I am Rufus Henry Gardner, and I love my owners! I was adopted almost 2 years ago when my family moved to the U.S. Usually though, I don’t get to spend too much time with them. Maggie, and Carson, my siblings go to school. My parents, Mrs. Mary Gardner and Mr. Paul Gardner. I don’t really know why they go to these places, or what they’re doing. All I know is that I am left at home... ALONE. Occasionally, our neighbor, Susie comes over and takes me on walks, but it’s not the same as my own family. My own family plays with me, but Susie seems bored and just stays on her phone. Worst of all, when I do my business she says “Ew gross dog!”, and she never even picks it up!

How disrespectful! 

Recently, my life has changed. First, Maggie and Carson stayed home from school with a babysitter, and I have no clue why! They PLAYED with me ALL DAY! But they didn’t seem as happy as I was. Through all the fun playing, it seemed like something was bothering them. Human problems, though, are so confusing. I can sniff out the emotion, but usually, the source is more confusing, ON that day, they were talking about a virus. Oh well, they are safe, and that’s all that matters. Even while they were worrying, it didn’t stop either of us from having a great time. 

The next day, my parents stayed home from their work. I was a little bit skeptical, because usually when this happens, they go on vacation. Vacation is the worst for me because I stay in a kennel. This time, it didn’t seem like they were going anywhere. scouted the bedrooms for suitcases and plane tickets, and there was nothing to be found. Whew! That means unlimited playing with my beloved humans! YAYAY! I can’t get too excited though. Usually, when they’re home, it’s just a weekend, and then there’s soccer games, parties, and more.  

“Who’s a good puppy?” Maggie chanted to me.

“RUFUS IS!” I bark, though Maggie just hears “RUF, RUF”

“go fetch”, she says, and throws my favorite hotdog toy.

I run and slllliiiideee across the clean brown floor. 

“Got it!” I bark, and Maggie gives me a treat.

“Maggie”,  mom says, don’t give too many treats to Rufus, he’ll be crazy this whole time, and we have to stay with him.”

“OK, mom,” she says and sneaks me another treat.

“So, you’re really staying at home?” I bark.

“What Rufus? I really need to learn how to understand you better in this break off school.” 

“Maggie,” Carson yells, “I am going to take Rufus on a walk.”

“Okay, little bro, remember to take the poop bags.”

“WALK, WALK, I LOVE WALKS” I bark out loud.

 “C’mon Rufus, let’s take a long walk.” YAYAYYA 

Walks are the essence of a dog’s life. I have no purpose in life if it wasn’t for walks. Now, with all my human family home, I can go on so many walks! 4 people, 4 walks a day! DOG fantasy! For me, especially since I’m a beagle, I love walking especially. I love adventuring the neighborhood outside, and Maggie and Carson also love running with me, which I also love doing. 

“Ok Rufus, walk to your leash. C’mon puppy.” Carson says.

 “YAY, walk time!” I bark back to him. Even though Carson can’t understand me, he smiles.

We walk out the front door and start walking around. I start running faster and pull Carson. He catches up and starts running. My ears and tail flap against the wind and I keep running faster and faster. 

“Slow down boy!” Carson yells, panting like a dog. I slow down and snuggle against him. 

“Ok, do your business Rufus,” Carson says. I run over to a nearby patch of grass and turn the other direction. Hey, dogs need their privacy too! When I finish, Carson picks it up and we head back home. 

When we got home, I went straight into mommy’s lap. “Hey stinky dog, you need a bath.”

I am one of the only dogs in the world who likes baths. Mom takes me over to the official bath sink and submerges me in warm water. Then, the bubbles come. OH boy, I love SUDSY bubbles! I stay in there a little longer and let mom lather the bubbles into my skin. 

The next day, I woke up bright and early, (like always) and found my dad working in his office. I went and tried not to disrupt him, just sat in his lap like a good dog. For a weekday, this is so different than usual, and I am loving it! I can interact a lot with my whole human family. Usually, I just see them all leave, but now they’re home ALL DAY! Dad scratches behind my ears and on my belly, like a LOVE. Usually, I just must scratch myself, but it’s so much better when a human does it!  

Next, I went to the kitchen, and my food bowls were already full! I ate up and lapped all my food and drink with a happy grin on my cute puppy face. My mom saw me and says, “Aww aren’t you cute?” in her puppy voice.

“Yes, I am!” I barked. Usually, my parents are scrambling around, and I don’t get near this much attention. From school, lunches to car keys, my parents usually have so much to think about. Now with them being “social distancing”, they can pay more attention to me. YAY! 

 Next, Maggie comes downstairs from her bedroom. She pets me and picks up her phone. “MOM,” she yells, “There are 5 cases of corona in our town!”

I go next to her to snuggle because I can tell she is very stressed.

“Maggie, that’s why you don’t have school. We will all stay healthy. Just follow the rules I’ve been telling you.”

“Ok, “she says and turns to me, “you’re so lucky you don’t have to worry about this disease. Just keep on being a great dog!”

“Ok,” I bark.

 “Hey, Rufus, do you wanna learn a new trick?” Maggie says.

“I LOVE TRICKS” I bark back to her. “OK, when I put my hand up and say shake, you shake!”

“OK!” I bark. “Rufus, shake.”

She says and holds up her arm. I grab it with my little paw and Maggie moves our hands up and down together. 

“Good job Rufus! At least something good can come out of this.” Maggie says with some hope in her voice.  

All in all, human problems or not, I have been loving how much my time my owners have been spending with me! I just hope they stay safe and healthy! 



March 27, 2020 16:10

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