Friday, 5th July

Dear diary,

This feels odd; writing to myself. The school councillor is forcing me to write this diary because, apparently, I am a "bully". Alice deserved it; she was flirting with Ricky. He isn't my boyfriend, but I keep him wishing. Alice and I have been best friends for years, but now she is trying to steal my crown as 'Queen Bee' of the school! Haha, small chance of that with no eye-brows! They almost expelled me, but I pulled the 'dead parents' card, it works every time! I suppose I can publish this diary, as a memoir, when I am rich and famous.

Saturday, 6th July

My step-mother, Cheryl, has given me a dog as a 'present'. She thought I would be pleased with this wussy little poodle. She believes it is 'therapeutic'. It feels more like a punishment; it likes to sneak into my bed at night, and I have to take him outside all the time to do his business. Cheryl thinks I am lonely, she doesn't get that I have hundreds of friends right here on my phone. 

Monday, 8th July

I am so annoyed, my step-sister Wendy has scored ticket's to Katie Berry's after-show party this Saturday. She has a 'job' as some agents assistants assistant or something. Her and Mandy (my other step-sister) have been going on and on about it, rubbing my nose in it. Evil Cheryl, says I can't go because I am underage. It's so unfair! I would be amazing at mingling with the celebrities and taking selfies to make everyone in school jealous. Whereas, Wendy will cringingly drool over any male in the vicinity; she will cackle displaying her buck teeth, and then let out a huge snort. Mandy will get drunk and dance on her own looking like a Heffalump trying to breakdance.

Wednesday, 10th July

We went shopping today for Wandy's (Wendy and Mandy's) outfits. It would be funny if it weren't so tragic. Wendy has got an outfit that looks like something a drag queen would wear; the dress is the colour you would get if you mixed salmon with snot. Mandy got a skimpy dress that must be at least three sizes too small. Her boobs are threatening to pour out. 

Wandy was gloating that there will be lots of celebrities at the party, maybe even Prince Vincent. He is a party prince, he often pops up in photos at celebrity parties. I can't believe this; I have never wanted anything as much as to go to this party. Well, except for getting my parents back, but there is no point thinking about that. Cheryl finally agreed to let me go over Aunt Fay's on Saturday night; otherwise, it would have been so depressing being stuck home with the dog. Aunt Fay is not my aunty, technically, she is my godmother. She was my mums best friend, and she is hilarious. Aunt Fay lets me drink (not that Cheryl knows that) and we have a blast. She sometimes calls me by my mum's name when she gets tipsy; that's always a bit awkward. 

Saturday, 13th July

Oh, my goddess! What a night! 

It started rubbish; I saw a picture of Alice at Katie Berry's concert. It looked like she was at the front, and she got loads of likes on her selfie. Although, she had drawn her eye-brows on and she looked like a permanently surprised doll; that did make me laugh! 

Aunt Fay made cocktails and asked me about Alice. I changed the subject and got Aunt Fay telling me about all the fun times she had with my mum. They sounded like such party animals. I wish I could have known my mum. I suppose Aunt Fay is the next best thing. 

Anyway, we were getting silly and joking about Wandy. Aunt Fay said, "let's try and sneak into the party". I was like "no way; we will never get in!" But then I thought, we would have a giggle just trying to get in. So we got all dressed up, Aunt Fay lent me one of her old, but still fabulous, dresses. We did each others hair and make-up. I suppose this is what daughters do with their real mums. 

Our chariot was an Uber. We arrived at the same time as Katie Berry and her entourage. It was chaotic, cameras were flashing, and the crowd was jostling to get a look at the singer. Aunt Fay was strangely clear-headed and saw an opportunity. She pulled me around the back of the building, jumped a roped barrier, dashed through the smoking area and slipped in the back door. Her stealth was impressive; I don't think it was the first time she had crashed a party. 

I couldn't believe we had made it! So this was it, game face. 

It was pretty crowded inside and a little sweaty. Everyone was swaying to the music, all crowded together like a huddle of penguins. The subwoofer was up high, so I could feel the bass vibrate through my body. I pushed my way through quite a few nobodies to try and find someone worth my time. I made my way towards the back where people were trying to chat over the blaring music.

I spotted a crowd in a corner and went to investigate. I found Prince Vincent, surrounded by his minions. He was on a low sofa with a girl on either side. I hung around at the edge of the group, waiting for an opportunity. Neither girl had any intention of giving up their prime seat's. So I decided a bit of acting was in order. I fell as elegantly as I could, right in front of Prince Vincent and held onto my "sore" ankle. One of the groupies reluctantly moved aside, looking like she had swallowed a slimy slug. I carried on my performance by pulling my shoe off and rubbing my ankle. Vincent asked; "are you alright?". I replied; "yes its these silly heels". 

"I am surprised you can walk at all in them. Fashion before comfort?"

He was flirting with me. I had to think of something witty and memorable to say. "Have you ever tried wearing women's shoes?"

He laughed; "No!". 

I added; "I bet you have a collection! I can picture you walking around in heels and just your underwear!"

He laughed again and took a swig of his drink. I quickly grabbed my phone and took a cheeky selfie. I managed to capture him, half smiling. 

"Hey, no photographs, delete that!"

I teased "oh, don't be so uptight!" and I saw him signal his bodyguard. I quickly got up and ducked through the crowd to get-away. I had captured GOLD! Although, I left one shoe behind and was limping awkwardly. I glimpsed Wendy then, and she did a double-take. I quickly veered off out of sight. I found Aunt Fay, still by the drinks, and pulled her out the back door. 

"Hey, what's the rush, it is still early!"

I replied; "We've been blown! Wendy saw me. If I am not home by midnight, Cheryl will know we came to the party."

I got back, quickly changed into my pyjama's and made sure Cheryl saw me taking the dog outside.

Sunday, 14th July

8,000 Instagram followers! My selfie with Prince Vincent has gone viral! I am famous. I bet Alice is green with envy. I managed to convince Wendy that she saw someone who looked like me. "I mean, how would I get into the party anyway?". Haha! I am a genius!

I wonder if Prince Vincent kept my shoe. He could use it as an excuse to see me again and ask me on a date. It would be just like a fairytale.

Tuesday, 16th July

I am the talk of the school. Everyone has been asking about Prince Vincent. I have been playing it cool; 'Oh I wouldn't kiss and tell'. Everyone convinced I am seeing him. No one is calling me 'that poor orphan girl' anymore.

Wednesday, 17th July

Cheryl found out! Wandy saw the photo and showed her. She screamed like a Howler Monkey. I am grounded 'forever', and I am not allowed to see Aunt Fay anymore, because she is a 'bad influence'. I told Cheryl, "Aunt Fay is a better mother to me than you could ever be". Then stormed off and locked the door to my room. The dog hid under my bed, I scared him by throwing things at the door, one slam just wasn't dramatic enough. To top it off, my Instagram post has got some haters commenting. I know they are just jealous, but it has taken some of the shine off my fairytale. I will show them when Prince Vincent and I are together.

Friday, 19th July

Things couldn't be worse! This afternoon two women came to my house, they looked very official. They were sent from the palace. At first, I thought Prince Vincent had sent them to arrange a meeting. But they were talking about the photograph, I couldn't understand what all the fuss was for. But the stern-looking one said that, as I am 15, they were concerned about the prince's image. They can't have the prince being accused of 'paedophilia'. I felt sick; that word filled me with horror. "I am not a child!". Cheryl was furious at first and then seemed concerned when they were asking more questions. "Did he show any interest in you?". That felt like a slap, but I had to admit that he didn't. The women handed me my shoe back. She was lecturing me about something and Cheryl was wittering on making things worse. They were talking to me like a silly little girl. I felt queasy. They asked about my parents. I don't know what that has to do with anything. I think they just wanted to see me cry. They said if I attracted more attention to myself, everyone would be asking more about my parents. I have to delete the photograph and make a statement saying Prince Vincent didn't do or say anything inappropriate. My life is over. The dog tried to cheer my up by licking the tears off my face. He is the only thing that could possibly love me.

Sunday, 21st July

Oh my gosh, the hate online is horrifying. Someone posted, "You are such a lying brat, no wonder your dad killed himself". How can people be so cruel? I feel like I will be lynched as soon as I walk out of the front door. I just cried and cried into the dog's fur. 

Monday, 22nd July

Everyone was whispering behind my back in school today. Someone wrote 'Liar' across my locker. I couldn't face it anymore and ran home. I wanted to run to my daddy and have him cuddle me and tell me everything will be ok. But I have no one to run to. 

Cheryl has been knocking on my door, but I just ignored her. I feel like I was a beautiful bird flying high, now I have been shot down, and everyone is stomping on my wings. The only person I can talk to is the dog.

Alice messaged, asking, "Are you ok, Cinderella?"

I did a double-take when I saw the message, I replied, "Kinda, sorry about the eye-brows, I took it too far".

Alice: "I will forgive you if I can meet your puppy!"

Me: "Deal!"

The dog was laying on my stomach looking into my teary eyes like he was trying to read my mind. He is not such a bad dog, I think I am going to call him 'Prince Charming'. I posted a photo of Prince Charming and me on Insta and named it "Prince Charming and me, happily ever after".

April 10, 2020 23:18

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