suge put Luka back in the side seat of the motorcycle, Vroom Vroom they were off, going home. It was after dusk when they got home and they turned into the driveway. Michele had left the light on near the back door for both of them to see their way to the door, which led to the kitchen. The motorcycle was put into the garage and Suge took the helmet off Luka and took Luka inside the backdoor to the kitchen where there was a nice pot of hot soup and a nice bowl of cat food which Michele had left for them before she went to bed. 

Night Luka said Suge. Purrrrr was all Suge heard Luka say because Luka was curled up in a ball fast asleep. 

by Writehand

May 15, 2020 14:50

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A. Y. R
07:16 May 16, 2020

Motorbiking cat - what fab a concept! In terms of editing, break your story down into more paragraphs (or increase the spacing) to make it flow a bit better


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Hannah Lawn
15:54 May 21, 2020

Agree on the paragraphs, that's a great idea.


MaureenJ Poutoa
17:07 Jun 26, 2020

Thank you Hannah


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