“Zachary stay out of that room” “Zach stay out of the basement” “Zach there’s a lock on the shed for a reason” “Zachary stay away from those woods” These words have been drilled into my  head, pretty much all my life. I can be halfway out of my room, trying to sneak my way down to the basement and my Aunt is in the other room yelling at me. Nothing gets past my Aunt Kelly, although every once in awhile, I’m able to get away with things. For instance, that room I was talking about earlier, is my mom’s room, when I was 11, I found the key. Aunt Kelly was at work and I got inside. I’m now 17 and Aunt Kelly still to this day doesn’t know that I’ve been there. But I go in the room often when she’s not home. My mom and dad both passed away when I was five. Once I was old enough to figure out what happened, I’ve been trying to figure it all out since. But in order to do that, I have to get into those woods. I have a feeling though that the basement and shed will help out to, I don’t know why else Aunt Kelly wouldn’t let me around those places..

“Alright Zach, I’m leaving for Miami, this business trip is super important to me, I want absolutely no trouble, no calls from the police, no calls from the school, no calls from the neighbors, no basement, no shed, no room, no woods, and especially no Jonah” Aunt Kelly said. Same lecture I always receive. Same lecture I always ignore. However, I’m still yet to find the keys, but that’s what Jonah is for. Jonah Sawyer, aka my best friend. Aunt Kelly doesn’t approve of Jonah, but according to her no mother would. My Aunt Kelly absolutely despises him, she calls him a delinquent, and she’s not technically wrong. Jonah has been to jail, twice. Nothing too serious, well in my eyes anyway. He’s 19 and he really is the sweetest guy ever. But he has to get stuff  someway, stealing is just his way of doing it. 

“Great, I’ll be good I promise, no calls, no locked rooms, no woods, got it,” I said. “Zach I mean it” she gave me a strict look. “I got it Aunt Kelly, I promise I won’t get into trouble,” I said. I’m also very good at lying. It truly is a talent. “Bye Zach, I love you, I’ll be back in a week,” she said. “Bye, I love you too” I gave her a hug and watched her leave in the UBER. I got out my phone to text Jonah. 

“Hey Jo, my aunt just left, we have one week to figure out as much as we can, get over here and see if you can pick the locks”

I knew Jonah could pick the lock, I wasn’t stupid. But telling him it’ll be a challenge is going to get him here quicker. “Hey, you’re lucky, I was just walking down your road” Jonah’s voice filled the house as he stood at the doorway. “Thanks for coming, basement first”  I said. The basement had a pin lock on it. “Does your aunt use the door often,” he asked. “Yeah, she uses almost daily to my knowledge. “Perfect” he said, pulling out his phone. He shined a purple tinted light on it revealing fingerprints on three different numbers. 301. “As long as I don't have a certain amount of tries to open this, i can get it” Jonah said. “Great” I replied. Jonah began typing in the combinations, before it finally lit up green. “And there we go” he smirked, opening up the door. I began to walk in but he stopped me. “Do you have any idea what you’ll find in here” Jonah asked. I shook my head. “Hopefully something about my parents” I told him. We both walked into the room. “Zach there’s nothing down here” Jonah said looking at the empty room. “How is there nothing down here, why would she come down here every day if it’s empty,” I said. I walked further into the room. “There’s nothing here” I said. “Wait” Jonah said. I turned to face him, walking over to where he was. In front of him was a single key on the wall. “What do you think it’s for” he asked. “Shed” I replied.

I grabbed the key and shoved it into my pocket. “So are we going to the shed” Jonah asked. “I don’t know what if it’s just empty, and once again, I’m nowhere near figuring out what happened to them,” I said. “Zach, I’ve known you for three years, and you aren’t the type of person to just give up, and I’m not letting you after finding out that a basement was empty, at least we have a key” Jonah said. “Pep talks aren’t necessary, I’m not giving up, I’m just frustrated that I’m not even close to figuring it out, and who knows if I ever will,” I said. “You will Zach” Jonah said. 

Jonah and I walked out to the shed. I held the key in my hand, but hesitated to open the door. There were no windows in the shed, making it impossible for me to see inside. I wanted so badly to find out what truly happened to my parents, six years ago their case was closed. “Do you want me to do it” Jonah sasked. “No it’s fine, I got it,” I said. I put the key in the door and turned it. Jonah and I walked into the shed. “This is a literal crime investigation, what does your Aunt do” Jonah asked. “She uh, she’s a salesperson” I said, not looking away from what was in front of us. Jonah was right, it does look like a crime investigation. I shifted through all the files. Death, after death, after death. All taking place in the woods. All unsolved. The woods went by the name Olympian Park, although it was not a park. Everyone in the small town of Olympia were terrified of the woods. Now, I finally knew why. 

I shifted through all the files, finally stopping at my mom’s and dad’s. “Hey Z, I’m gonna go get some food, I’ll be back” Jonah said. “Money’s on the counter” I said. “Thanks” he said. I read through their file, along with a couple other files from other people. All of them died the same way. The only problem; no one knew how it happened. Every single death report has the same thing on it; strangulation. But no DNA was ever found. I ran into the house, grabbing a pen and paper, and tried to connect it all somehow. Instead I found no connection. None of the dates connected. Some of the deaths happening fifty years before my parents. 

“I’m back, and I have pizza” Jonah said. “I uh, I’m going into the woods,” I told him. “You’re crazy,” he said. “Crazy, but serious, Jonah I need to figure this out. 47 deaths. 47 people have died, all by the same thing, and two of those 47 were my parents” I said. “Well I’m right behind you Z” Jonah said. “Thanks Jo” I replied. 

The woods genuinely just gave off a creepy vibe. Jonah and I stood at the entrance of the woods for a while before I finally took in a deep breath and walked into the woods. “I don’t like this feeling” Jonah said. “Me either” I replied. The farther we went into the woods, the worse the feeling got. I felt a hand touch my back and move up to my neck. I turned but no one was there. The feeling around my neck grew tighter. Some force was killing all these people. I tried to move, fight, anything to live, but it wasn’t working. Right before my body fell to the ground, I watched Jonah’s body fall, then everything went black.

And now here I am, typing up my story on a computer from heaven. In a couple years, Jonah and I's story will be published, reedited to fit Hollywood's perfect horror movie, and everyone will forget about it.

You see once you enter heaven, you're met with a computer. The computer tells you to type up your story. So in a couple years, you'll see my story on the big screen.

Signing off,

Zachary Keith

November 22, 2019 19:50

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