Not Happening!! Because I Said So!!

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The shouting match started, and everyone was wondering what the heck was going on upstairs. Everything was just fine a minute ago. What could have happened that fast? So the husband walked upstairs to see what all the commotion was all about. As the husband made his way to the top of the stairs, the wife said, no go back downstairs. This is between your daughter and me. What’s going on up here? The husband said. Nothing I can’t handle the wife replied.

Why can’t I go? Said the daughter, because I said so replied the mother. Now, wait a minute said the husband. Someone is going to explain what is going on. We are trying to have a family movie night. That’s the point your 14-year-old daughter can’t get through her head. Babe, calm down and let me see why she is so mad. Okay, the wife replied. The husband walked into their daughter’s room.

Mom is not being fair right now. See, my friend Emily is having a sleepover. I asked mom, and she said no. I sure did yelled the wife. I explained who was all going to be there, and she still said no. Why? Like she said because I said so. She knows you can’t go over to no one’s house on a school night. But mom we all go to the same school, I don’t care mom replied.

Dad, you see what I’m talking about? Let me talk to your mom and see if I can change her mind. Thanks, dad! So the dad walked out of the room and closed the door behind him. Then he took his wife into their room to reason with her, but I know there was no reasoning with my wife. Honey, why won’t you let her go to the sleepover, because I said so replied the wife. Tomorrow is Friday, one day of school. I don’t care; she is going to learn how to listen to me when I say no.

Let her go to the sleepover and we come in the room, relax and watch another movie. No, why? Because I said so. Listen, we know that being at the house she can be a real pain, but she doesn’t get in trouble at school and got good grades. I don’t care the wife said. She is going to learn some respect when she’s at the house. No kid of mine’s gone walk around here and think they can do whatever and talk back. Not on my watch, the wife said. She is going to learn a huge lesson today and every other day after.

Honey, now let's just calm down and think about this. Don’t you think you are being too hard on her? She will not listen if you keep yelling at her. Maybe you can just calm down and try talking to her in that motherly voice of hers. She just wants to feel like she can come to you and ask you anything and telling you everything. Your daughter just wants you to see that you can trust her and that she is not lying to you. You take that into consideration. Maybe I do, but not now replied the wife.

So the wife replied give me a minute to calm down and I will go take to her but she is still not going and that’s because I said so. The wife sat in the room for about 30 minutes until she went into her daughter’s room to talk to her. Knock, Knock, come in. The wife opened the door saying I just want to talk and not yell at each other and the daughter replied okay. The wife sat on the bed to have that conversation with her daughter. Reasons for me telling you, you can’t go to the sleepover is because for one I don’t care, it’s going to be Friday and you know that we have rules in place for a reason.

I know you are a teenager and want to be around your friends but you are going to have to learn that when your parents say no that the end. I shouldn’t have to sit here and argue with you about something like this when you already know. And when I say because I said so, that’s the end. But mom you know you can trust me even when I’m not at home. I know that replied the mom but you still have to listen. Listen, mom, I understand what you are saying, but that’s not stopping me from wanting to go to the sleepover. I really want to go. No, replied the mom. See, you don’t understand.

Then what are we talking about if you won’t let me go? I don’t want us to be mad at each other. You are my best friend and anything you want to do, we can do it together and have a lot of fun. No, I don’t want to be hanging with my mom said the daughter. That attitude not going to get you anywhere with me and just for that attitude, you're grounded for the weekend. Why? I told you about not listen and all that back talk you keep having. Mom? no mom me. Because I said so, you are going to learn a big lesson.

The mom got up and walked out of the room closing the door behind her. So what happened in there? Said the husband. She wanted to have an attitude with me when I was trying to explain to her why she can’t go and so I grounded her for the weekend. I am not taking any disrespect from any kid of mine, let alone any other kid. She thinks she’s grown, but she gone learn today that she not. The husband replied you two are too much alike that’s why you both keep bumping heads.

Let’s just take her off the punishment and let her have some fun with her friends. You both are making a small thing into something bigger than it should be. I'm not doing that and this conversation ends here and now because I said so.

May 22, 2021 02:37

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