Fantasy Science Fiction

I rub my eyes and look around. It's a fully electronic room. I don't get it. Electricity is so new, and now, it's like everything is electronic. I'm having trouble figuring out how to work everything. It's so confusing because The computer that is in my room, is flat. No hookups, except to the wall. When I unplug it and turn it on, it still works. Using the computer came so naturally to me, even though I had never seen anything like it. When I got dressed, I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked completely different from the way I looked when I went to bed. When I look at my profiles on the computer, I find that my name, my entire name is different. I realize I'm a different person. This has to be a dream. No other explanations. But even as I think that I don't wake up. I pinch myself, but no. This is reality.

This new life. Ok, it can't be that bad. I try falling asleep, but once I wake up, I look in the mirror and around. I'm stuck like this. I feel miserable. How could this happen to me? Why? How is this even possible? I panic before deciding that there is no solution. I have to live my days out in this body. Like this. I cry, but even afterward life is still like this. I decide that the best solution to my problem was to contact the mother of the person I was. I grab the black rectangle that is next to my bedside and let my instincts take over. I may have no clue about what to do, but I do know that one of my new talents was using the technology in this room. It comes very easy, all I had to do was think about what to say to this person's mom. I decided to ask if I could move in for a while. That way I would be able to navigate this world with her help.

To raise this person must have taken a lot out of her. I promised to pay her rent money. After all day of waiting, she messages me back. "HOW DARE YOU! After what happened with your father and after I cut ties with you, you ask me to move in! NO WAY!" I wonder what happened. I decided to massage her what the situation I was in was, but all that got was a, "You are lying to live in my house. Your father's will money should be more than enough. Unless you already spent it. And then all you have to blame for your problems is yourself." This mom is being really stubborn. I know now that she is just wanting the money that their father gave them in their will. I suppose the mother got none in the will, but this person got everything. I wonder if any of it was spent already. From the looks of it, it must have been a lot of money because this person looked wealthy. In all fairness, that could have been their job. I approved of that.

I believe success is the only good way to be remembered, especially in your workplace. They look well off enough to be rich to some degree. Which means a great success for them. That is the only thing that this person and I could probably relate with. Other than that, I don't think we had anything in common. That night, I went into their bed and started searching for their name. Only to find that they had filthy rich parents, and had no work. The entire family was filthy rich because of one person, who was the richest person in the country. I found that this person was extremely respected, and the father of this person had been murdered, in an attempt of theft. In the father's will-which was public to the entire world-the property went to his brother, who made all the money. All the money that he had gone to this person. And nothing got left to his wife. His brother let his mother just live there, but this person refused to give up their part in the will.

This was my new reality. I was going to live out this person's life. My old one wasn't great anyway. I could make this new world, this more modern world better. With all the money this person had, it would be the right thing to do. And who knows, if this person ever swapped bodies back with me, they would see that their life was better than ever. I always wished to change the world. Now I had that chance. But the first amendment I had to make was with the mother. I gave her 10,000 dollars. I told her that the plan for his money was being put into motion. She agreed to let us live together, I sold the property and moved in with her. Then I started investing in homeless people. giving at least a thousand dollars to a few great charities. But I knew I could do more. I tripled it for a couple of charities. I started advocating for animals as well, giving at least one speech about endangered species per week. The most I did one week was five.

More people started being involved in charities, following me online, and the entire family started getting involved as well. I saw the change happening. Less and fewer people began to be seen on the streets. Animals who were once endangered were now increasing extremely slowly in numbers. I ran for senator and won that. On top of that, my followers started asking what they could do to help me with my movement. The world was starting to know my name, and there were so many little kids who were amazing. I had double the speeches now, and being senator just helped as I could advocate on television. But one day, I woke up in my old bed. It had been one year since I had last been in that bed. And I realized that I had changed the future. I could be the change.

June 20, 2022 14:50

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