Two acquaintances were meeting in a coffee shop on a cold autumn afternoon, having some coffee and some pastries.

- Oh, yes , dear ¡ You look stupidly amazing in this wonderful suit that it fits sk well in you ( yes! You look like a plastic bag full of air and tighten in the middle , so wonderful! Ah, ah, ah !) ¡ - Melissa, her friend for more than five years, was really cheerful with Andy, the victim – sorry ¡ My mistake …

But Melissa was clinically laughing inside her, saying roughly to her inner self:

- Hey , I think that you bought this marvelous dress in the dustbin or you stole it from a beggar , is so, but do ridiculous! Ih dear, you really have bad taste, because the stripes make you look fat, as you really are, or, are you going to deny it ¿ 

- - thank you, dear! Can you believe that I paid very cheap for this dress – cynically smiling.

- Really ¿ ( I bet she is going to tell me that the dress cost her one million dollars and her husband took her to have dinner that night)

- Really ¡ I paid one thousand dollars for this classical model by this famous French designer, Dior, an original one,, and my husband took me to have dinner that night, and I wore that dress because we went to the Maxim’s restaurant, where we ate lobster and had some french champagne in long vases that one have to sip it instead of drinking through it - you know, something that cost him some thousands of dollars that was probably paid in gold bars...)

( I won this time , but my figures were just too high, so I think that she is going to tell me about the car og her beloved and perfect husband that j have never met him before, and afterwards she will also talk about the ewelry that he bought for her that night in a luxurious mall in Manhattan. That’s the sequence…)

- Oh, dear - - faking – you have such a lovely husband I guess that you are so, but so happy ¡ - exaggerating sweet tone of voice and open arms to almost hug her friend with her fake kindness – after that dinner, we took a ride in his Mercedes Benz driven by his chauffeur, a tall, young and athletic man with broad shoulders and a seductive smile ( c’mon, we did not had dinner and my husband does not have a Mercedes Benz, nor a handsome tall chauffeur. He takes the bus, everyday ¡ why is reality so cruel ¿ )

- How nice,! ( I think I forgot about the driver. Yeap! I am getting old, that’s a fact ¡) – and she kept on smiling, fakingly.

- Really, but, the best part was at the jewelry that we went after dinner, in a luxurious mall where we can pay in bitcoins, can you imagine that ? in Manhattan – in a false modesty, she showed her friend a zirconium ring that she was wearing – take a look ¡ - showing the zirconium ring to her friend , with her eyes drooling of vanity and mostly anger – and Andy took a look, with a happy mask on her face, showing gladness on seeing it.

( but..bitcoins? Is she serious ? I think this is nonsense!)

- Ooooh ! Dear! It is so precious! ( this zirconium

Plastic ring ? You.must be kidding !) – did he buy it for you ? 

- Yes! Isn’t it beautiful? I just love it ! Doesn’t it look good in my finger ? – showing her perfect manicure and moisturized skin

- Yes! Absolutely, dear! 

- It costed ( ok. Here it comes !)ten thousand dollars ( is there any thing in this fucking world that cost ten thousand dollars ? If not, I will create one right now!)

- It is worth the price! Because it is absolutely gorgeous – fakingly smiling.

- Did you get married again with him ?

- Not yet ( I hope it will never happen, as my husband is a drunkard and I hate his smell because he never takes a bath, that is why we sleep in separated rooms, of course)

But we are thinking to take a cruise and get married there, and have a honey moon in some exotic island in the Pacific Ocean, for about a month or two – hiding her face, as it aas a very big lie, and even her could not believe in that.

- Fabulous idea ! ( but I know that she doesn’t know how to swim, so I hope the shop sinks and some sharks take care of it)

When are you planning to go? 

- Probably for next year or so  I am not sure about the exact date, but j think it will happen around mid summer when the sea water is hot and we can go the pool, drink mojito and make love the whole night. 

( he had never taken my hand nor kissed me , so, how would it be possible ?)

- Lucky you, dear ( fuck you , man ! Do you think I will do.it ? Waif sit because I will never do it !) But I have another appointment with the daughter of the king, princess Julia. ( I think I have never seen a picture of her in my life. How does she look like?) 

- What a pity ! ( thanks God she is leaving ) – smiling cynically as usual – when are going to meet again ? ( I hope it never happens again, not even dead!).

- I will call you next week, as this week I have so many things to do, you know , renewing the passport, shopping, having the housework done by my two maids.ah! It is so tiring ! ( it really is, because after cooking, cleaning the house, doing the laundry I get very exhausted and I ho to sleep at ten, everynight)

- Sure, do it please ( and I surely will not answer the call !)

So we can meet again and enjoy some homemade cookies again ( that I will certainly poison it and get rid of this bitch for the rest of my life )

- Yes I will ( sit and wait, because I will never do it )

So they stood up, and kissed each other goodbye  

Melissa stayed sit on her place, waiting for Andy to leave .

She left, going on foot back to her house, six blocks away .

And Melissa, took an apron and went to the kitchen of that coffee shop,.

- Sir – she said to the manager that was standing behind the glassware, twisting his moustache in an old Italian way - I am back sir , to my job and I would like to thank you for the permission you gave me for one hour, so, I will wash the dishes now, she said, in order to pay the bill.

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