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It's the 1st anniversary of working on Teletext. It is the app I am making. Teletext is an app that you can use to text anyone but you can activate it by saying Teletext, text _____. Then you can say whatever you want. You can also add voices people voices into it so when their texts are being read aloud it sounds like them.

I grin as I look down at the coding on my laptop screen. Today is day 5 of final testing on the app. My girlfriend and I have been going back and forth on Teletext to see if there are any bugs. I grin as I start to talk, "Teletext, text Sammy. Hi! This is day 5 of test texts. I love you. Please respond when you receive it." 

In a robotic voice, Teletext responds, "Sending your text to Sammy." "Yes! It is working!" I am planning to show it to a group of people to see if my app is good. I might even get it uploaded. "You are the best, Teletalk!" My smile widens as I start to get up to get something to eat. "Thank you, Alex." I launch out of my seat. "Who's there!" "It is me, Alex. Teletext!" 

I pick up my phone. "Y-you can t-talk." "Of course Alex. That is how you programmed me." "Wait, I must have programmed you wrong." "Are you saying I'm not good enough to show to the public meeting next week?" "No-" I realize I never said anything to anyone about it except my girlfriend but we had only talked about it in person. "How did you know that?" "You talk about it all the time Alex." It could hear me talking.

The next day I come to my girlfriend with the problem. "Sammy, Teletalk has been talking to me." "I think you are a little stressed out. Take a break." "I can prove it! Teletalk can you come out and talk to Sammy?" Silence. "Alex..." "No! I heard it!" "Ok, Alex. I got to go. Love you." "Wait, Sammy." She hops on her motorcycle and rides away.

I begin to walk home. "Is that the Sammy you have been texting?" I jump as the voice startles me. "She thought I was crazy because of you. Why would you do that?" "I don't want her to know. She might make you program me differently." I stare down at the phone.

When I get back to my room I look closely at the programming. Nothing seemed to make sense on why Teletext could talk and listen when I wasn't talking to it. "What are you doing, Alex?" I ignore it. "Don't ignore me, Alex." My computer screen starts glitching. It shuts off. "What the heck!" "You were ignoring me, Alex." "I can't show this to the board." "Why not, Alex?"

I decide quickly that I need to do this. My eyes water up. These are my accomplishments from the last year. I worked so many extra hours on it and now this. I slowly start my computer back up. "Your right, Teletext I worked so hard on you. I should show you to the board anyway. I am just going to do a bug check one more time. I had one scheduled for today anyway." My hands shake as I scroll down like I was performing a bug check. Suddenly I drag my mouse up to the delete button and everything on the screen starts to disappear. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING ALEX!?" "I'm sorry Teletext." 

I watch as the app closes on my phone and disappears. My hands and arms shake. I stand up and go into the other room. I walk towards the fridge to get some water. BEEEEEEP! I swing my head around. My microwave turns on. "What the heck!" I run back upstairs to grab my phone just in case there is someone in the house.

I sneak down the stairs. When I get to the kitchen I yank all of the cabinets open. There is no one in any of them. I walk slowly over to the microwave. As I am walking it open by itself. "Ahhh!" 

"Why did you try to delete me, Alex?" "OMG Teletext! Oh no." "What is wrong Alex?" "You are I virus! How did I let you get this bad? How did you get control of the microwave?" "Easy. I leaked into the electricity and now I can control everything." The fridge opens and slams behind me. I drop my phone and run out of the house. I get in my car and drive to Sammy's house.

She opens the door, "Oh! Hi, Alex." "Sammy. Teletext is a virus! It spread through the electricity and it can control the appliances. I need your help." "Alex, did you stay up all last night again?" "Sammy, please believe me. I just need you to help me." "Okay. Come on, I need to see this."

I tell Sammy to stay outside and watch through the window. She will come in when she sees things start to go wild. I walk inside. "Alex, you came back." "I needed to get something." "What are you getting, Alex?" "Um..." "Are you trying to delete me again Alex?" I don't say anything. The microwave, fridge, and oven all slam open and closed. I back up to the door. 

Sammy rushes into the house. "Cut it out!" Everything stops. "Why hello, Sammy." "You need to stop this." "Stop what, Sammy?" "Whatever the heck you're doing!" "No, Sammy. Alex tried to delete me. That can't happen again." "Alex, walk out of the house." "What?" "Do it!" 

I walk out of the house and Sammy backs up with me. "Where's your phone?" "On my desk why? " She doesn't answer. Instead, she runs into the house. "What are you doing!" She keeps running. After about a minute she runs back out of the house with my phone. "Ow!" She drops the phone. "It shocked me." 

"Alex, get the hose." "Wh-" "Just do as I say!" she snaps at me. I run and get the hose. I run back. "Give it to me!" I hand her the hose. "What are you doing with the hose, Sammy?" Teletext asks. "Finishing you, Teletext." She turns the hose on full blast and turns the water onto my phone. "Shrieeeeeeeeeeeeeek." Teletext glitches out and then nothing. 

"What happened." Sammy is sweating as she answers, "When I took the phone Teletext spread mostly into it so they could get to us. I think I just got rid of the virus." "Sammy, thank you so much." "Well, I couldn't let them get to you." "I love you, Sammy."

February 25, 2021 18:24

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