Okay. Just take a deep breath in and take it slow. Take it slow. You got this.

I dive under the water, taking my time when coming back up. As I break the surface of the water, my girlfriend Gianna looks at me in disbelief.

“You know it worries me when you do that. What if you drown?” she asks, her voice becoming more high pitched than usual. She’s annoyed at me, I can tell.

“I’m sorry. That’s just how I swim,” I reply. “But you know I won’t drown.”

“Remember last time?” she asks with a scoff.

I do remember the last time. I was taking a swim in the ocean during a storm and I almost died.

I roll my eyes. “Babe, that was one time. And it won’t happen in a swimming pool.”

Her blue eyes stare me down before she looks at the water. “Whatever Beck.”

I swim over to her to give her a hug and she swims away from me. 

“Babe, you can’t ignore me because of the way I swim,” I say confused. Why is she acting like this?

“Shut up Beck, leave me alone.”

Gianna gets up and walks up the stairs of the pool. I swim to the edge of the pool closest to her. 

“Babe, come back, please,” I say.

Her blonde hair whips around before she goes off on me. “Do you know how scared I was when you almost died? You know how I stayed in the hospital with you? And now you’re just throwing your life away, trying to drown yourself!”

I almost laugh at how over dramatic she’s being. “Babe come here,” I call as she starts to walk away. There’s a box in the pocket of my sim shorts, and its waterproof. I pull it out and she stares at me.

“What?” She glares at me. “What do you want now?”

I open the box and grin. “Will you marry me?”

Suddenly out of nowhere, she slips off the edge of the pool deck and into the water, hitting her head on the concrete. 

“Gianna!” I yell as she goes unconscious in the water. I pick her up and put her onto the pool deck, hoping she didn't inhale any water.

As soon as I get out, I call 911 and they instruct me to check her pulse while they dispatch someone to our house. I find a pulse, but a slow one.

How did this go so wrong? It was supposed to be the best day of my life and now its ruined for both of us. Now my girlfriend is hurt and I didn’t get an answer.

“Gianna!” I exclaim, but she doesn’t answer. How hard did she hit her head? Jesus Christ…

The ambulance gets here quicker than I expected, and I lead them out to the pool deck where she is laying. They strap her to a board, and go to the ambulance. I follow them, worrying about her. What if she’s dead?

“Please let me be with her,” I plead with the EMR. He shakes his head.

“I can’t do that.”

“She's all I have, you don’t understand, this was my fault.

He thinks about it for a moment before answering. “Get in but don’t touch anything.”

I get into the ambulance and they speed away to the hospital, faster than I usually drive.

This is the woman I wanted to have a future with. What if she's in a coma and never wakes up? What if I never get to live in a house and have kids with the love of my life?

I shake the thoughts and before I know it, we’re pulling up the the emergency room. I stay in the ambulance until they get Gianna out and into the emergency room, then I make my way in there. A nurse instructs me to go out to the waiting room until I’m called in, telling me that Gianna will be okay and that she’s in good care.

What did you do Beck? You take the one thing you love and almost kill her. How do you expect to be forgiven?

I roll my eyes at my thoughts and close my eyes. 

Sometime after that, I black out and then wake up to a nurse calling my name.

“Beck, she's awake. You can come in now.”

I practically run to the room she’s in to see her. 

“Oh baby…” I sigh and look at her. There’s still blood on the side of her head. She looks so tired, like she hasn't slept in days, even though she was just unconscious.

“It hurts,” she cries to a nurse as they hook her up with some morphine or something. 

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t know you would fall in,” I say, smoothing her wet hair back. She looks up at me in fear. Do I scare her now?

“Who are you?”


“Who am I?” I ask nervously with a laugh. “I’m your boyfriend babe. You’re funny.”

She just stares at me. “I don't have a boyfriend.”

“Oh yeah, you have a husband now, because I proposed.” I say with a warm smile.

Well technically she didn’t say yes, but that doesn’t matter.

“No, I mean I don't know you. At all. I’ve never met you before.” she responds and thats when I realize she isn’t playing around anymore.

Gianna has no idea who I am anymore.

February 15, 2024 23:17

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Miles Gatling
09:50 Feb 18, 2024

This story had me thinking about beginnings and ends. The joke right at the end made me smile but the tension is still there. Nice work, looking forward to your stories.


Nikki Adkins
20:42 Feb 21, 2024

Thank you so so much! This means a lot to me as it's my first write on here :) I'm glad you're a follower.


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