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George’s Day

I was walking to Clay’s house when I spotted Gemma, his girlfriend. Before I could alert her to my presence, I noticed she is with a guy, who is not Clay. At first, I did not think much of it, but then they started kissing. I was shocked at that sight and panicked. Then I slowly reached out for my phone to take a picture of them, which I could show to Clay later. “Surely, he will want to know”, I thought to myself.

I was no longer walking; I have started to run to Clay’s house. Once there, I barged in as I have the key to Clay’s house. I ran up to him and stumbling over my words I said: “Clay, mate! I am so sorry, I am so sorry, Clay. Your girlfriend is cheating on you!” “What?”, Clay replied? There was a surprise and anger his voice and his face, which rather frightened me. “Look”, I showed him the picture. All of the sudden, Clay smacked the phone out of my hand. “Get out, get out at once” he yelled, now full of rage. I was stunned and terrified at his reaction. I looked at him with confusion and asked: “Why?”. Clay was fuming: “Because I fucking said so!” and he even gave me a push by now. I started to feel the tears rolling down my cheeks. Clay had never yelled at me or treated me this way. We were the best friends! Always looking out for each other and that’s what I thought I was doing. I picked up my phone and ran out of the house.

On the way back to my house it started to rain. By this point, I didn’t even care that I was getting drenched. I just put my head back and let it all out.

Clay's Day

I heard a slam at my front door and realized it was George. As he ran to me, he screamed, "Clay, mate! I am sorry, I am so sorry, Clay. Your girlfriend is cheating on you!!" My heart sunk. "What??" I looked at George with a menacing look. " Look!!" He showed me the picture on his phone of Gemma kissing another guy. I was so pissed I smacked the phone out of his hand and yelled, "GET OUT!" He looked at me with fear in his eyes and replied, "What? " I was pissed and I couldn't even think straight so I yelled once more at him, "…because... I FUCKING SAID SO!!" As soon as those words left my mouth, I instantly regretted it. I knew very well that George is not the one deserving my anger, but I just couldn’t help in the heat of the moment. Then I saw tears rolling down his cheeks as he picked up his phone and ran out. As he was running out something dropped out of his back pocket. I went up to it and picked it up. It was a photograph of George with a heart ♡ drawn around me. I realized of what a terrible mistake I made. I might of lost my best friend and the only person who truly loves me!

A couple of minutes later I heard my door close and then she spoke up, "Babe I'm home." As soon as I heard her voice my expression changed. She came up to me and was about to hug me but I have angrily pushed her away. "Wtf was that for!!? ", she cried. I didn't care if I hurt her. "Go pack your things and leave. I never ever want to fucking see you again!" She went silent and then said, "Why what did I do??" "DON'T FUCKING PRETEND LIKE YOU DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!!", I yelled at her. "YOU JUST USED ME DIDN'T YOU!? JUST TO GET POPULAR AND RICH SO AFTER YOU COULD GO CHEAT ON ME!!!" She realised I knew. Instead of expressing any remorse, she just laughed. Then she said cold-heartedly "So you finally figured it out! Well too bad. I was going to buy myself a lambo but whatever I just gonna ask my new boyfriend hahaha 🤣." She climbed the stairs to our room to pack her things. Before she left, I told her to give me my house keys, the necklace and ring I gave her. She protested at first but eventually she gave in. She was gone. My best friend probably hates me now. It started to rain outside. As the raindrops started hitting the roof and the windows, I have just slumped on the cold kitchen floor.

It's a new day

George's day after

The next day I was about to get ready for school when I heard my phone ring. It was Karl. I answered the phone. "Yes? " I said." “Hi George, wanna walk together to school?" Karl replied. "Sorry, Karl but not today. I'm not in the mood" I said. "Oh, ok then see ya at school!" "kk bye ", was the only reply I mustered. As soon as the call ended, I rushed to get ready for school. On my way to the school, I saw that a new bobba shop just opened up, so I decided that I would get one since why not? A little thing to cheer me up. I picked the new salted caramel flavour. Few sips later, my mood has improved.

Once I got to school, I run into Clay almost immediately. He was about to walk up to me when luckily Nick pulled me aside. As I talked to Nick, I felt like someone kept glaring at me. I was right as soon as a turned I saw Clay staring at me. Not angrily, more like someone who is full of hurt and suffering, but I was not ready to talk to him yet. I quickly turned back to Nick and continued our conversation.

After the bell rang, we went to our classroom.

At lunch, I went to the library to read some books but then someone sat beside me. I looked to my side and saw it was Clay. I was about to walk away, but then suddenly he grabbed my hand, and said, "Please, just let me explain". I reluctantly sat back down and gave him chance to talk. In a way, he didn’t have to. I understood his misdirected anger. However, understanding it didn’t make my hurt to go away.

After school, Clay asked if I wanted to walk with him home. I declined. He looked at me a bit shocked but I was not ready to have him as my friend yet. I quickly ran off before he could catch up with me. As soon as I stopped running, I saw the “boba place” and decided to go get a drink again. That salted caramel was just what my soul needed! As I walked out enjoying my drink I got suddenly pulled aside and pinned to a wall. I looked up in horror to see a strange man looking down at me as he said, "Aren't you a pretty little thin. " Fear struck me as I looked up at him with teary eyes. He was about to lean in and kiss me but then luckily, he got kicked to the side. I looked over to see Clay. I felt so relieved that it was Clay who saved me. He ran up to me and asked me if I was ok. I couldn't help but cry. I was petrified of what just happened. Clay comforted me and whispered in my ear "Shh… it going to be ok. " Once the initial shock was gone, we looked around, but the stranger who attacked me was nowhere to be seen.

Clay then took me home, as he instinctively knew that I did not want to be alone.  I decided to let him in my house as it was already dark and there was a storm coming. Since I had a double bed, I let Clay sleep on the bed with me. Once we were settled a feeling suddenly came over me. I felt safe, I felt happy. I finally understood how much does Clay mean to me. I couldn't help but blush.

Clay’s feelings

Once I helped George to get home, he asked me to stay as it already was dark and the storm was brewing. He had a double bed so he let me sleep with him. I think he felt safe that way. I was quite happy too, as I could spend time with George. I was a bit flustered at first, but a couple of minutes later George had fallen asleep. I was a bit thirsty so I went to go get some water. Later on, I came back to see George all curled up in to a little ball! I couldn't help myself but to get closer. Then at once, I understood how much does George mean to me. I closed my eyes and kissed him. His lips were so soft I felt like melting. As soon as got up I heard George talking in his sleep. He whispered my name, in such a seductive way. I knew I found someone who really cares about me.

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