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Puddu, a creative young boy from a small town always had a curiosity in him to try new things and experiences in life. This interest brought him to the city where his cousins and maternal aunt lived .

The city was huge as compared to his small town and he was enthralled to see the big buildings, roads, fashionable people, new varieties of food and other amazing things which he never knew even existed.

As Puddu had visited during the summer break he decided to take up the hobby classes available nearby. As he was very keen on fitness, he joined a posh Gym. Going to such a modern gym with all the latest and modern machines for workout, the cool and hep crowd of girls and boys, the fast music, the entire ambience really amazed him. He was simply awestruck. He was even allotted a personal trainer and was put on strict diet plan and fitness regime. As physical fitness requires a lot of discipline as well, Puddu decided to set his own personal training schedule as well.

He used to get up at 4 am in the morning, freshen up, have 3-4 raw eggs either boiled or in form of mixture with milk, blended up in a juicer together. Though the taste wasn’t very great but he wanted to impress everyone by having a great body and it required sacrifice as well.

After that he did extensive running , exercises and brisk walk and used to come back by 7 in the morning. After coming back he literally would fall on the bed as he was very tired. He thoroughly enjoyed his new hobby as he believed was shaping him up as well.

He sweat himself up at the gym for hours and hours together and practiced his workout as well. The whole process went on smooth for almost a month. Puddu, somehow at the end of the month started feeling a lot of fatigue in himself. The constant tight schedule also took a toll on his sleep. The personal trainer was also too demanding and was very strict on his exercise pattern.

Lot of aches and pains had surfaced on his body and he was no longer enthusiastic as he were on the start of the regime. Since a month had completed, Puddu quit the gym quietly without informing anyone.

“Puddu – get up its your walk time!!!” – his aunt tried to wake him up. Puddu made a excuse that he wasn’t well. It went on for a couple of days and his cousins asked him as to why he wasn’t going to the gym.

At last Puddu broke out , “I will not go to gym anymore…..I don’t like it there. Moreover I feel my health is deteriorated. I will take up something else”.

As Puddu was to stay for a long time ,  as he had already taken his final year exams and had all free time, he decided to take up a soft toy making course.

“ I love toys and I will make dolls, teddy bears and all the cartoon characters”, he told his maternal aunt.

“Alright dear !!! Do as you please “ his aunt replied.

He joined the Fine Arts and Toy making institute which was quite far off but he could manage to commute. The new hobby was very interesting and as Puddu had a fair sense of creativity he was able to pick up the skill too soon. Within a week he became so proficient that he made his first doll and gifted his cousin Chinki which definitely pleased her a lot. His aunt and other cousins were also happy to see his hard work .

He roamed around the old corners of the city in search of decorative materials, the cloth, cotton and other stuff. Once he bought the material, he traced the design of the toy and put all the stuff together and got it stitched and decorated it with his fantastic finishing touches. He was happy and it showed in his work too.

He had made some good friends at the institute and since he was busy in the toy making course , one of his friends on seeing his dedication suggested him to join a course in fashion designing in some other city.

“Puddu my boy you are doing so well” !!!!! Don’t leave the city to go to some strange place, we are here with you to take care of you.  “ his aunt insisted.

He was somehow influenced by his friends and started ignoring the doll making course.

“I am bored “ , he would tell his cousins.

“Brother you are doing your course so well here and as you have already completed 3 weeks just give sometime and finish the course aleast. “ – Chinki replied.

“Oh…kk “ , I will give it a shot for sometime, Puddu agreed.

“Hey Puddu!!!”, do you know there is a new cooking show on TV which has a contest for the best Chef of the city. All you have to do is make some great dishes , click photos , type the recipes and send it to the channel. “ his aunt informed him. She thought it would deviate his mind from the fashion designing course  he was keen to undertake.

Puddu eyes widened with joy as he was quite a decent cook and had a keen interest in cooking ….besides it as his Fine arts institute had a leave break for couple of weeks , he thought he would try his hands on cooking.

And yes, he did turn out to be an amazing cook. Now his aunt and his cousins dint have to worry about breakfast , lunch or dinner for some days atleast. Puddu meticulously followed the instructions from the cooking show and also learnt a lot of good dishes.

He himself bought ingredients, vegetables , spices and other material from the market. Everyone was very happy as they were getting good food without working for itJ.

After a week Puddu again got tired and bored of preparing the dishes and fetching stuff from the market. One fine afternoon, after lunch he declared he will not cook anymore!!!!

“Puddu!!! You have worked so hard for 2 weeks, just pull on some more time and who knows you might get selected in the contest”, they all pleaded to him.

“NO…means NO! “ Puddu was adamant.

As he had already lost touch with the doll making course during the break…. In the next few days he just got his reservations done for another city to join Fashion designing course.

As Puddu bid goodbye there was a strange melancholy in the family as everyone was going to miss Puddu and so was he. But somehow, he went for another hobby to be pursued.

Once he reached the city, he did call up aunt and informed her of his safe reaching and settling down in the new place.

Noone heard of him for couple of weeks, but just as the third week struck , Puddu posted his pics with a famous fashion designer with some beautiful dresses designed by him. Yes , our creative genius had picked up the art again.

Bhasmi and Varun congratulated him for his success and wished him luck. He constantly would drop in his pics and he was happy it seemed.

Everything went on smoothly but suddenly Puddu deactivated his social media account after a few weeks. It was almost 10 days when there were no posts from him and Chinki became concerned.

She called up Puddu to ask about his whereabouts as to if he has been fine.

“Hey Chinki, how’s Varun , Bhasmi and Aunt?”, he sounded more than excited on the other end. He apologized for not being in touch and asked to speak to aunty.

When his aunt attended the phone, he almost shouted with joy.

“You know what Aunt, I am going to one of the biggest metro city to become a Fashion modal . My friend has already made my portfolio and has some good contacts with influential people and very soon you guys will see me on the big screen as a “Fashion Modal”.

On hearing this, his aunt and cousins cried with shock ….. “Oh no Puddu- not again “ L

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Jack of all arts master of none...


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