Title: The ghost appearing in the middle of night

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Crime Fiction Horror

I could never believe that ghosts were ever there. However it seems logical that there can be a ghost if any person commits a

Suicide or has been murdered brutally. Such a person rebels against the natural law of God because it is only He who has decided his time of death. He cannot get a birth till the determined time of his exit. There is some or other reason for The appearance of a ghost. In Shakespeare’s play entitled ‘‘Hamlet’ the ghost of Hamlet’s father appears before him. The Ghost of his father wanted to have his revenge from his brother Who murdered him and also married Gertrude his wife soon after his murder and resulting death.

      It was long time back when Jai-pal breathed his last. It was 1992 Or 1993 when he was around sixty or sixty-one. He fell down from the steps of Central Secretariat office. He fell rolling down like a foot-ball almost eleven steps of stairs because of a sudden heart attack so unexpectedly. By the end of December

2019 almost a year and half back I saw a shadow of a person and it was that of Jaipal who had expired almost twenty-seven Years before. It was his ghost standing in the courtyard of my Bungalow called “Krishna’s Kuteer” and I was totally flabbier ghosted to see a dead person coming in the form of a living Ghost. I really thought it was his ghost as it is only a ghost who

Could appear in Bhavnagar when that man had expired in N-Delhi.He stood there as a hard solid rock beckoning me to come out and also suggesting that he had no power to harm me. It was 13.30 a.m. of half night. “I have come to have a talk with you. Please come out “The ghost of my elder brother insisted and persisted. I had to open the door and the mental constraint became direly indispensable. I had peeped out of my large portico glasses that was ten feet by five feet facing exactly the road there. I can understand the logistics of a person who commits a suicide or of a murdered person becoming a wandering ghost because this sort of deaths is not a natural phenomenon. One retaliates against the established laws of Vishnu the creator of the whole cosmos. He continued to beckon me and just at that time in my inner recesses of my tender and sentimental heart Lord Krishna ticked a voice message to the effect to go and hear what the ghost exactly wanted to say. A ghost would not come without any rhyme and reason. Lord Krishna also clarified that he had already harmed you five brothers and a sauntering ghost cannot harm a living Person. He along with his wife had also tortured your father who was destined to live another ten years. He expired in nineteen eighty nine but his life was destined to go along many more of ten years. They forced him to eat wheat made chapattis and vegetable when your father was used to almond Crushed milk, cashew nuts pistachios and bananas, grapes and

Apples. He could not go out to bring himself and forcing him to Eat what he was not used to was the gravest sin of their lives. This is the reason too of your brother wandering as a ghost. Go and hear what he tells you.

“How could I disobey my master Lord Krishna and now this matter had also become a divine power intervention. Its’ He Who wanted me to meet the ghost. I could not dare to disobey My Lord and I  also felt how lucky I was that my father Krishna himself came or perhaps it was his voice that was coming like an echo from a distant heavenly valley of spirituality.

The ghost told me these surprising words that he spoke in shivering and faltering tone. “I don’t want anything from you But I have come to redeem myself from this ghostly prison. I seek your forgiveness for snatching your share in 71A/111 in W.E.A. My soul is condemned to wander  around cremation Grounds and when I am thirsty I have no option but to drink Urine of living men and women. I am destined to wander for for as long time as twenty-seven years and to seek my sorrow and repentance from our father and also my three brothers in Heaven.

“O.K. What actually you need? What has been done cannot be


“I would get human birth only when I get a pardon and you appreciate my repentance.”

“O.K, If I really forgive you would also need to be forgiven by Ashok Kumar who is living and our father, Ram lal and Ajay pal.

“I have already sought my forgiveness of our father, who is thirty-one and is born and married and stays in New-Delhi near Birla Mandir. What about Ram lal and Ajay pal? They are all born in Delhi and they are still bachelors. I met them too and sought their benevolence to be kind. ‘”

“Why the hell you had to wander as a ghost? What was the reason?

         “I have been punished for twenty-seven years because I took our father’s signatures by forcing him holding tightly his hands. We also forced him to eat chapattis and some Vegetables, cereals when he was not used to. We have been responsible for causing his early death by nine years. He was used to almond milk, fruits and dry fruits. This is why my ghost is wandering from twenty seven years.

“You did a most reprehensible deed by forcing him to eat usual Punjabi dinner. You became instrumental in cutting down his life span by nine years. Is that so? ’’

“Yes you are right. That is why nine multiplied by three amounts to twenty-seven years condemned as a loitering ghost living in cremation grounds and to drink human urine to quench my thirst.

He continued his repressed feelings and so hard tortures for so many years. ‘”Please help me and be compassionate and condone my horrible sins. Only then I would get chance to be born as a man in Delhi. I cannot compensate the injustice that I Caused to all you five. I cannot do it as I am a ghost only. But I know that after my birth again and your new births and thereafter I will have to pay all due to you in one form or the other. I don’t know how Lord Krishna will reflect the optional Arrangements. Our future destiny is jointly integrated. I need your blessings for my another further sins of provoking our father to make me accept a lecturer’s job in a distant city howsoever far away from Delhi. I planted in his mind to convey You that he could not give his any part of his three houses.”

       “O.K. now let’s ends the matter. It is of no use to cry over spilt milk. What has been cannot be undone. I could have told my dad that I shall not leave Delhi and whenever I got a job I Could live in a rented house. But my ‘Karma-bhumi’ (destiny of Living in a different city or country) caused me to come here. I forgive you totally and I feel sympathy for you and your long timed sufferings. May Lord Krishna forgive you?”

               I executed the whole matter to his full satisfaction he vanished and became invisible.

       This story forecasts the happenings as a principle of deeds, Good or bad resulting into likewise proportion. If one sows thorns he cannot get sweet tasteful mangoes. This is the crux of philosophy in Krishna’s holistic “Bhagwat Gita”. I am quite sure he would be born as a nice man in his coming life and in some distant time give us back what we deserved. But I have no Complaints against him or my late father .The only prayers the next day was with my tears supplicating loudly to exonerate him from all sins and get a new life of full happiness. No more stays in ghost as a suffering and sinful soul, I asked Ashok Kumar the only brother alive living in Madras. He Added “Yes a month before it appeared and I was so frightened and hurriedly told him he is excused and better go away as I did not want to see that horrible ghost.”

        “I was shivering with fright so horrible as he sat on a very long sofa occupying nine feet long sofa. I hated his very sight as he was a devil of highest level even while living. I did not like father’s house just because of that loafer. He had created a full Poisonous atmosphere.   

June 11, 2021 12:34

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