"Ha Ha! funny!" said the car as we both drove back home tired and sad to a weekend we were about to cancel. Sad because we regretted the day when we planned it. I wished we planned it well, but let's see how an unplanned weekend goes.

It was in college that my two best friends planned a weekend out with all of us leaving all our gadgets, books, and worries behind. Who knew it would start to explain to us the meaning of life.

The car was promised to be a two day weekend. It went on laughing on our stupidity that a weekend is of only two days. We didn't know where we would stay, eat, or die. Oops, I just opened the suspense early. Did you get surprised?

Well, I am no ghost but we were all dejected from our lives and saw this despondency to be the most right time to plan a weekend. Unplanned to where we were going. I called my two buddies, packed clothes for two days, and sailed in this ocean of unpredictability.

The first hour, the car got punctured, so we took to bicycles and when the bicycle got punctured in the next hour, poor destiny fled us to our own lovely and kind legs. Dusk came with angst and after walking for an hour, the three heads turned to a shiny cottage. One saw quest to be filled with water drops, the second one saw water in a hot desert and the other saw the two of them and imagined such a cottage in his mind. Was he blind? Yes, blind to see the truth that there was a lion in front of him.

The lion ate the one who didn't see the cottage. Did he die? Well, he was alive in the memory of the other two, who were haunted to the fact that they never came for help and ran to the cottage. Is it a story where everyone dies? No.

The cottage was deserted. There was only a diamond inside it, which we thought was fake and threw it out. The cottage had four windows and three doors. Between each window, there was a door and such a rugged cottage had only one big diamond jeweled chandelier in the center above. That's when we saw where the shiny diamonds were coming from. There was a mine of diamonds hanging above and a rugged floor below. I shot the other guy, who was a friend, but now an enemy and quickly hushed out with the chandelier.

The diamonds lost its luster as I came outside and saw that it was bogus. I went back to the cottage, hung the chandelier, and smashed an ant walking towards me. Two tears wheeled from my eyes, probably because I was sleepy or some other reason. Dusk was over and night rolled the sky dark. I saw that there was no electricity in the cottage as the only luminosity produced was from the chandelier. I took the chandelier and hung it back. It was lynched above watching me and the dead body beside me. "Ha Ha! Funny!" said the chandelier. Dawn rolled the sky bright. I was still looking at the chandelier and the chandelier on me. I winked and it shook. I smiled and it slowly brightened. Slowly it grew its intensity and boom... A sundry of diamonds burst away in all the directions. More than a hundred went outside the open windows and the rest thrashed on the door. The chandelier was naked and I shouted "Ha Ha! Funny". I came out, saw the diamonds shining brightly in the sun's light, and consumed some apples basking under a tree. As I turned my back the two dead were rushing towards me and I started running back to the cottage, shut all the doors, and sat there calmly. I saw the corpse there shot with a metallic gun lying next to him. I took a deep breath.

I turned slowly to look outside the window and saw the other body splashed in blood and thrashed of the body by the lion lying there. The lion was still standing near the car and probably talking to it. Where did the car come from? Didn't we leave it behind? I heard the whispers, " Ha Ha! funny!". The car thrashed the lion and it all ended there.

The lion lied there with its head thrashed to the car's head. I turned to the corpse that it thrashed and I was right. They both looked exactly similar now. I saw the chandelier and it looked similar to me when I had nothing in my hand after shooting the guy. Then I looked at the one-shot dead and it looked similar to this weekend. Unplanned how it was and unplanned as it went. It would have been better if it was planned. Well, the murders may not happen that suddenly. Then I looked at the cottage and it started laughing. Then it started to voice what it had like the chandelier, the lion, and the car. It said exactly the same thing. Oh my god! I would go mad to such a disgusting weekend. What is happening?

Well, we humans are that funny. Don't we find humor, when we see materialistic things dead and the animals like lions dead too as it doesn't live like us? I am just joking. It may not be the moral of my disgusting story. A disgusting moral for such a disgusting story. I would better call it a tale.

I stayed two more days burying the three dead bodies, took a deep breath, and sailed back in my car. The car saw everything, from murders to greed, and you know what I am trying to say. As I was driving back, the car in its jolly way said "Ha Ha! funny" and I turned off the road, crashing into the river. Fortunately, I am alive, but the car is dead. So, there is no one who saw this overdue weekend. Ha Ha! Funny! No, it's not. Ha Ha, it is. And I saw the blood of smashed ant in my hand. haha hahaha!

August 04, 2020 06:51

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