Claire sat on Kevin’s couch, stretched her legs out across the entire couch, and rested her bare feet right on one of the couch pillows. He was making them popcorn while she sat comfortably. What he didn’t know was that she was going to hang out just for a bit and then go meet up with another guy. She liked playing guys like Kevin. The fact that he had a cat made him seem especially dorky. Those types were always easier to manipulate.

“Can I sit down?” he said when he came in the room holding a big bowl of popcorn. He looked at her legs and feet expecting her to move them. She proudly looked at him as she didn’t move them. She waved her feet back and forth just to show off that she wasn’t going to move.

“Nah,” she said proudly. “You can go sit over on the chair. You can leave the popcorn here, though.”

She smiled at him then pointed at the chair with her toes. He set the popcorn bowl on the coffee table that was in front of her and walked over to the chair while she laid out comfortably on his couch. She watched him begin to flip through the channels while she ate the popcorn, probably going to leave when she was done. She got startled when his cat jumped up on her legs.

“Oh, hello!” she said, laughing.

The cat was a grayish-white, where some spots were darker than others. It got comfortable on her legs. She liked the fact that even Kevin’s cat even preferred her company to his. Any way she could control men she liked. 

Once the cat got comfortable on her legs he looked up at her, looking her right in the eyes. His eyes looked silver and he looked like he was scoping her out or something. She laughed a little bit more but now the cat was starting to make her uncomfortable. She looked at Kevin who was just flipping through the channels, not paying attention to her and the cat. The cat started letting out a strange noise that sounded like a growl.

“Is he alright?” she said to Kevin. Kevin now looked up with curiosity and sat up. The cat’s eyes were getting bigger and he started staring down Claire more.

“Everything OK Simon?” he said. 

Claire was annoyed that he seemed more worried about the cat than her. He leaned towards them and as the cat stared her down more she got more uncomfortable. The cat started to growl a bit louder.

“What’s wrong with him?” she said. “He hungry or something?”

Kevin didn’t answer her but he got up and started to walk over to them. Simon’s eyes looked like they had gotten bigger and the thing actually looked like it was trying to intimidate her. She looked at Kevin who was coming closer to them but she couldn’t take her eyes off of that damn cat who was really starting to freak her out. 

“Simon,” Kevin said to the cat and now he was starting to weird Claire out a bit as well, as he spoke to the cat and not her. “Is everything alright with Claire?”

Simon turned his head abruptly to look at Kevin, seeming to understand him far more than she had ever seen a cat understand a person before. Simon then slowly started moving his head back to look at Claire. It looked like his facial expression had gotten even meaner since he had first looked at her. 

“Alright kitty,” she said to him nastily and she made a motion with her hand to shoo him away. “Get off of me.” Simon looked her in the eyes and it looked as if he had understood what she had said but was intentionally defying her. 

“Get him off my lap, Kevin!” she said sternly. She felt his claws start to dig into her bare legs and she wished she had worn jeans instead of shorts. She had almost done so, too. She looked at Kevin with a dirty look and now the claws were starting to hurt.

“Get this thing off of me now or I’m going to scream!” she said, already practically in a scream.

“He’s not going to stop until you calm down,” Kevin told her. 

She gave Kevin a look of disgust but as she felt Simon’s claws dig into her more, she couldn’t waste any more time with this loser guy that she was definitely never going to see again anyway, and she put her attention back on the cat’s face. Simon did not break eye-contact with her at all and he seemed to be enjoying watching her suffer. She tried to move just a little bit but he clawed in tighter to the point that it really hurt. She relaxed a bit and Simon eased up on his claws.

There was nothing that she could do and this damn cat was now controlling her. She tried her best to relax more, as hard as that was given the circumstances, and Simon slowly loosened up on clawing her. When he loosened up to the point where she felt nothing more than a tiny little pinch, she considered either trying to get up or yelling at Kevin again to get him off of her but then thought better of it.

“Now,” Kevin said to the cat who looked up at his owner in the eyes. “What is wrong with Claire? Is she sick?” Simon growled with that same low-toned growl he did when he first jumped on her. She breathed heavily as she looked at him with a look of fear and hatred.

“No?” Kevin said. “Is there something Claire should be worried about?” Simon made no noise. “Is there something about Claire that I should be worried about?” 

Simon started to growl a bit louder and now it actually sounded like he was humming. 

“Get this cat off of me!” she yelled. “I don’t want to look at it!”

“What is it, Simon?” Kevin said, completely ignoring Claire now. Once this crazy cat got off of her she was going to make Kevin pay. She didn’t know how, but she was going to.  She was a vindictive woman. “Is she going to steal something from me?” 

The cat jerked his head in her direction enough to startle her. It was now looking at her, stretching his neck out at the same time, looking like it was ready to pounce on her face. She wondered what all of this was. She wasn’t going to steal anything from him. She didn’t want anything from this cat-loving loser other than to mess with his head. Now hers was getting messed with. She didn’t say a thing. 

“No, that’s not it?” Kevin said. “Is she going to deceive me somehow?” Simon got up and took a couple of steps towards her face. Claire looked at the evil eyes on the thing, staring her down, not even moving away for a moment. She started to whimper and then she started even crying a bit. 

“Is she messing around with other men?”

Simon hissed right in her direction, a noise that sounded so mean and evil that she couldn’t help but scream. He raised his paw like he was going to swipe at her face. She went to let out another scream but this time it wouldn’t come out. The cat looked like he was ready to take a big piece off of her face at any moment.

“What’s he trying to tell me?” Kevin said, looking at Claire now.

“Me? How should I know? I don’t even know what going on!!”

“You know. Tell me now. Or Simon will get it out of you.” 

Simon took a swipe at her face and she felt the breeze from his paw brush her face, it came so close. She started to cry and Simon raised his paw again looking ready to swipe. She wasn’t going to chance that he’d miss her again.

“I’m playing you!” she blurted out. “I’m playing a couple of other guys too. I have a guy that I’m hooking up with who I’m interested in. Not you. Why’d you ever think I’d be interested you to begin with? I’m so much hotter than you!”

Kevin snapped his fingers. Simon took off running in the direction, running his claws over Claire’s bare legs in the process, and making her scream again. The cat ran out of sight. She jumped to her feet ready to chew Kevin out. He stood there looking at her like he wasn’t messing around. Normally she would have had no problem chewing him out for this but she feared that damn cat would come back.

“Get out,” he said.

“Oh I will. You’re a freak.”

“Just get out. And stop playing guys.”

She gave him a dirty look but didn’t have anything to say. She wasn’t used to being on the losing side of things and she didn’t like it. She walked out of the room, put her flip flops on, and went outside to her car. She sat in the driver’s seat and looked at her legs to see how much damage the cat had done. She didn’t see a scratch on them.  

May 14, 2020 02:42

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Kiyo Sy
01:14 May 21, 2020

wow, the girl really got on my nerves, hun. great story, i liked it!


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22:17 May 17, 2020

Loved it!! I look forward to another story from you🥰


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Leya Newi
17:42 May 17, 2020

This was really good. I liked how Kevin and Simon communicated, and how unnerving it was. The last line also caught me by surprise- in an awesome way. :)


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