Friendship Suspense Crime

  Tyler was walking down the street as he always did. He headed straight to the bread shop for buying some bread. When he reached the front door, he saw everyone line up and wait for the door open. He just lined in to them and waiting. A minute later, someone came out from the shop and opened the door by changing the sign. The people went into the shop one by one and he needed to stand there and move slowly to get into the shop. He looked inside the shop and saw there was a new face. Now, he thought that’s why people are lining up here to buy some bread. Then, he saw the ladies of their ward who are nosy over someone cases. So, he hurried moved his steps forward and get into the shop. That place was being crowded with people of their ward. At there, some guys were wandering around the shelfs not buying anything. First, he took the tray and head forwards the shelf they are wandering around. He said “excuse me, I wanted to take some bread here”. They heard what he said but they didn’t move their bodies aside. So, he just moved his body by pushing them away to reach the shelf. And then, he took some bread and move back. He turned to other shelfs but they might want to fight back. Anyway, he just ignored them and chooses the products. When he finished, he placed his tray over the counter for checking out. The staff was taking the products and calculating. Then, the staff gives him the bill and he gave them his card. When it’s all done, the staff was packing and handed over to him. He took the paper bag and headed back to home. During this time, he saw the new baker in the kitchen. All he wanted to know was how the flavors of bread change but most of them came here for hooking up this new girl.

                          With all his thoughts in mind, he didn’t know when he arrived home. He put the key on the door and opened to get in his room. He placed the breads, milk and others in the refrigerator and headed over to his desk to start drawing. He liked the new girl of bread shop and she was the character he wanted for his manga novel. He was drawing the manga which are building up the scenes in his mind continuously. He didn’t expect the time at all. When he finished, the sun goes down. His stomach made the hungry sound. Now, he remembered he had a bread and glass of milk when he’s back home. And then, he starts drawing the scenes for manga novel. He stood up from his desk and headed to the refrigerator. He handed over the refrigerator door and then he heard the door bell ringing. He said “Yes, come in”. Then, he walked forward to the door. He put his hand over the door knob and unlocked and opens the door. He saw the girl carrying the cookie tray and standing in front of his door. That person was the new girl of bakery. He couldn’t say a word to the girl at first and he put his mind back in his body and said “hi there”. She smiled and gave him the cookie tray by saying “I moved in here and we will be the neighbor, please let me know if there had anything I need to know”. He asked her “have you met Mrs. Bernard”. She replied “Yes, I did and she gave me this room near your room”. He looked at there and frightening a little. She could read his face emotional change. She asked him straight “is there anything I need to know about that room”. He just changed his word by ignoring to answer this. He said “anyway, you moved in here for your work or something else just let me know if you need help”. She said “thanks you, you looked like nice person”. Then, he shut the door and placed the cookie tray over the desk. She went back to her room with many questions in mind.

                          The next day morning, he got up early and put his art works in his bag and headed to work. When he opened his door, she was standing there liked a ghost. He said “are you okay miss”. She said “Yes, can I have a cup of tea”. He put his bag down to the chair nearby door and let her in. He said “wait here, I will give you a cup of tea”. He wanted to know what happened to her but he doesn’t have time for those. He poured the boiling water to the cup and placed the tea bag. Then, he gave it to her. He said “careful it’s hot”. She drunk the sip of the tea and said “someone was getting inside my room without permission and I heard that person speaking so close to mine”. She continued “I was sleeping over my bed and cover my face with blanket but I was getting frighten still”. When she stopped her words, he said “there had the person who lived there before you came in was getting murder by her fiancé”. He continued “we all knew this happening and couldn’t stop it and then we continued to shut our mouth because Mrs. Bernard”. Her eyes were widening and looked at him straight and said “so can it be a ghost”. He said “may be but there was nothing to be scare because she was being nice person at past”. He continued “all I needed to advise you is buying some tiny cctv camera and placed it over the shelf or somewhere higher to see what’s that actually”. She said “are there any places you can recommend me”. He said “go to the Mr. Onew’s toy shop”. She said “toy shop with surprising face. He said “Yes, he’s the one I knew selling the toy cctv camera for hiding somewhere in room”. She drunk the full cup of tea and said “thanks a lot I will favor you back with a dinner, when will you free today”. He asked her back “Me, I will free at 4:00 pm”. She said “nice let’s meet at restaurant in front of the library”. Then, she left in a rush with bright smile. Now, he took his bag and headed to the publishing house.

                           He finished his job at 3:30 pm and he checked in his daily list to be done today. When he checked the list, he saw two things to be done. He picked up his bag and say goodbye to everyone. He left the office and headed forward to the pet shop. He reached there at 3:40pm because it’s not far from the office building. He tried to get in the pet shop but he heard the tiny voice of puppy outside so he turned his head and moved towards the sound come. The three puppies were barking inside the box near the trash bin. He thought “it seemed like someone was trashing them here, they looked so poor”. Then, he decided to take them with him. He carried that box and headed to the restaurant. He thought he must put the box near the front door but the staff allowed him to take that inside the restaurant. He said “thanks” and entered the restaurant and looked around the tables. He hadn’t seen her here so he take his place near the window. And then, the waiter came after him with menu book. He told the waiter “Not now I waited for my friend to come”. He waited there for a minute and then she showed up. She found him immediately and she headed over to the table. She said “sorry I am late”. He said “it’s okay, should we order the meals and he called the waiter”. She said “Yes, let’s see” by looking at the menu for a while and then she pointed the dishes. The waiter noted down in his notebook and then took the menu book back. The meals arrived after an hour. They had conversation by eating the cookie she took. When the meals placed as order, she looked closely and took the photos of meals. He waited for a while and then they start to have a meal together. She said “it’s delicious”. He said “Yes, it does because the owner cared about his quality and tastiness; I normally came here once a month”. She asked him “how long have you been here”. He replied “approximately 5 years”. She said “Oh, is that so”. She didn’t say anything and kept her dish clear. When it’s clear, she said “so that’s why you knew all about that building and also the ward”. He said “Yes, I am but I don’t want to make you frighten because of the truth”. Then, he turned right and headed down to the floor and takes one puppy. Then, he headed back to normal and give the puppy to her. She said “puppy, where did you get this, do you buy this”. He said “No, I just founded them near the trash bin”. She said “Oh really”. He said “if you have a puppy the traitor or thief or ghost, you will be safe I think”. She said “thanks for your kindness”. They stopped their conversation at there and pay the bill. Then, they walked together back to the building. When they reached in front of their doors, she came inside first and he waited for her and checking around.

                          Later, he opened his door and entered the room. He placed the puppies on the floor and placed the box near the shoe stand. He went into the kitchen and searched the little bowls for them. When he found, he placed the dogfood that he bought from pet shop to the bowl and filled the milk to the other bowl. He placed those bowls to the ground near them and went into the bathroom for having a shower. During he took the shower, he heard the noise from his neighbor room. So, he hurried take shower and changed his clothes and headed to the room. When he opened his door, she was shaking with many sweats all over her hair and body. He asked her what happened. She told him “the person was hiding under her bed and that person killed the puppy then he broke into her bathroom. He rushed into her room and he saw that person was running away. He decided to go to Mrs. Bernard room for talking about this clearly. He do know that person well. But he kept inside his mind. She was following him right behind his back. When he reached Mrs. Bernard room, he knocked the door and he ring the doorbell. He kept doing this over three times still no answer. So, he knocked to the other room who was living near Mrs. Bernard’s room. She came to open the door and then she told them she hadn’t seen Mrs. Bernard over a week ago. He said “so, how did she get here” by pointing her. Mrs. Bernard’s friend said “I don’t know about those clearly but I heard she hired the real estate agent for that room”. Then, he asked her “who was in charge of administration here”. Mrs. Bernard’s friend said “don’t you know the fool Joe was in charge here”. Now, he knew who did this to the new girl here. He said “thanks to her” and then they leave. He took her to his room and shut the door and put the curtain on the windows. He said “please sit, I need to tell you about this right now”. She sit over the sofa and starred at him. Then, he held his breath and tell all about the traitor. She focused over his words and said “is he the son of Mrs. Bernard the building owner”. He nodded to her. She was shocking and said “what should I do? I just pay the full for three months”. He said “don’t worry you have me, I will protect you and keep you save, I won’t let that happened again”. Her eyes wide open and said “please tell me how”. He said “You will see”. At that time, she was sleeping in his bed room and he slept over the sofa.

                           When the sun rise up and put the rays inside the room, he woke up and watched the clock over the wall. Then, he washed his face and dress up. At that time, she woke up and opened the door. She asked him by wiping her eyes “where do you head in this early morning”. He said “I will make it true what I promised to you”. Then, he opened the door and leave. Before he left her alone, he told her “be careful and locked the door until I come back”. He went to his friend shop and bought some accessories for make her room more secure. Three hours later, he went back and get into her room and he placed those accessories over her door and everywhere else. When he’s done, he went back into his room. She was preparing a meal for him. He was shocking to see the stranger girl doing this for him. So, he asked “what are you doing”. She said “I just made a meal for you”. Now, he got why she made this for him. And he wanted to appreciate her kindness so he sit over the chair and had his breakfast. She was sitting in front of him and asked “how’s that”. He smiled and said “its great thanks for your meal”. In her mind, that was the second time they had the meal together. Then, she told him “I feed Lara and Tara before you came back”. He said “Oh, thanks”. He told her “I did as I say now you have your apartment and room in safety”. Her eyes blinked and said “Really”. He said “Yes”. She rushed opened his door and headed to her room. She said “the door locked was the digital with number lock”. And then, she entered her room and saw the security tools all over the room. He gave the guidance to use those tools and leave her alone. He waited until the night come. At night, as he thought the fool Joe was trying break into her apartment again. But he couldn’t get into her room. He only had the keys not the numbers lock so he couldn’t enter. He leaves immediately and then he tried to enter from the balcony. But he might fail again. Tyler placed the light voltage wire all over the balcony and ordered her to plug over the electric switch near the front door of balcony. The fool Joe was shocking by electric at the balcony and falling down to the bushes under their building. That night, she could sleep peacefully.

                           At morning, the birds are singing out loud and he woke up. He thought “what a nice day”. Then, he washed his face and dress up to get out. At that time, he heard the sounds of police car arriving. So, he opened his door and headed to there for checking what’s happened. Under the bushes someone found the dead body and called the police. That was fool Joe he knew himself. The police was asking everyone in the building and at last they found out the body of Mrs. Bernard also in her apartment. All things hidden in the building was clear. He and the new girl was start dating since that day. Only they knew what happened at that day.

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