Anna was racing against time to prepare her husband's favourite dishes as it was not everyday that she got to see him during lunch.

He would leave in the morning and return late at night, never informing her about his erratic schedules.

This particular morning while leaving for work, he told her that he would come home for lunch. She set about preparing all his favourite dishes hoping he would relish it.

Finally the desert was ready, she had made a cherry pie with chocolate sauce just the way Andy liked it.

She was laying the table when the doorbell rang she hurried towards the door and opened it with a welcome smile.

Andy was scowling .

"Why are you so slow? You expect me to wait here the whole day before you open the door".

He was in a fowl mood and that was nothing unusual about it. She was used to his curt and rude behaviour.

She wanted to tell him she had made all his favourite dishes but her brain did not allow the words to leave her mouth.

Anna had learnt a long time ago that it's better to be silent when Andy was angry.

Andy switched on the Television to watch his favourite team playing and started eating without glancing at the scrumptious lunch spread before him.

She waited with bated breath to hear a few compliments from her husband , she knew she had excelled in her culinary skill this time making each dish with love and care.

Andy ate in silence glued to the TV. He finished his cheery pie and walked out of the house without uttering a word to his wife.

Tears of frustration and rage welled up in her eyes she atleast expected thanks if nothing more from him.

How easy it was to pick up the phone and scream at him for showing disrespect to her but it was the same story always, she lacked courage to do so and knew she could never stand up to her husband and voice her opinion.

Her mobile started vibrating it was her mother, she didn't need this now but she knew if she won't answer the phone her mother would keep on calling her , she thought it's better to speak to her and finish it off.

"Hello Anna, " she started off.. "Your father is just impossible,He's giving me a hard time" ...and her monologue went on for sometime, full of complains and greiviences .

Anna had a splitting headache , she wanted to disconnect the line and tell her mother that she would call her later but her mother would be offended ,so she blanked her mind to the voice coming from the other end.

She wondered why was she still scared to tell her mother off ,now that she was married and not living with her any more she did not have to endure her moanings. She allowed her mother to continue her tirade without paying attention to a single word she was saying.

"Anna are you there? "...Anna!"

"Yes Ma "

"Stop!" , she wanted to scream at her mother but her tongue froze in her mouth.

How she wished her mother would leave her alone , she was sick and tired of her complains .Her mother was an egocentric person who was of the opinion that she was the only person in this world with problems ,all the others were leading a cosy life.

After fifteen minutes her mother stopped her rantings and disconnneted the line as she was too exhausted to carry on .

Her phone rang again, Anna decided if it was her mother , she wouldn't answer it.

It was her son Ronny.

"Mom I'm not coming home tonight .I'm staying at Sam's place".

"But why ? "

"We have a project to complete and then watch a movie"


Before she could say anything the line went dead

Ronny was only '15 'and already wanted a night out with friends which she found difficult to digest .

Andy did not take part in bringing up Ronny that department was hers , she was never strict with her son trying to be a friend to him but it had backfired on her as he never took her seriously and now it was too late to discipline him.

She opened her cupboard and brought out a bottle of Vodka which she had hidden from her husband and son this was her little 'secret'. She took a sip and felt the warmth spread all over her body calming her nerves.

She had started drinking few years ago first from her husband's stock then later she ordered online without anyone's knowledge and it helped her remain sane.

Why did she need validation from people who don't care about her she wondered, she should learn to ignore them and try to find her own 'happiness 'but it was easier said than done.

Her lack of self esteem and self confidence stemmed from her childhood , where she grew up in a house sans love and affection. Her mother controlled everything and no one dared to defy her , not even her father

She tried to voice her opinions couple of times but it led to volatile tempers ,arguments and toxic environment from that time onwards she was scared of confrontations .

Andy returned home late in the evening and went to his room. They had been sleeping in different rooms from past one year and she preferred it this way . Their marriage was doomed from the beginning. They were like two strangers living in one house with minimum conversation.

She entered her bedroom took out the bottle of vodka and took a couple of swigs , a little more than her usual dose ,she felt very good and light as though she was soaring up in the clouds and she enjoyed this feeling.

A sudden new energy was infused in her ,she felt very confident and was ready to take on the world.

With faltering steps she went to Andy's room and knocked at the door.

He looked confused and angry.

"What do you want ?" He asked rudely.

"Nothing from you now, you fool .You are the most obnoxious man that I have ever come across , the most self centred, selfish, and arrogant, well, you think you are very smart but let me enlighten you that you are 'as dumb as a box of rocks '.You treat me like a door mat after I gave up my dreams ,career and aspirations to take care of your house and your son who is growing up to be just like you ,but not anymore , I'm done , from tomorrow I won't be at your back and call. I'm leaving you Andy.. I wanted to tell you all this for a long time and I'm happy that I did and now I'm at peace ".

Andy was stunned and the incredeolous look on his face gave her immense satisfaction, she thought his eyes may pop out of its sockets.

"Anna !Anna ! Are you drunk ?"

"Goodbye Andy".

She walked to her room and locked it and started packing her bags ,she heard Andy banging on the door but she wasn't going to open the door and by morning she will be out of this hell.

Bang !Bang ! Bang!

The banging continued persistently.

Anna woke up from her deep slumber.

She jumped up from her bed and opened the door.

Andy was standing there with a thunderous look on his face

"Its 8 a.m. you lazy woman ,I'm getting late for office will you prepare my breakfast or should I go hungry to work?

Anna was fully awake now .

"Sorry Andy .Your breakfast will be ready in 10 minutes. "

She quickly walked out of her room not before glancing at the Vodka bottle hidden under her bed.

January 14, 2021 08:44

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05:41 Jan 21, 2021

Hello your story is good enough, you read it and wait for an end, to find a completely different end .


Asha Pillay
09:20 Jan 22, 2021

Thanks .


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Dr Sambandam Sky
13:07 Jan 17, 2021

Vodka played the role of facilitator in the family. Is it a real story...? Good narration. A message conveyed beautifully...👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾


Asha Pillay
13:44 Jan 17, 2021

It can be any lady's story. Thanks.


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Nadig Rangaswamy
10:17 Jan 16, 2021

The story of a middle class family is narrated in a very systamatic way, which keeps the reader with utmost curious till the end. Hats off Dear Asha for your writing skills. Looking forward for many more from your mind, brain power and pen. Dr. N. Rangaswamy


Asha Pillay
11:31 Jan 16, 2021

Thanks Dr.N.


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Serenity Foryu
08:00 Jan 16, 2021

This is a story which can happen to any lady, irespective of their nationality.I like the simple fluid way of your writing


Asha Pillay
08:26 Jan 16, 2021

Thanks dear for your kind words.


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R Narayanan
07:40 Jan 16, 2021

Really appreciate your writing about something which is so common in our country where oppressed women hardly say anything and bear the brunt just to maintain a goody image in society. Such a true story..... Well done....looking forward to many more from you...


Asha Pillay
08:26 Jan 16, 2021

Thanks for your appreciation it means a lot to me.


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Vadali Srinivas
06:19 Jan 16, 2021

Really very very nice story, typical middle class family story Wow very very nice.... Keep it up


Asha Pillay
08:26 Jan 16, 2021

Thanks dear .


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