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Well into the next morning as orangey pink skies and the sun stretched out over the sky. Inside the Witches old-new house they waited trying to extract information from one of the men who had attacked them. Thanks to Natalia and Samuel it was finally began to work. With one last mental push she was inside the boys headspace. It was a dark tangled place with few happy memories. It frightened Heather who steadied her nerves pressing on in determination.

With heather now in charge of the boy’s mind like a puppet master. The possessed body was then placed back in the room with the other passed out assailants. She weaves a web of lies. The boys memories pinged around her in a blur however she couldn’t seem to find his name.

“Fuck” cursed the man propped against the wall. He held his head in pain. Glaring at the room he frowned. For the room appeared like any other typical bed room. A bed, tv, two lamps, bookshelf full of books and a desk filled the room. 

“Great we got capture by brats” he groaned getting to his feet still dazed.

“Russo, Finkle wake up” he said kicking the puppet body and the other teen. The teen gave groan. “Shut up, Burke” he hissed sitting holding his arm.

 “That witch blind sided me” 

“Got you pretty good huh” The man who Heather presumed was Russo said kicking his leg. It took everything in heather to make the body speak. 

“Who are you?”

“Fuck he’s got a concussion” Burke groaned trying to open the window. It took him a moment of prying to realize it was not going to open. “Magic” he grumbled punching the window which flexed under the force. A snarling look over took his features. His eyes seemed to turn black as coal. Frowning he punched it again, watching it tremble.

“Interesting, they must be weakened” Burke said examine the symbol Natalia had drawn. Shocked Heather stumbled to the puppets feet. It was awkward and unnerving trying to get control over the body. After several seconds she gained control and looked at Burke. She decided to ask a question.

“What’s going on?” She said deciding to play on the amnesia part. 

“Fucker, I know you're a sloth but come on, we’re find the artifact and releasing our horseman!” Burke said tossing a nervy lamp at the puppet.

“Oh” heather said sheepishly. Deciding it would be best if you played along with them she picked up a nearby huge encyclopedia off the shelf and threw it at the window. The force of the window wavered scratching up the stmbol. Quickly she tossed a few more, the symbol vanished. Knowing Natalia was letting them go, she forced the puppets legs forward.

“Hurray!” She quickly scurried out the window scratching up the arms As the body wen. once on the ground, she waited for the others to climb down. Lights inside the house flicked on. As if on cue Burke grabbed the puppet andRusso shadows swirled around them and they were gone. Startled and drained, they emerged inside a large room. Stund, tired and foggy headed. Heather forced the puppets eyes to take everything in. Immediately Heather understood what this horrid place. It was a training center, a base of operations for the witches and demons trying to Bring about the apocalypse.  Suddenly in the center of her chest she had a hard time breathing and moving or thinking. A little voice in the back of her mind told her to run, to get as far away from them as she humanly could. It must have shown on the puppets face because a look of concern washed over Russo’s face. 

“Those little witches did a number on you” giving the man a passive look Heather weaved a web of lies. 

“Fucking hurts like a bitch” Heather said trying to impersonate a personality she knew nothing about. Russo cracked a grin cracking up. Patting his shoulder he said.

“Let’s get you some food and rest, your mana should recharge in a few hours then will meet with the boss lady” Russo saidleading him towards a room in the far of side. “Sleep well,” 

      Heather shut the door behind him sliding down it. Now the panic began to set in. She was literally inside the lions den without any way to get all the other comrades. Racking her mind for a solution she walked around the room. Searching through the door she found a piece of chalk. Pulling out the bed she drew a communication seal under the bed. Riding inside of it she sent a message to Natalia and the others back at the house. Only problem she had no idea when they would notice it. She had envisioned the fridge in the kitchen the most likely place that someone would end up. Nervously she said they’re panicking against the wall. All it would take would be for a demon to come in ask too many questions and blow her cover. Closing her eyes she tried to come through the memories forever vacation but every time they became visible something would push her out. Curiosity filled her and then it hit her. The hosts mind was doing. Making an attempt to communicate she constructed a mind room. The host took the bait a well dressed cocky dark haired man appeared inside the mind. Glaring hatefully he set down walking into the chair. 

“You are a clever little witch” 

“Thanks your an arse”

“I’m I at least a hot arse” he said with a smirk. “Who are you?” She said firmly thoghing curiosity and through question after question at him. Some he answe some he avoid.

“Why are you helping me?” Heather asked out of caution. “You have food, I’m lazy, it’s easy to think with what you know mixed in”

“You c an read my thoughts,”

“No shit Sherlock if you can read mine I can read yours is not like you locked it and block it stupid” he grumbled liking around in annoyance.

 “Can you make me a bed?” 

“A bed?” Heather Repeated surprised.

“Of course, I’m tired and you want more answer, so you really should be careful, I’m a punching bag of sorts, it was a man on the totem pole” he said trying to give her a better image of where his position was in the hierarchy of his society. Retreating from the mind Heather heard the door swing open. A sassy man dressed in pink and black gave the host a dirty look.

“Come on, we’re late” 

“ it was Methos who began the dark and inspiring speech. He inspired and rallied the demons. To her horror a well dress man in suit appeared holding a scroll that had a seal on it. Heather had a really bad feeling about this, I just stand here big and chat and they were only going to shake. She felt available between worlds cleve and shake somethings spilling over into the human world. Panic rose inside her an in the back of her mind she heard the sloth demon speak.

“You need to shield your core or they will know you’re here switch spots with me,” panicking she decided to trust the demon. A strange orange light in golfed all the demons. A red Mark appearing on their arm.  Heather whisper to the demon forgetting that no one else could hear. Before he answered a unholy creature materialized in front of her. The creature resembled a spider the size of two school buses it took over the whole building ripping off the roof. The demons cheered and odd at the creature. As they were cheering a human leg figure appeared on top of it. The figure cost even more of a sensation. They spoke a language that Heather could not register. And just like that they dispersed, into a cold mist. Disappearing like they had never been there. The host walked off into the night. Knowing his loyalties had changed.

August 06, 2021 03:30

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