Fiction Teens & Young Adult Thriller

"This was supposed to be the happiest day of their lives," Dill starts the story.

"Two friends Akiva and Katie where the bests of friends. they did everything together, but their lives were gonna take a sharp turn."

"I'm so excited for soccer tryouts, TOMORROW!" Akiva says in her purest grin. Akiva has the best soccer skills in their school! She is one of those athletic people that actually like what they're doing.

"Don't get to excited Akiva, you might not make it," Katie says grimly. Although her name makes her sounds cheerful like Akiva, Katie doesn't think she has any talent, so she is upset to know Akiva is AMAZING at everything.

"What do you mean? I've beat lots of boys in a billion games. I can beat them again!" Akiva says really getting on Katie's nerves.

"Akiva...How are you so good at this...at everything?" Katie says in a shrill voice.

"I don't know...but I love it, all the sports that existed are so fun and amazing!" Akiva grins, yet again. this throws Katie off the road of a simple conversation to her blowing her head off.

"AKIVA!!" Katie yells just about to say something else but stops herself from blowing up. "I don't get why you're amazing at all the sports in the land and I'm Dreading everything."

"Wait Katie, you should join badminton team! I think you would love it. The best part is...Tryouts are tomorrow!" Akiva cheers. her voice is so high pitched and when she's happy, it's very contagious.

"Oh, That's the thing where you have a birdie and a racket?" Finally Katie sounds excited about something.

Next Day


I woke up from my restless sleep. Badminton? no, that's not for me. Akiva is just trying to make sure I'm not in her way! uggh so unfair! I am joining the soccer Tryout! I think I'd be better at that then Badminton. I put on my blue sweatshirt and Black pants the Normal. I head downstairs and have breakfast, the normal eggs. I put my homework in my bag and check my phone. Akiva, she's on her way? already? I don't really wanna spill that I'm doing soccer Tryouts too. I don't wanna feel her wrath. I pass her at our spot but keep going till I get to school. I hang with Stephanie till the bell rings.

I see Akiva at soccer Tryouts, she seems confused to see me here. but I ignore her till then end of practice that's my goal. we do drills, kicks, blocks and cool stuff, but Akiva seemed as sloppy as me or maybe just a little more. That is surprising.

"Think quick!" Ms. Soccer says to Akiva. I think Akiva didn't hear because the ball smashed her right in the face! she looked at all of us and then her face looked a little goofy! I couldn't help but laugh. Others saw her goofy face too and joined in too. I felt so good! my first laugh with possible teammates! I actually like this team now!

"Tryouts is over," Ms. Soccer says. "I am proud MOST of you joined tryouts today. You'll find out who made the team tomorrow, It'll be on the gym doors."

I go home with some of the other kids! I know what Akiva is taking about! It is sooo fun! I am excited to see the gym door tomorrow! All these thoughts make me feel loved.

I put on the same types of clothes but different colour. I put homework in bag and rush to school! I talk with Dan a guy that tried out for soccer too! the bell rings. Me and Dan get to the gym doors. I look on the sheet! Oh My!!! I made it on the team! just barley with 77 points! I look for Dan too. YAY Dan made it too with 83 points! this is amazing! I see Akiva come up to the paper and I blend into the crowd. She looks destroyed! her head looks hot pink! oh man! she probably isn't on the team. she should've payed attention to Tryouts!

"Why! KATIE! I had 76 points! you destroy everything!" she mutters loudly. I feel so bad. I am glad she didn't see me. Akiva was so close. but what's done is done.


I woke up from my slumber as normal. but today is no normal day! it is the day of my SOCCER TRYOUTS!! this is gonna be the best day ever! I put on my white shirt with blue and green lines at the collar, my black legging pants, black thin conferrable socks that made my feel nice and ROCKSTARISH, the fabric of my clothes felt smooth and silky. I feel like the queen of the world! I quickly head downstairs to eat breakfast. Yum, it's like my mom knew it was my special day! I had the most delicious waffles ever! I gobble the waffles like it was nothing! I grab my Math, Science, History and English homework and put them in my pink and black bag. I run upstairs to get my phone it's 8:01! I swiftly put my phone in my pocket. I slide my feet into my soccer shoes and head out the door, no hesitation. I grab my phone from my pocket and text Katie, On my way. She reads it and we meet up. She seems like a ghost, like she had no sleep or anything! maybe she was too excited for badminton. we don't really talk when we get to school. She is just hanging with Stephanie, so I hang out with JJ.

It is time! Finally, all my hard work will pay off! I get to the Tryout but I wasn't expecting to see...Katie?? I thought that she was doing Badminton why is she here? I approach Katie and she sees me, but she walks away? what? is Katie mad at me or something? I try to ignore all the nervous energy coursing through me. I need to concentrate, but all I can think about is why Katie is here.

"Think quick," Ms. Soccer says as she kicks the ball. I was too dazed about Katie, to notice the ball that got plunged into my face. That toke me out of my daze. Oh My Gosh! I was too dazed about Katie that I forgot about Tryouts! Ms. Soccer glared at me and so did the other kids, including Katie. Katie started to laugh at me! others joined in too. I am gonna do better the rest of this practice so I secure a spot on the team. "Tryouts is over," Ms. Soccer says. "I am proud MOST of you joined tryouts today. You'll find out who made the team tomorrow, It'll be on the gym doors." Ms. Soccer left and all my joy got wiped off of me like that.

I lay in my bed and stare at the wall. I completely flunked! I couldn't stop thinking about Katie. She laughed at me, stared at me in an embarrassing time, ignored me for almost the whole day and she didn't even walk home with me! I have 76 points...I could still make it on the team, I assure myself. I didn't do THAT bad. people could've gotten much worse? I think these thoughts till I flutter my eyes close.

I awake in panic! Did I Flunk the team? was yesterday real? I bounce my clean clothes on and sprint downstairs. I shove food into my mouth as quickly as I can! I don't bother bring my homework back to school, cause I forgot, no I didn't want to do it. I shove my phone in my pocket and sprint out the door! I forgot my bag! you know what I don't care! I NEED to see the results! I get to school just as the bell rings. instead of going to English I Rush to the gym door just like the other people who tried out. I search the paper for my name and the point count...Not there! I look at the vert bottom. My Jaw clenches like it's gonna break! there it is, Katie Welt with 77 points! I am gonna KILL HER!!! I thought we were friends but by then it was too late.

November 13, 2020 20:09

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Monica D
21:29 Nov 13, 2020

do you have any feedback that could help? if you do, feel free to do so. i'll gladly read it and your stories!


Simon Simon
03:28 Dec 01, 2020

Where is part 2??????


Monica D
12:38 Dec 01, 2020

part 2 didn't go on the main stream for reasons I don't know but, if you click on my profile it's on top of part 1. thanks for the question.


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