"Plans that didn't go as planed" by Ye Wint Aung

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Fiction Sad Friendship

Andrew Jefferson is an I.T worker. The company isn’t that big, but he loves working there. First of all, he loves the company because there are lots of great friends and second of all, the work isn’t that complicated.

He loves working there and planed to work there his whole life. But everyone should know everything doesn’t go as planed.

It’s September, Andrew woke up to have a nice breakfast. He had to cook two meals because he shares his flat with his roommate.

“Andrew, I don’t have time to eat breakfast this morning. I’m about to miss my flight.” Robert yelled. “Alright, safe travels.” Andrew said as Robert quickly left the apartment. Sharing a room with a person who always stays positive like Robert is great to enjoy your days.

Andrew goes ahead and makes breakfast. “Well, an omelet and a toast will be great for breakfast.” Andrew said to him self.

He ate his breakfast and went to work. “Mr. Jefferson, the manager is waiting to talk to you. She needs to talk to you.” Greg said. “Alright, thanks Greg.” Andrew said. “No problem.” Greg replied.


“Come in Mr. Jefferson, I’ve been expecting to see you.” The manager said. “Yes, what’s the big news?” Andrew asked. “We have a meeting to discuss about the new app you’ve been working on. Tomorrow at 12:00, don’t be late.” The manager said. “Yes, I will be there.” Andrew said.

Later that day Robert called him. “Andrew Jefferson speaking. Who is it?” Andrew asked. “Hi Andrew, I wanted to say something.” Robert said. “What is it?” Andrew asked.

“Well, I have to move to a new apartment because of my job, but we will be able to hang out sometimes.” Robert said. “Well, alright then see you soon.” Andrew said disappointedly and hangs up.

“Well, everything doesn’t go as planed sometimes.” Andrew said to him self and kept working.

Later tomorrow, he was getting ready for the meeting. He went to work after trying out the new app he’s been working on.

“Oh, Mr. Jefferson, sorry the meeting has been canceled. We arranged it tomorrow at 12:00. “ The manager said.

“I will be there for sure” Andrew said and kept working out some problems the app might have. “Hmm… this will make an improvement and I can finish it by tomorrow. Well, I want to make it the best.” Andrew said to him self and work.

Later that evening Robert came back. “Robert? You said you were leaving because of your job!” Andrew asked. “Well, yes but nothing goes as planed. They said me working here is better than in other country.” Robert answered.

“I guess we have a chance to stay together.” Andrew said. “Yeah, we always have good times.” Robert said.

That night Andrew kept working on the app and decided to call it a day and start tomorrow morning when he got to work.

Andrew went to work in the morning to work on the improvement.

“Ok, lets finish this work.” Andrew said to him self. “Mr. Jefferson, I’m sorry but the meeting starts now. We have to change to time because I have to go somewhere in the next hour.” The manager said.

“Alright, but it’s not quite ready.” Andrew said. “It’s ok, show me what you’ve got.” The manager said.

He showed her the app but it doesn’t work because he wasn’t finished yet.

“I wasn’t finish yet, can I have one more day.” Andrew asked. “I’m afraid not, we need to finish it now. Cancel the improvements, we need to give what we have,” The manager said.

He canceled the improvements and finished it off. The next day he schedules a meeting but he was sick so he had to take a day off. Robert was home working on a project.

“Robert, you should go to work. I’m fine, thanks.” Andrew said. “No one is here, the doctor said it is a fever.” Robert said. “I can take care of my self, you can go to work and attend the meeting you said you were going to.” Andrew said.

“Come on dude, we are like brothers here. If you don’t get better, how will you work? I can work from home.” Robert said. “Fine, but next time you don’t need to look for me. I don’t want you to get busy.” Andrew said.

They went to the doctor the next day. “Doctor, I’m feeling better now, is the fever gone?” Andrew asked. “What fever?” The doctor asked. “You said I have the fever yesterday.” Andrew said. “You asked me and I said you haven’t got a fever. You must have misunderstood.” The doctor said.

“But I wasn’t feeling good when I got home.” Andrew said. “I think you got it after you left.” The doctor said.

He went home and took the pills to make the sickness go away. “Why isn’t anything going as planed? I’m sick of this, I want to make everything go as planed.” Andrew said to him self.

But what he said didn’t come true. He planed to have a vacation but it was ruined because of an important meeting. He bought the plane tickets to go to New York to pick up his brother but his mother had to go to the hospital. Another day he planed to take a day off but wait. He actually got a day off, until the power went out the whole day.

His birthday was today and wanted to make a party with his friends and family. He called them to come to his apartment at 4:00 p.m. ”Hello guys, I’m having a party for my birthday. I hope you can come.” Andrew said. He ordered a very big cake for everyone to eat. Every one came to his party but the cake didn’t arrived because of the traffic.

In the following week he was so angry. He couldn’t go to the SPA because it was closed. He couldn’t go to the party, to a fancy restaurant, to the beach and even to his apartment because of termites.

“I hate it, I hate it!” Andrew yelled. “Ok Andrew, calm down. I bet one of your plans will come true.” Robert said trying to cheer him up. “Only one?” Andrew asked. “Well, every one of it will be better, right?” Robert said. “Yes, my plans…my plans will not fall apart this time!” Andrew yelled.

It didn’t come true, he went to have pizza and they can’t serve his order because there aren’t any more of the ingredients, can’t go to the movies and other stuff.

Andrew likes to plan what he will do in the future, but only one or two came true. And the worst of all, he lost his job. None of his plans come true like he planed.

April 15, 2021 09:38

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Rose Quartz
18:57 Apr 18, 2021

notes- himself is one word- not two I love the plot of things not working out as planned, and the idea of app development I wish you told us more about what the problrm was with the app myself is also one word- not two The ending was sad, and I love sad stories, so very well done! Just go back and check over some stuff, and you should be in good hands.


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