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It was a great day. I had just finished my last day of work before I go on vacation for a month. This year, I decided to take my vacation during the month of November. Why? Maybe because I am a Scorpio. Maybe because I enjoy Halloween (my vacation starts on October 29th), maybe because I love the fall weather, or maybe because, it is the time of the year that covers Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and the beginning of the holiday season. Simply put, all of the above maybe…

My girlfriend, Jennifer, wanted us to get costumes for a special, a VIP event, for a Halloween party held in downtown. The entrance free was $120. However, several prizes were to be awarded at the end of the night. Especially for best costume and best couple costumes. Personally, Halloween has always been my favorite time of the year. The mystery, the supernatural, the paranormal, the unexplained, the death, the ghosts, the spirits, the goblins, the horror, the suspense, its movies and tv shows related to it…

What was I to wear for Halloween this year? No clue. Jennifer kept telling me we should dress up in characters that come as a duo, a team. Some famous people. A famous couple. I was into that idea. I thought it was a good idea. Why not? I love her so much, and this would be a great opportunity to be closer to the love of my life. I am soon about to propose to her. That would be after the holidays…

It was Friday afternoon. The party was held on Saturday night. We have a little more than 24 hours left. I am thinking that Jenn probably has booked or bought the costumes already. If not, I doubt we will find unique looking disguises for the party.

My cell rings. ‘’Hun, did you get a call from the store?’’ It was Jenn.

‘’Which store? You mean for the costumes?’’ I reply.

‘’Yeah. I gave your cell number in case I miss the call.’’

 ‘’What are we dressing up as babe?’’

 ‘’Ah, that…I will let you find out with the call…’’

‘’Oh yeah? Hahaha! All good. I hope you got something good, unique, original, so that we can win maybe a prize or two.’’

 ‘’You will not regret it. I promise my love.’’

 ‘’I trust you, Jennifer. If they call in, I will go pick up the costumes. You should be home within two hours, right?’’

‘’Yes darling. I see you soon. Later then.’’

My work is done. I am closing my laptop. Yes, I work from home. I was just wrapping up my email account to setup the auto-reply that I am gone for a month. I don’t want to be bugged by my colleagues.

Now, if Jenn does not get the call for whatever reason, I shall get it on my cell. She will be home soon and be on vacation also for a month. 

At around 4 PM, I get a call from the costume store. 

‘’Hi there. May I speak to Jennifer or Bruce?’’

‘’This is Bruce. Whom am I speaking to?’’

‘’This is Jim from Party Cos Inc. I have the costumes ready’’

‘’Ah awesome!!! When can I come pick them up?’’

‘’Before 9 PM tonight, if not tomorrow before noon. Also, your wife told me she would like to dye.’’

‘’Pardon??? Die??? What are you talking about?’’

‘’Jennifer told me that to bring the characters to life, you will need to dye.’’

‘’No one is going to die. I think you are drunk or confused Sir.’’

‘’No, no, I have clear instructions that were given by your wife…’’

‘’Stop it! She is not my wife!’’

‘’Oh, I apologize! Did I misdial perhaps. I think I got the wrong person.’’

‘’Well, what is the name of the client and the phone number you dialed?’’

‘’Is it 250-644-068 and it is under Jennifer and her husband or boyfriend, Bruce?’’

‘’Yeah, that is me, Bruce, the boyfriend, but no one is dying here!’’

‘’Your girlfriend told me that some green would look nice to match the costumes and the origins of the characters.’’

‘’First tell me who Jennifer and I will be?’’

'’She is She-Hulk and you will be the Hulk. So, a little green in the hair will make you guys look great. Also, your girlfriend told me that your height is 6’6’’! So indeed, you can make a great Hulk. She told me you used to play volleyball at the national level and you have stayed in shape,’’ says Jim.

‘’Damn it! Why did not you just say dye hair! I thought dye meant as die, meaning as to cease to live,’’ explains Bruce.

‘’Pardon me Bruce. My error.’’

‘’If I understood well, you offer also make-up and dying services at your shop?’’

‘’Yes Sir! We are extremely busy this time of the year and people go to extreme length to look like a character from a novel, comics, books, tv, series or movies.’’

‘’Tonight, will be to late to pick the costumes, accessories and get the hair done. How about tomorrow? Then from your store, we can go straight to attend our party.’’

‘’Sure, so tomorrow, be here by noon. We close at 12 PM but to try on the costumes and get the make up and dye your hair, we will need more time. For clients with an appointment, we will close at 5 PM.’’

‘’Thank you, Sir, and sorry for the misunderstanding.’’

 Finally, all this is sorted out. I felt like this was a prank.

Once Jennifer was home, I explained to her how the call went…

 She started laughing.

Also, maybe she did not know, but I reminded to her that we will be going to the Halloween party as cousins.

‘’What do you mean?’’ Asks Jennifer.

‘’Well, She-Hulk and the Hulk are related in the comics. They are cousins. Also, the irony is that Bruce Banner is the Hulk and Jennifer Walters is the She Hulk. So…’’

‘’Oh wow! I honestly, did not know all these!’’

The costume party on this Saturday night went well. We did not win individual prizes but we won a prize as a team/couple category. A weekend trip to Whistler, for the holidays. That is when I decided to ask Jennifer to be my wife. She said a big yes!

July 09, 2021 15:40

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