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They got the wrong person...

Sometimes, having the same middle name as your father's first name is annoying. Why my parents decided to name me this way, I will never know. I am Alex Isen Packer, and though I don't mention my middle name a lot, people still know it, thanks to registers and the like.

I have a fair amount of friends, even though I'm not the most social. It's not that I push them away, it's just that I don't talk about myself too much, or anything for that matter. I'm more of a silent type. Somehow, this makes my friends more interested, though I really don't understand how.

My mother is very bubbly. She's noticed my sudden increase of friends this year and adores them all. And somehow, due to some confusion, they think it's my birthday today, when in reality, it's my father's. My father isn't as bubbly as my mother, but he's still an embarrassing parent. Not the type who actively tries to embarrass you, but the type who's just naturally strange and weird. But I do feel bad, after all, I just stole his birthday.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" they yelled as I entered the house. I stared at the room full of people, some I barely even knew, with confusion. They were scattered all across the living room, which was decorated with lights and other birthday decorations, most of them mentioning '16'. One of my more... boisterous friends, Daniel, quickly came up to me.

"Dude, you should have told us it's your birthday! I can't believe you're 16!" he exclaimed.

That's not right. I'm still 15.

"...Excuse me?" I asked, beyond confused. He laughed.

"Your mom told us about it! It's your birthday!" he grinned, seemingly proud of himself. I tried my best not to give him the 'Are you a dumbass?' look. He continued, "Alright, put the music on! Let's get this party started!"

"What? Wait, no, it's not my-" I was unable to finish my sentence. The music started, and Daniel had already walked off to the area where everyone was dancing. How exactly did he come to the conclusion that it was my birthday, and not my fathers??

I saw my mother standing in the corner, and sighed. I have a strong feeling she has something to do with this. I walked over.

"Mom, what's going on here?" I asked, and my mother laughed.

"Your friends are hosting you a birthday party!" she smiled brightly.

"...Yes, but it's not my birthday..." I spoke. She laughed.

"But they were so excited about planning it! I just had to let them!"

"How did this even happen??"

"Well, I was talking about your father's birthday, and they must have thought I was talking about you. They started to plan, and well, I didn't have the heart to stop them. I let them have the party here!" She explained excitedly. I glared.

"Mom, it's dad's birthday today. How's he going to feel knowing I stole his birthday?"

"Ohh, he won't mind."

I gave her an incredulous look before sighing. Of course, he would mind! He had been heavily dropping hints of what he wanted all week! I was suddenly dragged away, and I quickly turned to see another friend, Mikayla.

"Come on, dance, birthday boy!" She laughed, letting go of my wrist and started to move along with the beat. I was now on the dancefloor, various eyes turned to me.

I tutted, glancing away, "I don't dance."

"Aww, come on!"

"Yeah! Dance, Alex!"

"Dance, dance, dance!" they chanted. I paled, seeing a circle had formed around me. "Dance, dance!!"

I sighed, seeing no way out of this, and stiffly tried to copy Mikalya's moves, probably horribly failing. Boughts of laughter sounded out, and I covered my face in embarrassment.

"I told you I couldn't dance," I groaned, shrinking back. If I was going to have a biMikalya grabbed my hands.

"Haha, it was great!" She laughed, and continued to dance.

I sighed deeply, reluctantly following her as everyone danced to the upbeat electronic music. She laughed and chatted with me, but all I could really think about was how I was going to break the news that it wasn't my birthday. Even just going along with this was just digging me a bigger hole.

Eventually, it was time to open gifts.

I couldn't bring myself to open any of them.

"Jeez, just open them already!" Milan exclaimed, getting frustrated with my apprehension. I sighed, looking to my mother for help. Instead, she merely gave me a thumbs up, thinking I needed encouragement.

"...Can't you just... return them? I don't want to take anything-" I was cut off by Daniel.

"Come on! Just open them, it's your birthday!"

It wasn't my birthday.

Then, the front door opened. My dad walked into the living room, confusion painted on his face.

"Hey, dad. Happy birthday." I said, and everyone's eyes widened.

"W-What? It's your dad's birthday, too?!" Daniel gasped. I rolled my eyes.

"It's his birthday, not mine. His first name is Isen, so you must have thought my mom was talking about it being my birthday when she was really talking about it being his."


I think that was a good way to break it to them.

"W-Well... how about we just make this a regular party...??" Daniel laughed awkwardly. Some of the teens around the room scoffed and went to leave, and in the end, only eight people remained. He whined, "Aww, come on! I finally get a chance to throw a party and it was a complete failure!"

"I never liked parties, anyway..." I mumbled.

"That's what I tried to say!" Emma exclaimed, though her voice was quiet as usual. I was surprised to see her here; house parties really weren't her scene. She was shy.

"It was fun while it lasted! And Alex, your dancing was so cute!" My mother cooed, and I visibly cringed.

"Mom, please."

"Oooh, cake..." My dad muttered, instantly lured over to the snacks table.

"How about we continue the party? For your dad, this time," Milan suggested. My mother practically sparkled at the thought.

"That'd be so nice of you! I'll get more candles for the cake, we need lots to represent his age!!"

"Haha, burn!" Sam, a friend who I was also surprised to see at the party, laughed. He was basically a shut-in gamer. One of the people I could relate more to.

"Honey, that's mean..." my dad sighed as my mother bounced off to the kitchen.

"Alright, then! Let's continue this party! Happy birthday to Alex's dad! Now, start the music!!" Daniel grinned, and I sighed. I don't understand how he never runs out of positivity. Just watching him being so upbeat was almost draining...

"If they make me dance again, I'm leaving," I muttered to myself. Just after, Daniel slung his arm over my shoulders.

"Let's go dance, bro!"

"Haha, no."

"H-Hey, wait, where are you going?? Alex, come back!"

August 08, 2019 14:26

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22:51 Oct 28, 2022

You wrote 3 stories for the first contest and then never joined again. Why?


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