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Two females, one was dressed in a black, tan, white, and dark gray suit with a mask and wolf ears while the other was dressed in a orangey-tan suit with dark brown dots scattered around also wearing a mask but with cat ears. The cat, called Kitty or M’Lady by the wolf, was a few inches short from the wolf. They were partners, friends however they did not know who they were.. Under the masks. Lydia was the Cat’s name. She was 16, about 5’3 and had pink hair with matching pink eyes. She was pale, skinny as well.. She was always happy even though she had dark secrets. Jessica was the other, the wolf.. She had jet black hair with dark brown eyes, almost black. She was 5’9, 17, and was lightly tanned. She was always mad, ready for a fight whenever there was one. 

“Fight! Fight!” Yelled students when a fight broke out. The fight was between Jessia and a boy by the name of Tony. The boy lifted his fists, “Th-That all you-you.. Got?!” He yelled, his nose was bleeding, maybe broken. Jessica just smirked, lifting her fists as well, “Sure, you want to keep going, weakling?” She asked, calmly.. Too calmly. She was taunting him, wanting him to get mad, she wanted a real fight. He growled, charging at her as if he was bull, that’s what she wanted. She chuckled, jumping out of the way. She grabbed his shirt and rammed him into the lockers, hard. She looked down at Tony, “You should get that checked out.” She muttered before starting to walk away. She had kept a rather blank face other than her slight smirk, toying with her black and gray watch. She knew that no-one could beat her in a fight. She was The Wolf, it was a sucky name but was a name. She was partners with another ‘hero’ that was dubbed at The Cat. She liked working with Cat, she often called her Kitty or M’Lady to tease her. Cat really calmed her down but she was still angry.. Nothing could help that. 

“Agh!” Said a small female as she was being pushed into a locker, “You’re gonna cry?” Asked a girl, “I bet she is.” Said another. “Pl-Please.. Don’t hurt me any longer.” Begged the female, tears forming in her pink eyes, “And if we don’t? What are you going to do?” Asked the first girl as she stepped towards Lydia, “I-I..” She stuttered, unable to speak more than a few words and not above a whisper. She was scared, why was she scared? She was the Cat.. A superhero, why does she not fight back when it comes to her ‘normal’ life.. Why is she so weak when she isn’t wearing that mask? She slowly pushed herself up, “I said.. To stop hurting me.” Lydia said, her pink eyes looking at the two girls, “What did you say?” One asked, grabbing her by the collar of her uniform shirt. “I said.. I said to stop!” She yelled, though it did not sound like much. The girls giggled before throwing Lydia back down and started to walk away, not saying anything anymore. Lydia panted softly, her heart racing as she watched them walk away. She quickly got up and ran away, murmuring to herself. She held her necklace in her hands, not wanting to lose it, it was the only thing she had left. She needed her partner, just to talk.. Rant about her day. The Wolf seemed to always brighten her day, even though she teased her as they worked. 

“UGHH!!” Yelled The Cat, “They just, Ugh.. I can’t deal with it anymore, they just think that they can take everything from me! Only if they knew that I-I was The Cat!” She ranted to her partner, The Wolf. “I mean.. If they knew, they would act like your best friend.” The Wolf told her partner, “Why don’t you just.. Fight? It would seem easier, yes?” She said, looking down at the other female, “Fight? What’s the point of fighting back, I’m not that strong.. Even out here, in this suit, I’m just your sidekick..”, “Sidekick? I mean, yeah but you’re really good at it. I would be dead if it weren’t for you, or I would be the one that you’ll be fighting.. You keep me in check, Kitty.” The wolf told her, punching her in the shoulder, playfully. “Thanks, Wolfie.” She replied, a small smile on her face. The Wolf’s watch blinked at the same time that the Cat’s necklace went off. “There seems to be a problem, let’s go and check it out, ready? M’Lady?” She asked, looking at Cat. “Yeah, let’s go. I’ll deal with my.. Own problems when this is over.” She said, getting up and jumping down the building, “Ca-! Oh, cats always land on their fee-” The Wolf said before she was cut off by her partner, “Cats always land on their feet!” She yelled, shifting into her cat form, starting to run towards where the problem was. Soon, The Wolf followed, jumping down the building and shifting into her wolf form. Their forms were like their suits. The Wolf’s fur was mostly black and dark gray with white and tan while The Cat’s was an orangey-tan with dark brown dots. They ran towards a fire, A fire? How do we- Damn.. Okay.. Think Lyddie.. Think. What can I do? Lydia asked herself before looking towards her partner, who had the same face of worry. Both females shifted back, looking at the large fire. “Okay, let’s think about th- Cat!” Before The Wolf could finish, The Cat had ran into the building, waiting to save as many people that she could. The Wolf ran after but stopped before entering, Okay, Okay, Okay, C’mon Jessii. Jessica said, running into the burning building. Cat wonder the building, picking up people and trying to lead them out. The smoke had started to get dense, causing the young hero to start to cough. Her partner, The Wolf, ran in and lead them out but the fire got bigger, really bad. The Wolf quickly escaped, looking around for her partner, “Kitty? Cat?!” She turned to run back in but someone tackled her, pinning her down to the ground, “Ssshhee’ss finee.” The person said, “The Cat will be fine, just.. Let. her. Go.” They then got off her and ran off, disappearing into the night. The Wolf got up, looking around, “Where.. Did they go?” She asked herself then she looked at the building.. The fire was calming down, disappearing. When it fully did, she ran in, “M’Lady!” She yelled, pushing away rouble in hopes that she could find her sidekick, her partner.. She didn’t care if the female wasn’t in her suit, she just wanted to find her. In one piece at least. 

The Cat wasn’t in the building..

“Superhero, The Cat, presumed dead after a bad fire that happened last week. Her partner, The Wolf, Hasn’t been seen in days.. Some may say that she went looking for her lost partner in hopes that she’s alive. Speaking on things from last week, a highschool student, Lydia Lopez, has gone missing. Last seen last week at school, she went but never returned. Are these things linked? Let’s hope that Lydia Lopez finds her way home..” 

“Lydia? Missing? Ha, who needed her?”, “Yeah, She deserved what happened to her. They say that she was in the fire.. The fire that killed The Cat. Both were weak.” Two girls spoke to each other. Jessica growled, toying with her watch as she heard them speak badly about The Cat and this unknown girl, Lydia. She turned the corner and grabbed the first girl, growling, “You will not speak bad about The Cat. She was very-” She stopped herself, No-one knows about The Cat and The Wolf’s relationship.. No-one can know. Jessica thought to herself, “She.. was a hero, a strong one. Don’t you dare call her weak!” She then dropped her, starting to walk away.

Lydia sat in a dark room, or she thought, she was blindfolded. She knew that by now, her suit would’ve disappeared. Whoever took her, now knew who The Cat was. She was scared, terrified. She wanted her partner, The Wolf, with her, to tell her that it’ll be alright, that she could get through it. She then heard something, a woman’s voice.. A T.V. “Superhero, The Cat, presumed dead after a bad fire that happened last week. Her partner, The Wolf, Hasn’t been seen in days.. Some may say that she went looking for her lost partner in hopes that she’s alive. Speaking on things from last week, a highschool student, Lydia Lopez, has gone missing. Last seen last week at school, she went but never returned. Are these things linked? Let’s hope that Lydia Lopez finds her way hom-” Before it could finish, it was shut off, “Did you hear that? Lydia? People think that The Cat is dead But, here you are. So, I have a.. Problem, I have a superhero. But, she’s a highschool student. So, I need 5K, and I’ll let you go. I need you to get back in your suit and call that dog of yours.. I need that money, got it?!” A male said then yelled, the small girl flinched then nodded softly, “B-But you.. You have to leave the room.” She murmured, her voice small and shaky. “Fine, but if you try anything, The Cat will be found dead.” He said, leaving the room in quite a hurry. She mumbled something then her suit formed onto her body, “W-Wolfie?” She asked.

Jessica heard a voice in her head.. It sounded like her partner, The Cat. She quickly ran into a unisex bathroom, locking the door behind her, quicky mumbling something and her suit formed onto her slim body. “Kitty? Is that you?” She replied, “Y-Yeah.. I, um, am sorry about what I am about to tell you.. Please don’t hate me but I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die.. Wolfie.” Her voice was broken and small, cracking as she spoke. “Cat, where are you? You’re not going to die, I’m going to save you.. I promise.” Jessica told her, worried for her partner. “You can’t sa-save me. But to let.. Let me go, you have to give my kidnapper 5-5K. I don’t want to beg you for money but that’s what I am doing.. Wolfie. I don’t want to die. I just don’t-”, “Why don’t you tell your beloved your real name? Hm?” A male’s voice said, entering the room that Lydia was in. Lydia then replied with, “N-No! She’ll hate me, she’ll never want to be my partner.”, “Kitty.. Kitty calm down. It’s going to be okay, it is, I promise you. But, I don’t have that kind of money. How can I get that type of money?”, “I-I don’t kno-” Before she could finish, she was cut off by the male, “Oh, but you do know. Aren’t you rich? Born into a rich family?” He taunted, “Don’t you DARE speak about my family, you don’t know them and don’t have the right to speak about them like that!” Lydia yelled, clearly upset, She was the last living member of the Lopez family. Her mother and father were killed in a bad.. House fire. Only she, Lydia, lived. But she was 16, she was able to live on her own. When she thought back to her family, she remembers the fire and something clicked, “Wait. I know who you are. You are.. Edward, Edward Zed.. You were the man that killed.. Killed Mr. and Mrs. Lopez..” Lydia said, gritting her teeth. She made sure to say his full name so that The Wolf could find them. She then muttered something which made her suit disappear, going back to her normal clothes. “You killed my parents, I’ll make you pay for it!” She yelled, moving around in the chair. She was extremely upset. “What do you want with me?! I may be the last Lopez but I will not let you take anything from me, Edward!”, “Where did this come from? Hm?” Edward stepped closer and placed something cold to her neck, “I wouldn’t move anymore if I were you, Ms. Lopez.” He said, causing the small female to gulp, “Remember, I am the one in control.”, “O-Okay,” She said, “M-My partner is going to get money.. From the Lopez family.” 

“Edward Zed..” Jessica mumbled to herself as her suit disappeared, forming back into her normal clothes. “That.. Man.. Took Cat from me, he’s gonna pay.” She muttered angrily as she walked among the halls. She stopped walking to think about the last name, Lopez. “Lopez.. Lydia Lopez, the girl that went missing, around when Cat disappeared- Wait.. No, she can’t be The Cat, I would’ve known about it.. Am I that stupid?” She said, running out of the school to make her way home, She knew where her partner was.

Lydia sat, waiting for what felt like hours. She then heard a scream, it was Edward’s. The Wolf  barged into the room, to find Lydia tied to a chair. Her eyes were covered and she was dirty. “Wo-Wolfie?” She said, no more than a whisper. The Wolf ran over, her suit disappearing. She untied Lydia then slowly took off her blindfold, “Call me, ‘Jessica’, M’Lady.” They both stared at each other before Lydia smiled and kissed the girl’s cheek, “Call me, ‘Lydia’ then.” She whispered. 

October 26, 2019 03:41

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