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Every year, especially around the holidays Mr. Joe-Bob has his home decorated Soo nicely according to whatever holiday it was at that particular time. Him and his wife, Mrs. Sally Mae have been married for nearly 40years. They met when they were middle school as the best of friends. Their relationship didn't become serious until college. They ended up getting married after their 1st years of college... Only 18 and 19 years old young in love, yet ambition for the life they wanted to share together. They worked as creative writers for the young kids at heart… A foundation that they started when they were in middle school as a way to help young kids stay off the streets... Something they started when they were young, and vow to keep it going. Eventually they had kids, 2 little girls Madison that's short for Maddie and Melissa, who we call Lizzy McGuire… That’s her favorite show!

OH I guess you're wondering where I come in at. My name is Annabelle, but everyone calls me Annie. Mr. Joe-Bob is my neighbor... But in all honesty, he's like a grandpa to me. I lost my grandparents when I was young, so I wasn't able to experience the love from grandparents.

When my parents and I moved on this block, it was around the holidays when I noticed that Mr. Joe-Bob was the only house on our block that was decorated so nicely, it immediately draws you in the moment your eyes lay on the extravagant details. I was holding my mom's hand when I saw the detail of fall wreath (Mr. Joe-Bob and Mrs. Sally didn't really decorate for Halloween, yet it was more like fall vibes, with the gold, the leaves, the pumpkins ... They always did an amazing job each year…)

Anyhow, when I saw the decorations, I couldn't help but run, I was smart for my age... of course I would never run far, just a few seconds and my parents would give me this look that read "don't try me." They followed me, and was also immediately intrigued by all the festivities...

My dad, was just about to knock on the door when this jolly face man and his lovely wife... Oh I forgot to mention that they also have this adorable little dog, name Lola Bear. Lola Bear greeted us immediately. Their 2 daughters were always at college so unfortunately most of the time it was just the two who decorated. Well until I came along...... We all got along like family, even the girls. I loved them soo much.

*Fast ward to now*

Geez, it's been soo long since I been in this area... Since I saw my grandparents... Little Ms. Lola Bear….

*goes to ring the doorbell *

I wonder if he stills..... (Pauses from the unexpected)

Margie: HI dear, can I help you with something?

Annie: (confused) uhmm, well I'm looking for a Mr. Joe-Bob? Have you seen him?

Margie: I'm sorry dear, what's your name?

Annie: oh sorry, (reaches out my hand) I'm Annabelle, but you can call me Annie. My grandparents lives here.

Margie: It's nice to meet you Annie, I'm Margie. Unfortunately I don't know who you're talking about... When I moved here nearly 10 years ago, the house was already empty. I'm not sure exactly what happened…

Annie: What?! (Nearly screaming) Are you sure? (Slowly starts to back away)

Margie: I'm sorry that I wasn't much help...

(Turns back around for one last look)

Annie: (still in shock) uhmm thank you for your time.... (Walks away in disbelief)

(Dials mom)

Mom: hi sweetheart, how are you today?

Annie: Mom, you won't believe what just happened... Somebody's living in Mr. Joe-Bob and Mrs. Sally Mae house (tears are starting to well up and roll down my cheek)

Mom: honey, what on earth are you talking about?! Who is this Mr. Joe-Bob and uhmm Sally Mae? Hmm they sound like such sweet people.

Annie :( her heart nearly fell out of her chest). Mom, come on. Mr. Joe-Bob, their like my second grandparents.... (Silence on the phone for a few minutes)

Mom: (getting a little agitated) there's no Mr. Joe-Bob. (Pauses, for a second, changes the tones when she hears the serenity in her daughters’ voice.) Are you coming over for dinner?

Annie: uhmm, yes sure mom.

Mom: Okay, see you soon. Love you sweetie.

Annie: love you to mom! (Hangs up, with her hearts smashed to pieces)

As I look around... I feel a cold chill over me that causes me to shiver... I don't know what's happening, but it's like I'm trapped inside the unknown....

Mr. Joe-Bob where are you?!

Annie: How is it that I’m the only one who remember Mr. Joe-Bob…? Grandma and grandpa! This has to be a terrible dream that I need to wake up from…. Or can I wake up from it… What will happen when I wake??! (She had to snap herself out of her daydreaming, although she still has unanswered answers, there was absolutely no way there would get answered all at once.. If at all)

*Tears start to form again, but this time I let them fall... Hard*

What if I’m dreaming…?

She begins to think of the poem she used to read all the time when she was a little girl, which was called

“Scared Senseless”

There's a terror in the night, that some... Uhmm, well a lot of you may like...

It sends you chills up your spine, and make your soul go into complete shock!

It's a night that's made to be scared, made to be the victim of all the terror games that's being played.

There's no running.

There's no escaping.

There's no… Nothing!

So get ready to be scared senseless.

As she replay the words over and over, she realized that the fear of being scared senseless is coming true…

With nowhere to hide,

No one to turn to

I feel like I’m going crazy, and maybe I am…

Mr. Joe-Bob where are you?!

October 26, 2019 06:03

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Frank Dimaio
23:33 Nov 07, 2019

I was intrigued till I got to the fast forward. I felt like I missed something. The time jump was too abrupt for me to stay focused on the childhood excitement of the moment. I still liked the anticipation of Annie and her anxiety of non connection.


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