Bedtime Drama Friendship

TAP TAP TAP! It felt like a dream, sounding like drops of water at the bathroom sink. I was so tired because I had been up till 1AM studying for my finals that I just turned away from the window, but the noise would not go away! MILA! MILA! The voice whispered that I heard sounding so far away. I finally realized who it was and said leave me alone Mordecai, I'm trying to sleep and besides do you know what time it is? It's 3 in the morning, what are you doing here anyway?

Mila, please let me in I'm in trouble, some boys i was playing with are now chasing me now with baseball bats! I jumped up from my bed and flung the window open just in time as those boys were coming around the corner from the next door neighbors house, I saw them running fast towards my house. Mordecai jumped through the window and onto my bedroom floor.

Bumping his head on the side of my bed before he slammed down on the floor. Ouch my head! Than suddenly these boys were knocking loudly on my window telling Mordecai to come outside before they break the window and take him out by force.

OMG! Mordecai what is going on? If my parents wake up we will all be in big trouble.

Look Mila it's not my fault that they are sore losers and I won all their money shooting craps. Mordecai gave a sly smile and stood up to see the boys looking mad and ready to break my window open. I signaled to them to wait a minute so I can talk to Mordecai and find out what's going on.

You know that I've told a million times not to play with those boys because not only are they older than you, but way bigger, I'm pretty sure that they will break my window and drag you out of here. Worst of all wake my parents up. Please Mordecai just give them their money back If my parents wake up and see all this that is going on it will be the end of me! Mordecai said for me also. You know I'm already the black sheep of the family and now this.

They look so angry MORDECAI PLEASE! It's so hard for me to deal with this kind of situations, I get nervous easily. Look Mordecai I don't want my parents to wake up I already told you!

Just smile at them real pretty, see how they keep looking at you? Yes they keep looking at both of us like they wanna kill us! That is not funny Mordecai please stop this nonsense right now or else! Oh my gosh they are knocking harder on the window now. MORDECAI PLEASE!

Alright tell you what loan me $20 so I can pay these guys back and I'll pay you back on Friday when I get my allowance. Unbelievable, really, the things I do for a crazy friend.

Here's the money, now please go give them the money. Get out! Go give those boys their money back now and don't talk to me for the rest of the day!

Come on Mila you're my best friend in the whole wide world, I can't be not even a minute without talking to you.. If I am your best friend why do you put me through these things because let me remind you this is not the first time you do something like this. Okay Mordecai just go I'll talk to you later at a decent hour when I'm not so angry and tired. Than they heard the window break into pieces and each one of the boys jumping into her bedroom. Mila screamed OH NO!

Mila's parents ran into the room screaming, WHAT IS GOING ON HERE MILA?

Mordecai just starred at me with wide eyes and a panic look on his face. My mother grabbed me by the arm, swung me around, slapped me in my face so hard that I fell backwards right on top of Mordecai stopping the boys on their tracks, making them turn right back around and jumping out the window so fast without looking back.

My father picked me up off the floor first than Mordecai demanding an explanation of why the window was broken and why all these boys were in my room? Mordecai started to talk fast to my dad saying that he didn't understand why anyone would want to brake their daughters window and jump right in to start trouble.

Both my mom and dad looked at him like he was crazy. We just want to know who's going to pay to get this window fixed?

I will pay for the repairs dad. NO SHE WON'T Mordecai yelled a little bit too loud. I said Mordecai don't worry I will pay for the broken window. Well someone will pay, we don't care who as long as it gets fixed! Now that this matter is going to be resolved let's continue with how you ended up in our daughter's room? It was those boys they threw me in here to start trouble sir.

I don't know if I should believe you said my mom but let's just leave it at that and please go climb yourself right out that window again!

Yes sir, right away! Mordecai smiled at me waved good-bye and jumped right out the window.

As for you young lady, you are grounded for the rest of your life! Now clean up this mess and you will stay in your room till supper is ready! As soon as my parent's left the room I threw myself on my bed and started to cry, I was so tired I fell asleep...


I sat up quickly with my heart beating loudly, sweat running down the side of my face, I slowly turned my head towards the window and there was Mordecai with a big smile on his face making funny faces and no broken window.

June 10, 2021 13:38

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Lyn Carstone
19:30 Jun 11, 2021

Hi Iris, That was a good story. I could feel the tension of when the boys were trying to break in. One thing I would recommend working on is using quotation marks around dialogue. That way what is being said can be differentiated between what is being thought. I look forward to reading more of your stories. ~Lyn


Iris Orona
14:46 Jun 15, 2021

Thank you so much for your feedback truly appreciate that! Will work on. Iris


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