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Lily had just turned seventy, or so she thought. The last time she was asked her age was way back in the early 2000s when Katrina and Rita struck.

This was when she and Jay her beloved were trying to get pregnant fruitlessly. She had had many doctor visits, where her age, weight and height were measured, before she finally threw in the towel. The dyad had contemplated adoption but for some reason they concluded against it.

For ages it had just been the two of them. Both of them were orphans and the only people they could dare to call family were those from the orphanage who seemed quite elated to kick'em out a second after they turned eighteen.

The future as they say, is beyond one's ken. They picked up the trash bags containing their belongings and walked without looking back. They started from the dinner, then to a hotel; before they knew it, they had opened their own dinner.

Summer was always an anticipated time for them; holding much substance in their hearts, was the first day of summer.

Yes, for ages it had been the two but now one. When she lost Jay during a robbery gone wrong, she detested living. There was no justice in the world that could wipe away her gloom. Nothing could comfort her, not angelic voices, not even the promise of a child conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit.

As far as she was concerned, she had lost everything and all she yearned for was ending it. This would make her meet Jay again. She had once thought of throwing herself from the top of a bridge into the river at the park, but when she got there, all the courage and confidence that lingered in her heart quickly vanished -- the crocodiles, they frightened her.

This made her hate even more. She sold the dinner for cash and resorted to locking herself in their -- her miniature mansion abode. Summer lost meaning; even the first day. Many years had passed with her being miserable.

This time she had a change of heart. The previous night, she had a peculiar dream that somewhat rejuvenated her -- she saw Jay and he conspiratorially whispered words in her ear that gave her new life. Jay was just the same as she could remember him, if anything, finer.

She woke up as the clock struck 8 and adjusted the blinds to let more light come in. The angry rays of the sun that had been waiting for this day penetrated the glass window blinding her already blinded old eyes.

Standing stock still next to the window, she completely shut her eyes and absorbed the sun's heat that she had missed for almost a decade. It was so soothing that she almost drooled.

As if waiting for such an opportunity, the memories of such a day back in the day were so vivid in her mind. There she was, all pretty glaring in white. This dress was the most expensive thing she owned, and yet it was a gift from Jay for this specific well-lit day.

She had her hair made half up half down at the 'Be Beyoncé Salon' and as for her nails she painted them herself. The price she would have had to pay with the nails included was more than the alfresco dining they enjoyed that day -- exaggerated price just coz of the salon's name.

Jay picked her up at the Salon, and my goodness, he was stunning. His Kayamba African t-shirt was nicely baggy, tacked into his plain trouser exposing slightly his protruding tummy in a rich African man's fashion.


As they walked down the aisle arm to arm heading to the registrar of marriages office, they couldn't get their eyes off each other. A cloud called L-O-V-E hung in the air and all who saw them yearned for their better halves.

With literally nobody to object the marriage, they signed the documents and were considered man and wife.

Huge lumps of joyful tears rolled down Lily's wrinkly face as the emotions of that great day filled her almost dying long in tooth heart.

They walked in the hot midday sun to Hip-Hop hotel just across the road where Jay had made reservations. Hip-Hop was packed with people eating and chatting audibly. They sat at their table which was well shaded with a red umbrella.

She thumbed through the menu then ordered and so did Jay. Jay's eyes were dark and warm and he was staring at her unblinkingly. Lily was blushing uncontrollably, her brown skin face being pressured to turn red.

"I told you I'll marry you"

"And you did"

"Do you trust me"

"Yes, I do"


"Here are your orders. Enjoy. If you need anything please ring this bell and I will be at your service." He said with a grin on his face.

"Thank you..."

"Thank you... am Sir?" she said irresolutely.

"It's Phillip"

"Thank you, Phillip"

"You're welcome"

They enjoyed the view of each other more than the delicacies. Later after visiting other places in the city on their list, they went home. It was during the reign of virginity till marriage and Lily was nervous, but she knew it was duly.

Lily couldn't remember how they went from the car a minute ago and into the room. They were kissing and touching emotions bursting out and were now on the bed (which by the way was decorated with red flower petals, but they were so engaged to notice them) ....


Lily had been standing at the window for some time now when she remembered what she had purposed to do. Her face was decorated with white line of dried tears of joy. Holding on to the walls and surfaces, she adjusted all the window blinds in the other rooms and finally made it to the kitchen.

She made some herbal tea with no sugar and sat in her granny chair on her porch soaking in the sun, feeling gleeful to be alive again.

June 22, 2021 21:50

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