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There was a disruption in the space platform Yzmoon7. The first and second modules seemed to have gone mad, the experiments had suddenly stopped, and the results obtained went down the drain and all the efforts to recover them were in vain.

Captain Kreisler, commander of the station, summoned his team of experts: the engineer Crause, the biophysicist Hortens, and the electronaut Davies. “ We need to understand what causes this truly unexpected perturbation that is ruining our research work. Unfortunately, communications with the Earth and the other space platforms are also interrupted.” He said in alarm.

“ It could be a cosmic storm,” Crause said” I wonder if we were equipped to deal with it. It could overwhelm us”

“ According to my calculations, the perturbation comes from Mars,” Davies said.

“ How is it possible? We are very far from Mars” The captain was incredulous, amazed.

“I’m inclined to think like Davies. Haven’t you heard the news about the androids being driven from Mars? “ Hortens comments. The news was of the day before: the inhabitants of Mars had engaged in a very hard fight with the androids who had suddenly become insubordinate and even started killing humans. The androids had fled from Mars and had ventured into space.

“ Yes, I believe that our difficulties depend on them,” says  Davies. “ And if so the worst is yet to come”

“ Are you saying we have to prepare to face an androids attack?” The captain was very worried.

The worst was really to come. After a while, the space platform was shaken by an earthquake and found itself surrounded by androids firing electromagnetic flashes of lightning at it.

“ Hurry! Get the infrared spears! “ The captain ordered. All the men in the station, nine in all, fired infrared spears at the assailants who remained intact and imperturbable as they besieged the platform. “ We have to drive them away! Indeed we have to destroy them! Or they will destroy us!” Shouted the captain. The space platform began to lurk, to jam. The androids could not be killed by the astronauts but the astronauts really ran the risk of being killed by the androids who tried to access the platform and take possession of it, or maybe they just wanted to destroy it and its inhabitants. The androids were equipped with electromagnetic hook weapons with which they began to pierce the walls of the platform. Five of the inhabitants died from lack of oxygen. The others narrowly escape using their frozen supplies of oxygen.  The survivors barricaded themselves into Module 5 and scrambled to prevent the walls from being breached. Meanwhile, communications on the Earth and with other space platforms continued to be interrupted.  Captain Kreisler, with the men still alive ____Davies was among the fallen ___resorted to a last-ditch attempt to use the platform modules as weapons to repel the attackers. Who nevertheless climbed on the modules and continued to bombard the platform with glowing darts and hooked arrows.

The platform suddenly dropped from 5.000 kilometers in height to 500. The danger of falling and pulverizing was imminent.

But there was a group of brave inhabitants of Mars who were hunting down the androids driven from their planet. The three bolds ( daring), Spielberg, Xenox, and Swaze thought that it was not enough to drive them away, that it was necessary to make them harmless because otherwise, they could return. Unfortunately, they too were unable to kill the androids but they believed they had found a way to make them harmless with the aerospace hoop which was a mechanism that would have gripped them and kept them tied up.

The spacecraft of the three daring realized what was happening to the YzMoon 7 space platform and, with a risky maneuver, ran to its rescue. When it was reached by the spaceship of the three bolds ( daring) the space platform, was stormed by the androids with their incandescent arrows, with their darts of fire, and was crumpling on itself. The four survivors inside were beginning to run out of oxygen.

While Spielberg tried to lift and stretch the platform with the launch of trails of electromagnetic electrodes Xenox and Swaze began to use aerospace hooping to try to stop the androids that were really unleashed. The platform regained height but at that moment a meteorite crashed on the spaceship. The three occupants managed to save themselves thanks to the special cord that allowed them to get out and, of course, thanks to the aerospace suits they wore. But the stricken spacecraft lost altitude and began to totter. Outside of the spaceship, which was in a bad state, it was extremely difficult for the three inhabitants of Mars successfully use the electro-space hooping to immobilize the androids who continued to besiege the space platform. While the struggle kept raging between the occupants of the space platform, now reduced to their last legs, and the androids who managed to dodge the aerospace circles and attacked with rockets and darts also the three inhabitants of Mars who fought bravely appeared in space luminescent blue lights that perhaps came from the heart of the galaxy, perhaps announcing the proximity of a black hole. There was the imminent danger of ending everyone, including the space platform with its occupants and the three inhabitants of Mars into the black hole.  Ah, but finding a way to make only the androids end up in the black hole would have been salvation instead.

First of all, it was necessary to establish where the black hole was. It was not easy to do it either for the survivors of the platform or for the three brave inhabitants of Mars who kept trying and trying in vain to block the androids with the aerospace ring. Those damned tried always to escape.

Unfortunately, the BLACK HOLE was in the vicinity of the space platform that so needed to be moved away from it as soon as possible. But since in such bad conditions it was reduced and with the occupants at the end of their strength, it was an impossible mission. Even the three brave inhabitants of Mars without the support of adequate equipment were not able to intervene effectively.

When all seemed lost unexpectedly a spaceship from Mars arrived to rescue the three brave men. The spacecraft was equipped with state-of-the-art instruments with the use of which it not only managed to make the androids harmless but also to make them fall into the black hole.

The survivor occupants of the platform and Spielberg, Xenox, and Swaze boarded the spaceship bound for Mars as the space platform plunged into the black hole.

June 30, 2023 22:41

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