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"This is my worst nightmare." I said to myself as I stared at the utter chaos surrounding me.

The tables where over turned, the chairs where beyond repair. The dark wood floor that was scared with age was littered with broken dishes and spilled beer was over every surface possible.

Riley yelled over her shoulder "Phaedar! A bright blonde head popped up from around the corner of the kitchen.

Wide cerulean blue eyes surveyed the damage. A loud slow whistle left his mouth. As he took in all the damage.

Riley tapped her hands against her sides, and narrowed her yellow eyes. Than pointing a finger at Phaedar she said " this is the very last time we host the orc councils 500 year bash! Ever again! The damage is extensive this will take a huge chunk of coin to fix! What where you thinking Phaedar?!!"

Phaedar narrowed his blue eyes and growled back than shoved a handful of his silky blonde hair behind his pointed ear. It was a nervous habit he had never been able to break.

Phaedar than said "Gunaakt had said everything will be ok!"

Riley rolled her yellow eyes at him and mimicked back "everything will be ok!??? Really?? You trusted Gunaakt? That orc? He is half dark elf!

 He can smooth talk anyone into something, but sell his own mother for coin!"

Phaedar nodded his head and sighed, his shoulder dropping a little. "You're right! I should not have trusted Gunaakt, he just said it would all be ok!"

Riley nodded and walked over to the double headed ax that had now found a new home above the fire place. Using two hands she braced her foot against the wall and pulled.

The ax did not budge than she pulled again. It loosened a little bit, than she gritted her teeth and and yanked hard. The ax pulled free and the momentum sent her sailing backwards. She landed hard on her back in a puddle of beer. The ax landed a hairsbreath from the tip of her pointed ear.

Riley growled and rolled to her feet than shoved her blood red hair behind her pointed ears. Being half elf , half lycan had its advantages in the strength department.

She felt her canines lengthening and her ears getting pointer, growling she closed her eyes and took a deep breathe and inhaled stale beer and old food.

Yep she had to get out of here, yelling over her shoulder at Phaedar " I am taking the day off! Bring in Aktha, to help clean and pay him double!"

Aktha is their part time employee that they barely could afford since just taking over the Silver Drake Tavern. Aktha was a dragon shifter and his strength and wings could help in reaching the stains that where now on the ceiling.

Riley rolled her shoulders and stomped down the streets heading towards her den and for some peace and quiet.

Kicking open the door Riley, took off her dragon skin leather jacket that had cost her two bags of coins, and tossed it onto the counter. Wandering to fridge she opened the door and stared inside.

Beer, stale leftovers and some vegetables that had liquified in the back of the fridge. Wrinkling her nose she groaned and shut the fridge. Not before snagging a beer and opening the top.

Tipping the cold glass to her lips she took a long swallow. The flavor was rich and dark with a bit of spice. Walking to the back of her den she opened the door that lead out onto her porch. Standing there and looking at the rich green forest that backed up onto her property and smelled deep. The woods where calling her and she felt her wolf rising up. Setting the bottle down she started to pull off her tshirt it smelled like stale beer anyways. Than her bra and when she had all her clothing off , she felt the change rising up inside her, pulling at her bones, and reshaping her muscles and before she knew it she had been reborn. 

Riley's wolf had beautiful red fur and yellow eyes. Riley gave her wolf complete freedom and her wolf took off like a shot. Running fast and far on her four feet. Jumping over old trees and slippery moss she rounded the bend of the river of life. The water was beautiful crystal clear. Stopping she lowered her muzzle to the water and drank, it was sweet to the taste. She drank and drank, when her thrust was finally quenched she raised her muzzle and howled . She was answered back by a howl that was not to far off. In fact it sounded really close, she twisted her head around and tried to track it. There was nothing no noise no movement nothing. In fact the very birds had gone quite. Growling Riley became fully alert. She could now smell him, she could not see him yet but she definitely could smell him.

Than he appeared as if he was made of pure smoke a big wolf twice her wolfs size, black fur, and bright green eyes. It was Alrick, he smiled well if a wolf could smile more like tongue hanging out of the side of his mouth. He used mind speak and said " hey let's go for a run! First one to reach the old tree by the rivers edge is the winer and the loser has to cook breakfast! Riley liked that ideah she may be fast but she sucked at cooking and would love it if someone else made her breakfast. Her wolf responded and she mind spoke back to him " your on!" With that she took off like a shot into the deep dark woods.

Riley rolled over on her bed and groaned her whole body ached, was that yep that was a muddy stick in the bed with her. Gripping it she pulled the stick out of the bed and tossed it to the ground next to the other pile of sticks Riley's wolf had collected. Alrick was in the kitchen making breakfast like he always did when he stayed over after a run and not just because Riley beat him in the race last night. Riley stood and stretched she was covered in dirt and scratches some deep some not so deep, they where healing and would be gone in a day. Contrary to popular opinion werewolves don't heal as fast as everyone says.

The hot water poured over her bruised and battered body she felt like she had gone up against a orc, not gone for a late night run through the woods.

Alrick was just plating up breakfast when Riley waltzed into the room. Tying her red hair, half up and grabbing a fork she sank down in her chair and dug in. Alrick always made the best breakfast!

She groaned and sighed pushing the now empty plate away and reached for the steaming mug of coffee. Alrick stood there hip leaning against the kitchen counter and shoved food into his mouth. He paused for a second and looked at Riley his emerald green eyes sparkling. He smiled at her winked than whent back to eating. When he was all done he wiped any remains of breakfast off his dark beard. Than he pulled his shoulder length hair into a half pony and whistled as he walked by Riley he leaned in and kissed her cheek. He smelled of pine and wood smoke. Her wolf loved that! Riley smiled and tucked her hair behind her pointed ear. Alrick than pulled back and just like that was out the door and heading to his job of working security at the dragon stables.

Riley and Alrick where not dateing not yet it was semi awkward dance of who will cross the line of friendship the most. So far Alrick was wining and she didn't mind that she was losing this dance. Grabbing her dragon skin jacket she headed out the door and back towards the Silver Drake Tavern. Maybe it would not be such a bad day after all.

Phaedar suddenly ran put of the tavern and nearly collided with Riley grabbing Phaedar she steadied him and said " whats wrong?"

Phaedar shook his head and said " Gunaakt has refused to pay for damages!" Riley cursed a blue streak and than felt her canines lengthening, growling she said " where is he?"

Phaedar said near the bakery by the potions and stuff shop. Letting out a string of curse words Riley stomped in that direction feeling her temper go higher with each step she took towards the bakery.

Throwing open the doors to the bakery Riley blew past the counter and the line of citizens waiting to order. A high elf was the only one that yelled her way " hey no cutting!" Riley just made a gesture that said back off and the high elf yelled "well how rude!"

Riley kept on walking through the back doors and kicked in the door that lead to a private back room. The activity behind the door stopped and everyone turned to look at her. The room was jambed full of tables and gambling cards where everywhere. People placing mid bets stopped and stared her direction. She screamed out " Gunaakt I have a bone to pick with you!" Riley kept walking till she stopped infront of a heavy table full of coins and cards. Gunaakt stood to his full hight he was skinnier than some Orc's and he had a darker green skin than most. His black hair fell down his back and his small tusks pointed out from his bottom lip. Black eyes tracked her movements. Growling Gunaakt said " what are you doing here?"

Riley snaped back " collecting payment! Gunaakt narrowed his black eyes and said " we don't owe you anything wolf!" Riley snarled and snapped, she felt her teeth lengthening and her claws growing . " Yeah? You really want to go there?! You owe us extensively for damages. " Gunaakt smiled his small orc teeth pointer, his tusks getting sharper, and did he look taller?

Riley could not back down she needed this money. Gunaakt took a step forward and she took one step near him as well. The tension was so thick you could cut it with a ax.

Gunaakt reached down and pulled out his dagger it was curved wicked looking blade.

Riley whent of full alert and crouched claws at the ready, teeth bared. Than Gunaakt charged and she moved to the side at the last possible second racking her claws deeply down his side. A scream of pain left Gunaakt lips. He than turned and said " this was a new leather jacket!" Riley smiled all teeth and said "oops!" Gunaakt charged again and Riley aimed to dodge but at the last possible second Gunaakt switched which hand he was holding the dagger.

The dagger ripped down her arm it was agonizing. Riley let out a howl of pain, the blood flowed down her arm. Gunaakt smiled his tusks glinting in the torchlight. Riley tracked his movements and steadied her breathing. Gunaakt charged again and Riley dodged and struck fast hard and very deep. Her claws digging into his gut, her other hand holding the knife away. Blood poured down her hand that was buried up to the wrist in orc flesh. She smiled and pulled him in closer with her clawed hand. Gunaakt whimpered as she said " now will you pay the tavern for expenses owed?" Gunaakt black eyes widened in fear and he nodded. She twisted her wrist and dug her claws in deeper. He screamed a high pitch scream. " you will pay the expenses today?! Won't you Gunaakt!" Gunaakt nodded he was crying now. She had never seen a orc cry before. Satisfied with his answer she withdrew her claws with a sickening squelch sound. Gunaakt dropped to the stone floor and sobbed like a baby.

Turning she yelled so everyone could hear " from now on you pay your bar tab!" All the shocked patriens of the gambling hall nodded their heads.

Riley turned and stumbled out of the gambling hall and into the cobble stone streets. She leaned against Phaedar who helped walk her to the tavern to get cleaned up.

Later that day as Riley sat at the bar drinking a beer and looking over paperwork she felt Alrick come in the door. Alrick pulled up a stool next to her and motioned for Phaedar to give him a beer. Phaedar nodded and started to pour him one. Alrick than turned to Riley who was still looking over paperwork and said " you made Gunaakt cry?" 

Riley rolled her eyes and took another sip saying " it wasn't that hard!" Alrick smiled and clicked his beer against the rim of her glass and said " thats my girl." Riley turned a slight shade of red and continued to bury her nose in paperwork. Alrick sat and ate dinner while she worked. He never bothered her when she was going over numbers. It felt nice having him around maybe she should have him around more often she thought as she finished her beer.

Riley whent to bed late that night and awoke to her alarm. Her alarm!? Wait that wasn't right oh thought Riley it was all just a dream her characters from D&D had taken over her imagination again. Riley rolled out of bed and looked over her dorm room it was littered with old pizza boxes and some half finished assignments.

Groaning she got to work she had alot to do before meeting up with her weekly D&D group.

As Riley sat across the table from the other players she smiled at Alrick whose real name was Alan , he had dark hair like his wolf and green eyes. He gave her a smile and that wink so maybe this time he would ask her out?! Maybe finally?

Garrett or Phaedar also called Dungeon Master sat across from Riley and looked between Alan and Riley than back again and rolled his eyes. He cleared his throat and said "let's begin" Riley said wait "Alexander is not here yet! Alexander was their newest D & D member he played Aktha. Alex sheepishly took a seat and nodded to everyone. Garrett cleared his throat and said " This is my worst nightmare, hosting the orc councils 500 year bash. "

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