Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to live a different life? I did too. I wanted a life of adventure and suspense, somewhere I can explore unnatural things. That one curious thought I had got me where I am today.

On an early October morning, specifically the day where every young kid dresses up and goes trick or treating, and where haunted houses are everybody's go-to. Today is Halloween. The autumn breeze filled my lungs as I rose from my bed, sliding my feet into warm slippers, and trailing down the stairs, to a warm cup of coffee and a scone.

Opening the windows to welcome cool breeze, my eyes meet a flyer posted in the candy colored pile of leafes by my doorstep. As the wind blows me forward, I grab my coffee and meet my eyes on the flyer. Carefully bending over, I pick up the flyer and read it closely. "Red Genie's Haunted House: open 8-11 pm".

I never was one to celebrate Halloween, but I have always wanted to try new things. After work I stop by my house to grab a leather jacket and the rest of my costume. I throw it on and run out the door, and jump in my car. When I arrive at the Haunted House it's exactly 8 pm. Perfect.

As I walk up to the door, I'm greeted by an elderly man holding his hand out. "Pay?" He says raising his eyes to mine. "Oh, yeah of course." I grab ten dollars out of my purse and rush inside to escape the cold breeze. I'm suprised nobody else has arrived yet.

Immediately I am drawn to a red room, filled with potions and such witchery. "Welcome to my play house" a voice says as I jump from fear. I turn my head to face the man, and to my suprise, a tall man with red skin and black eyes faces me, tapping his hand on the desk. "Oh, hello" I reply, smiling awkwardly.

He walks up to me and leans in, so close his air is now my own. "What do you wish for?" He whispers, taking in my appearance. "Perhaps, wealth, or love?" He asks, smirking. "You know Mr.Genie, I'm not like other women." I reply, laughing.

The man turns towards me with a stern look on his face. "So?" He asks, grinding his teeth together. "Well, I guess if I really have a choice it'd be to explore a new dimension, something new." I respond imagining what it would be like. "Obviously it is unrealistic, but it's nice to dream" I say turning my back towards the door.

When I hear no response I turn around and eye out the room. A cold gush of wind hits my face and leaves me grabbing the door to keep myself stable. "Where'd he go?" I think to myself. I pull myself together and exit the house, but when I reach the door, nobody is there.

I rush out of the area, driving away to speak to my family. My feet drag me to the front door of their 1970's house as I pound on the door. "Mom, it's me!" I say, waiting for a response. The door clicks open and my mom searches around the front yard.

As she steps out on the door step, she knocks into me and falls to the ground. "What the heck!" She gasps, looking up. I lean down to help her up, but it's like she doesn't see me.

"Mom?" I call out. No response. I take a deep breath and rush back to the haunted house. "Well well, look who it is." The man says holding a cigar in his hand. "What'd you do to me?" I shout angrily. "I granted your wish. You can't intercede with other deminsions. " He says, laughing.

"This is a joke right?" I ask, holding my hand on my chest. "Never, my work isn't play. How rude." He replies, rolling his eyes. "You have to find out how to escape, and if you don't before time runs out..... You'll become one with the wind."

"Time??? How come you never mentioned this?" I shout. "I can't. Once you exit the room, I do too." He says smiling. "Good luck." Great, he disappeared again. Rushing to my house, I grab my keys and hop in my car.

Entering my house, I sit down and grab a piece of paper. Trying to recall how I got here, I list every detail and aspect of today. Is there some portal or trick I have to solve? I don't know what to do. I only have 11 hours.

Back at the house sat the old Genie, laughing to himself. "How greedy. Wishing for something. She never asked what I wanted." He growled.

"Too bad there is no escape, my love. Now you'll take my place" . He said spinning his finger. Out popped a new Genie, now young and rude.

Each year the last Genie would lure people into the haunted house, people who wished for new lives, people who were secretly greedy. The Genie would make people with such greed take their place, and they would return to their old life. It was never a quest for the person to complete, but for the Genie.

To find a capable person to take their place. They only had 3 weeks. They observed several people in that time to see who was right. If they chose the wrong person they would be trapped in that dimension for the rest of their life as a spirit of the unknown.

It repeated for many years, many passing it on to their future descendants. The next person was always more greedy and more likely to be trapped. Wiping out many people, it was her daughter's job to kill of the Genie.

We sit here today, where she tells her daughter the story of The Genie, and gives her a special blade to reap the evil Genie. "Use it with caution, don't fall for his tricks.

It was Halloween once again, except 20 years later. This time her daughter headed off to the house. Once again, down that hall her daughter was drawn to the room.

Yet again, her daughter was met with the evil Genie. But one thing changed. The Genie did not have power over her. She brutally murdered the Genie, and was arrested for murder.

The Genie never sent people away. Her family was very mentally ill and spoke to voices. The Genie was just an old man who enjoyed scaring people. But the real Genie, had cursed her family with a mental illness because her mother hadn't passed the test but still escaped. She broke the rules. Therefor his games would no longer work, and he passed away.

The End

October 27, 2019 01:54

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