Friendship Funny High School

The world was a weird one. Everyone said what was on their mind. Their true feelings being shown through their words as they tell their honest opinion.

It didn’t matter if it was rude or inconsiderate, no one was able to lie and everyone must say what was on their mind. No matter what it was.

Yet Alejandro absolutely loved it, no matter how much trouble he got in. He wasn’t the, nicest person in the world, in fact some called him the rudest ever. Yet that didn’t faze him in the slightest, in fact it made him puff his chest out in pride. Watching as other people stared in fear, anger, or even horror as Alejandro stated the truth. Whatever was on his mind.

“I hate you so much I could throw you out the window right now”

Alejandro let out a loud sarcastic ‘HA’, his rough hand slapping against his desk. 

“And I could stick rats in your clothes that’ll slowly chew through your skin and make a home in your corpse, snacking on your brain!” He responded to the female, his hand covering his mouth to hide his snickers and smirk as he saw the horrified look on the females face.

A screamed ripped out of her throat as she ran away, tripping over her own feet with tears threatening to spill from her eyes. A loud, mean sounding laugh ripped through the air. Alejandro’s shoulders shaking as he struggled to stay in his chair, just about falling backwards multiple times.

“I can’t-I can’t breath” He wheezed out, his laugh turning into the sound of a teakettle.

A set of hands rested themselves on Alejandro’s shoulders, steadying his tall form from falling out of his chair, making the chairs 4 legs plant on the ground.

As he caught his breathe, his hands resting on his heaving chest, the figure behind him let out a huff.

“You shouldn’t say that it’s rude” An amused voices stated in a scolding tone, the pale hands leaving the boys shoulders. “However it was funny as fuck”

A form sat at the desk right next to the teakettle boy.

“Oh it’s you” Alejandro groaned playfully, his breathe finally back as he sent a smirk towards the chubby girl. “Raina, how are you, you messy ass motherfucker?”

A snort left the girls nose, her head leaning against her hand, hair slightly falling infornt of her face.

“Eh, could be better. Kinda wanna jump off the schools roof” The pale girl shrugged, smiling at the chocolate skinned male.

Blinking at the girl in surprise, Al let out a sigh with a shake of his head, shaggy hair moving with his movements. “Honestly a mood”

The two friends stared at each other, a pair of dark brown eyes and a pair of dull hazel eyes in a staring contest. The female let out a stifled laugh, her cheeks full of air as she tried to hold it in, looking like a marshmallow.

“Don’t” Alejandro started, his own cheeks filling with air as he tried to hold on his laughs, eyes starting to water.. “Don’t. You. Fucking. Dare.”

The staring contest only continued on for another minute before the duo burst out laughing. The students in the class staring in confusion as they found nothing funny.

“You’ve got an-an ugly fucking lau-laugh!” Raina yelled through her laughs, her slightly chubby hand slamming itself against the desk with few tears sliding down her chubby cheeks.

“Shut-Shut up! Mother” Alejandro took a deep breath, his hands wiping away the few tears that fell. “Motherfucker!”

The classroom door slammed open, their teacher grumbling as she stomped in like an ogre, sending a glare towards the laughing best friends.

“Shut up you puny brats! I’m tired as hell and don’t give a fuck about whatever this is but it’s loud” She sneered, throwing her purse at her chair behind the desk, making it spin slightly.

Alejandro covered his mouth, trying to stop his laughter as to not get detention, he had plans after school. And he was not going to miss out on them.

“It sure shows stupid bitch” Raina spat back, her tongue sticking out of her lips as she pulled her eyelid down.

Growling, the teacher slammed her hand on the board behind her, making some of the markers fall off and into the floor.

”And youre nothing but a puny, stupid, fatass girl!”

A yelling match between the teacher and Raina ensued, the other students all watching in amusement. Raina was stood up in front of the class, her seat knocked onto the ground from her harsh movements, and her larger towering over the teacher.

”Get her ass Raina!!” One student yelled, their hand in the air in a cheer.

”Let’s go Raina Let’s go!” Another yelled out, whooping and cheering as the fight continued.

”Tell her she’s got greasy ass hair!!” Someone shouted out, making everyone let out a laugh.

The teachers face began to turn red, either from anger or embarrassment, Alejandro couldn’t tell.

“Ya! Tell ‘er she’s got an ugly wrinkled face like a donkeys ass!”

Everyone let out an even louder laugh as Alejandro yelled out, his voice ringing throughout the school halls. Tears collected in students eyes as some fell out for heir seats and others leaned into heir friends for support.

It seemed to be the last straw as the female let out an offended gasp, Ms. Bitch as Alejandro calls her, grumbled something under breath and stormed out of the classroom. Her face was a tomato by the time the door slammed shut behind her, some of the posters on the walls slipping off.

It was quiet in the previously loud classroom, the students not expecting that big of a reaction from their teacher. Only for Raina to let out a loud, victorias shout, cutting the silence like a knife cutting butter.

”I have won! I am GOD!” Letting out an evil laugh, Raina turned towards the class with a egotistical smirk on her face, her arms thrown open like she was ready to accept offerings and praises. “Bow down to your God, peasants!”

Huffing in amusement, Alejandro watched as the class played along, some peacefully some not.

”She’s one crazy motherfucker. But my crazy motherfucker”

November 11, 2022 23:07

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