Contemporary Romance

Laura and Jeanette work along side of each other as sales specialists at a design shop. Both are great at getting leads and meeting their quotas. Jeanette takes more of a forward approach whereas Laura remains cool as a cucumber.

One day Sharon, the owner of the design shop drops in. She walks over to Laura who is diligently working on a sample board for a client. Sharon praises Laura on the last project, which dealt with a large housing development. Jeanette overhears and quickly ends her phone conversation. She hurries over to Sharon and starts smoosing. Sharon asks Jeanette how the country club project is going. Jeanette talks highly about the client and how she has been busy with coordinating appointments. Sharon glances at her phone and heads out the door. Jeanette then reminds Laura of her appointment and tells her that she will close up the shop today. Laura simply nods. Jeanette goes back over to her workstation.

The time for Laura's appointment is drawing near. She gathers up her belongings and heads out.

Meanwhile, Jeanette goes through her Rolodex and studies her array of clientele. She makes follow up calls to check on some of her past projects. She also arranges the meet her favorite clientele for lunch dates. Her latest phone call ends abruptly when her current client walks into the design shop. Jeanette greets her client, which is also the last time slot for the day. The client has a seat in the lobby. Then the client commences to ask Jeanette for a favor which is to coordinate their wedding. Jeanette is flattered and quickly accepts. The agree to meet at the local florist to start to go into detail for the event. She gathers her belongings, turns off the lights, and locks the door.

Jeanette and her client meet at the florist. She asks her client questions and gives them a written time line for them to reference. She also insists of this certain florist because they are the best in town. The client is pleased of Jeanette's ambition to plan their event.

A month goes by at the design shop and the two ladies continue to draw in leads. Once again, Laura goes on another design appointment. Jeanette then switches gears and focuses on her nuptial planning. She flips through her latest copy of hairstyles and decides how the client should wear her hair for the big event. As she peruses the periodical, the wedding client enters into the design shop. Jeanette and the client smoose as she points out her hairstyle selections. Jeanette also admits she can create whatever hairstyle the client chooses. The client is flattered once again.

The client then tells Jeanette that the minister they selected cannot perform the ceremony. Without fail, Jeanette pulls out her certificate and states that she can perform certain ceremonies. The client asks her some questions and Jeanette replies with confidence. The client accepts her offer.

A few more months go by and the wedding planning continues.

One day, Sharon drops in to check on her crew. Laura happens to be on another appointment. Sharon then walks over to Jeanette and inquires about some of her leads. Jeanette replies she has been so busy with coordinating her appointments. Sharon asks to see her latest progress on the dental office renovation. Then Sharon glances at her phone and exits the design shop.

With a sign of relief, Jeanette eventually reverts back to the wedding planning. The phone rings and she answers. Her wedding client had called her to ask about dress train length and cake styles. Jeanette tells the client about the latest trends of each.

As the time line for the wedding draws to a close, the sales quotas of the design shop slump. Laura is inundated with phone calls of unhappy clients while she is diligently working on her projects. Jeanette continues to coordinate appointments. This prompts Sharon to come into the design shop more frequently. She politely tells Laura to work from home for a few days to get some rest. Laura obliges and follows through. Then Sharon asks Jeanette to visit her job site at the veterinary office renovation. Jeanette insists she has done that already. Sharon insists Jeanette to visit again. Jeanette grows weary but follows through. Then Sharon sits down at Jeanette's workstation and discovers Jeanette's extracurricular activities.

Next day, Sharon meets Jeanette has she arrives to the design shop and asks for her key. Jeanette profusely apologizes and pleads and begs that things will change. Sharon insists things will change but retrieves the key.

A knot grows in Jeanette as she drives back home. She immediately calls her wedding client and explains her unfortunate outcome. The client is empathetic towards Jeanette.

The big day arrives and Jeanette arrives early to the church to oversee her arrangements. Flowers, check. . . .Guestbook, check,. . . .but where is the cake? She quickly calls the bakery but no one answers. The wedding party start to arrive. Jeanette diverts her attention to separate the bridesmaids and groomsmen until the wedding begins. She then calls the bride to tell her of the cake. The bride, who is on her way over to the church, is not happy about the cake incident. When the bride arrives, Jeanette profusely apologizes and offers her assistance. The bride declines and goes into the room with the bridesmaids. Jeanette is worrysome about the entire event, and then a middle aged man with a collar walks up to her. He introduces himself. It turns out the bride had hired another minister for the ceremony. Jeanette is taken back at the outcome.

The wedding still takes place without too many flaws. Then after the ceremony, the bride and groom announce that anybody there is welcome to join them for brunch around the block at their favorite restaurant. Jeanette is floored and hastily leaves the church. However, there is still a good turn out at the bistro around the corner as the happy couple celebrate. 

January 29, 2021 12:12

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