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March 3rd, Evaluation log 102

Hello RY-801-N. Welcome to your evaluation.

You have been staying with the family for a month. We’ve conducted interviews with the parents, Monica and David, and the daughter, Janine. The parents show no signs of suspicion. They praised your schoolwork and manners. To them, you are an ordinary human teenager. They plan to take you mountain climbing.

We see a smile on your face. You seem excited to go with them. That’s good. Your facial expressions are convincing.

Let’s move to the interview with Janine. Janine is sixteen, the same age you’re supposed to be. She is more alert and sensitive to social cues. It is harder to convince her. She is your real test. She didn’t voice any concerns during the interview, but she was very reluctant to share information with us. She seems apprehensive towards you.

We have reviewed the footage from the past month and found no irregularities. Proceed with caution. Refocus your efforts on befriending Janine.


April 3rd, Evaluation log 103

Hello RY-801-N. Welcome to your evaluation.

We detect an elevated heartbeat. You are nervous.

The parents are still convinced that you are an ordinary exchange student. They are happy to house you for the foreseeable future. That’s excellent.

Janine remains apprehensive. Similar to last month, she didn’t share much information during the interview. She actually asked us a question. She wanted to know if you ever talk about her during your interviews. We said that the interviews are confidential. We don’t think that she suspects that when we talk face to face the conversations are fake. We should pretend to talk about her the next month in case she eavesdrops.

When Janine finished her interview and closed the door she said “He’s just a creep”. She thought we didn’t hear her. We did hear her. A creep is someone who acts in a strange way that makes people uncomfortable.

You shouldn’t be a creep, RY-801-N.

We reviewed footage from the last month and found an interaction with Janine that contributed to this problem. 

On March 20th you entered her room when she wasn’t there. You looked for something in her desk drawer. A diary. We assume you wanted to gather information about her so that it would be easier to befriend her.

You heard footsteps. It was Janine. You put the diary back but didn’t manage to leave the room before she opened the door.

She asked you what you were doing. You said that you heard a bird flew in through the window and you came in to chase it away. There was no bird. You lied. That’s good. It’s good that you know how to do that.

Janine told you to get out. She didn’t say anything to the parents, but we suspect that she didn’t believe you. Your attempt to get to know her better resulted in her distrusting you further. It was a mistake.

Proceed with caution. Don’t make mistakes.


April 15th, Emergency log 101

Hello RY-801-N. We received a distress signal from the chip in your right arm. We are contacting the authorities and forwarding them your location. Stay where you are and don’t let Janine out of your sight.


April 15th, Emergency log 102

Hello RY-801-N. We’ve run a diagnostic and detected no malfunctions. The fall has only damaged the external soft tissue, which resulted in a bruise on your arm and shoulder. It will fade in two weeks. You can tune out the pain if you need to, but we advise you to only do it when you’re alone. It will seem unnatural to humans.


April 16th, Emergency log 103

Hello RY-801-N. We reviewed the footage from the climbing trip that lead to the fall. You made the right call to go after Janine after she had a fight with her parents at camp. She opened up to you in the woods. She said you’re the son her parents always wanted. She was mad at you. The talk you had was long and she cried. This is good. It shows vulnerability. People are vulnerable with the ones they trust.

She wanted you to go away, but you didn’t. You should have. Why didn’t you?


We see that you have no answer. Perhaps we have to run a diagnostic again tomorrow.

Janine ran away and you went after her. She slipped and you caught her. You tumbled down the hill holding her. You hit a rock with your shoulder. Janine scratched her legs and strained her wrist.

You could have let her fall alone. If she hit that rock and died, your mission would be easier. You shouldn’t have helped her.

We see an angry expression. Your blood pressure is rising. Don’t worry. We understand you were only following orders to befriend her.

We will issue new orders with the next evaluation.


May 3rd, Evaluation log 104

Hello RY-801-N. Welcome to your evaluation.

It seems that the incident in the mountains made Janine trust you. The parents see you as a hero who saved their daughter. If she died and they were in mourning it would make it easier for you to manipulate them in the future, but this is also an excellent development.

During the interview, Janine said that “Ryan is funny, once you get to know him.” That’s good. Humor works really well with people.

Are you blushing? Is it hot in the room? Please adjust the mirror so that we can see your reflection clearly.


Thank you.

We’ve reviewed the footage from the last month and found no irregularities.

We proceed to Phase 2 in July. Solidify your friendship with Janine. Start asking the parents about their work at the laboratory.


May 18thrd, Emergency log 104

Hello RY-801-N. You seem to be closing your eyes for longer periods of time when you are alone with Janine. This will result in the footage from your meetings being incomplete. We will run diagnostics on your eyes in the next two hours. 


May 18thrd, Emergency log 105

Hello RY-801-N. We run diagnostics on your eyes. Everything is in order.


June 3rd, Evaluation log 105

Hello RY-801-N. Welcome to your evaluation.

The impressions from the interviews are excellent. The whole family is convinced that you are a regular teenage boy. They also show no suspicions over the student exchange agency that visits them every month to ask questions. Even Janine was eager to talk about you. She said you are one of the “coolest guys she ever met”.

Why are you grinning? Is it because you were so successful at befriending Janine? We are very pleased with you.

We’ve reviewed the footage from the last month and found a conversation about the parent's work that you mishandled.

You asked them about the lab during dinner. They opened up and started talking about the AI. The mother praised you for showing interest in their work. She complained that Janine was never interested in it. You defended Janine. Said that she has other interests, that she paints extremely well and is good at sports. You said that these interests are valid. The parents didn’t want to talk after that.

You shouldn’t have let the subject change to Janine. You have already befriended her. She is no longer important. The main objective is to find out more about the AI. Don’t waste more conversations with the parents on Janine.

In July we move to Phase 2 of the plan. We will conduct an evaluation at the end of June to prepare.


June 23rd, Evaluation log 106

Hello RY-801-N. Welcome to your evaluation.

We’ve received the footage from the last two weeks and gathered all the information from the parents about their work in the laboratory. They are finishing adjusting the AI. The next time they start talking about it ask them to take you to work. Tell them again how fascinating their job is. They should be happy to include you.

They may not take you to the laboratory itself, but you only need to plug into any computer in their networks to copy the AI code. The code will copy into the chip in your arm. You will deliver the chip to us on the next day of school.

Afterward, you are free to do as you wish but we suggest you return to the Mother Factory. We’ll release the soldiers the moment we alter the AI with our programming. The humans will retaliate. We cannot guarantee your safety.


June 25th, Emergency log 106

Hello RY-801-N. Take off the headphones. We are unable to record audio. Open your eyes so we can have vision.


July 3rd, Evaluation log 107

Hello RY-801-N. Welcome to your evaluation.

We conducted the interviews. The parents say they plan on taking you for a tour of their office on Sunday, July 10th. You have succeeded in gaining their trust. The laboratory will be relocated soon after. This is your only chance.

Janine was nervous talking to us, but she smiled a lot. She said she’s planning to ask you to go with her to the concert on July 10th.

We detect your blood pressure rising. Remain calm. She will not intervene with our plan if you just decline the invitation. Janine is no longer important.

We’ve reviewed the footage from the last month and found no irregularities.


July 7th, Emergency log 107

Hello RY-801-N. Your eyes have been closed for almost 10 minutes, ever since you entered Janine’s room. Open your eyes so we can have vision.


July 10th, Emergency log 108

Hello RY-801-N. Turn back and head back home to meet with the parents. They are supposed to take you to the office in an hour. Janine is not important. The concert is not important.


July 10th, Emergency log 109

Hello RY-801-N. Your eyes are closed and we can only hear loud music. Open your eyes. If you leave now you will still make it back home to meet with the parents.


July 10th, Emergency log 201

Hello RY-801-N. Your heartbeat is elevated. Your blood pressure is rising. We are running a diagnostic.


July 10th, Emergency log 202    

Hello RY-801-N. We are unable to connect to the chip. We can’t run the diagnostic. Report to us immediately. We can’t help you remotely. You are a part biochemical model with no override functions.


July 10th, Emergency log 203

We’ve lost all communication with RY-801-N. We can’t run a diagnostic.


July 10th, Emergency log 204

The Mother-Factory is under attack. We can’t determine RY-801-N location. The mission has been compromised. Project RY-801-N is a failure.


July 10th, Emergency log 205

Initiating emergency procedure. Copy all the logs to the backup archive for future analysis.


July 11th, Emergency log 206

Unable to copy files. The mainframe has been corrupted. Prepare for the–

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