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Fantasy Fiction Happy

How did I get to this point? I had a chance to be famous, maybe. It's all her fault I am not. I was working with a kitsune to hold a play that could have been my big break. Then, she was just...gone. The play just flopped with the replacement they provided.

Now I am just a back up dancer, hoping perhaps to be noticed for my skill. Oh, just accept it Harriet, I will never get the goal I wanted. I am doomed to always just be an extra. I am not flashy looking, or have something to me that is special. I am just kind of...normal.

I sigh during the tour my group was going on. I just wanted to go home. My family hadn't seen me in years. I was scared to return, because of the change in me. I was once human, now I am a cat girl. What would they think of that? That I am a freak? I didn't know if they would accept me or not.

The more I just am kind of lost in the background, the more I yearn to see them. Finally, I decide to stop being scared and return and let me see me in my tabby cat glory. Even if they might be disappointed that I never got the fame I hoped for growing up.

When my group gets to my home town, I ask for a break for a while. They accept, they have enough dancers that nobody would really notice me being gone. I groan when they say that, am I really that blah? I try to not think of it when I head to my mother's house, and knock on the door nervously.

The door opened, and my mother looked at me. “Hello, may I help you?”

“Uh, it is me Harriet. Your daughter...” I look down not sure what to expect.

“Harriet? My you look so different! I was worried sick about you! All those years you were gone we searched, and it seemed we searched for the wrong face.” she hugged me.

“I wanted to see you, but...I was afraid. I guess I should of known my mom would accept me for what I was. I was just unsure.” I sighed.

“Of course, now tell me how you became that and everything I missed!” she ushered me in, and then went to the kitchen. “Wait a second while I get you a drink and a snack. We have a lot of talking to do.”

I sat down, looking around the room. Still seemed the same old place I remembered. She hadn't bought new furniture after all these years? Dad came over and blinked. “Hum, Simone said you changed I didn't think this much.”

“Yeah I am furry now. I will tell the story when mom gets back.” Mom comes back with my favorite drink and snack I had when I was a child. My tastes had changed since then, but I felt like I would be rude not taking at least some of it. I popped the crackers in my mouth.

“Well, tell us! Whatever prompted such a change!?” My mother said, looking at me curiously.

“Yes, don't be shy. We want to know.” Dad said, putting on his glasses to get a better look at me.

“Well, I went on hard times. I was homeless and I needed money. I saw an ad for a lab doing drug trials. I decided to sign up, then ended up trapped in a cage with three others. They did experiments on us, and we fought to try to escape the place. Me and the others got close, and thought of ourselves as a family. We managed to get away, and settled down together. So, that is how I became furry.”

“Oh Harriet if you were having money trouble you could of asked me!” My mother said

“So, do we get to meet your family?” My dad asked. “I am a grampa now how great!”

“It's just my daughters, my husband got killed. That's another story.” I sighed, frowning.

“Oh dear so you are raising girls alone? I ask you come back home!” Mother said, putting a hand on mine.

“That's what I was hoping for...I had enough of traveling with this singing group I dance in. I am just a nothing to them.” I frowned.

“Well you certainly deserve better than just to be looked over. I will help you, I can't wait to see my grandchildren.” my mother smiled.

“Thanks mom. Uh I warn you the kids are a bit...stranger than me.”

“I don't believe you say your kids are strange! They are our grandchildren and that's that no matter what they look like.” mom said with a sharp tone.

I smiled, then go to get the kids and they run in, hugging my parents. I should of done this long ago. I have a feeling things might start going how I want it to now. Maybe I might even get the fame I dreamed of. We shall see.

I took the girls out hoping to reconnect with old friends, if they still lived around here. I asked my mom and she said that Greta still was here, so I go to see her. I am not sure how she will react to me, will she be glad, or angry I was gone.

I knock on the door, the kids were whispering. “Do we really belong in a place with a bunch of humans?”

“You used to be humans yourself. Remember?” I asked them, having sharp hearing now.

The door opened and the face of my friend stared back at me. “Whoa um, please don't cause any trouble!”

“Why would I Greta, I just wanted to reconnect. It is me, Harriet. These are my kids, Saria and Renate.”

“Oh, I thought Saria was a demon for a second with those wings.”Greta blushed. “We thought you got killed or something Harriet, to see you alive and um...a cat girl is a big surprise.”

“I am kind of a demon. I...” Saria began but I hushed her not wanting people to know what she did.

“She is really sweet, not like a demon at all. I am sorry I made people think I was dead. Where is the rest of our group?” I asked, so much happened while I was gone I knew.

“Oh they moved, I stayed here because well... I just can't leave my mother when she is sick.” she said sighing.

“Oh, sorry about that. Um, so what went around here when I was gone?” She lead me and the kids in.

“Too much, the others found guys and married. I didn't though. I was too busy taking care of mom.” She sat down.

“Oh, I wish I was there to help.” I frown, feeling guilty.

“The others could of helped but didn't. Don't feel bad.” she shrugged.

“That's rotten, I guess you are not in touch with them anymore?” I worry I may have been bringing up old feelings.

“Not really, they all have families and forgot about me. But that's OK I made some friends here. They help out.” she smiled

“Oh good, no guys though?”

“No, not good with guys really. I always feel awkward around them. Um...I think I might be gay actually.” She blushed

“Oh um...I see. So you have any girls you like?” I coughed

“Hum, well one is an interest. How is your relationship going?” Greta asked

“Um, he died...” I looked down.

“Oh gosh I am so sorry, that's rough.” Greta patted my hand.

“Yeah well I need to move on.” I sighed a bit.”Haven't been able to, really.”

“Moving on can be tough, hey why don't you leave your kids with your mom and we can have a girl's night out?”

“Sounds good, I would like to be friends again.” I look at her hopefully

“Yes, I think that we can be.” she nodded. “Sounds like you can use one.”

“For sure, well see you tomorrow then?” I asked

“Yeah, well nice meeting you Saria and Renate...uh sorry of what I thought of you Saria.”Greta blushed

“It's OK, a lot of people think that about me. Because...” Saria started and I gave her a look to not talk about what happened.

“Come on let's' go.” I head out, and Saria tugged me once we were almost back to my mom's

“We can't keep that I killed dad a secret forever mom.” Saria frowned.

“I know, but I don't want to just lay it on people. You know?” I said sighing

“I guess you see your point...I still feel so bad I did that.” Saria frowned

“It really wasn't your fault sis, I pushed you and pushed you to do it. I wasn't well in the head.” Renate said, her tail twitching.

“At least you will admit it, now.” Saria frowns. “I hated doing that you know?”

“I'm sorry, just I was so confused after what happened in the lab.” Renate looked down.

“It's not your fault you two, it just is something that happened OK?” I said hugging them.

“I don't know how you can not hate us. I am glad though.” they hug her.

“I could never hate you, not when you guys feel so bad about it. Hey, let's go to the park to relax for a while OK?” I took them by the hands and headed to the park that was nearby my house without hearing what they had to say.

“Um, OK even though we are teenagers and a bit old for playing in parks.” they make a weird look.

“Ok, so where do teenagers go then?” I rolled my eyes.

“Have no idea, we didn't really have normal lives you know?” they shrugged. “Where did you go when you were a teen?”

“I went to the club...well I guess I was a bit older than you guys when I went there. I think you have to be like sixteen to go.”

“That's not very helpful.” they sigh.

“Maybe we can ask someone if they know. Oh! You can always go to the mall, that is usually a popular teen place.”

“Awesome! Um...do you have to come?”

“I guess it wouldn't be cool if your mom came along, I will do something else while you guys go.” I chuckled, and gave them some money. “Have fun you two.”

“Whoa, well thanks mom.” they head off looking for the mall.

I sigh and decide to go to a little diner I remember I used to like, I arrive surprised it was still there. I go in and take a seat. I order my favorite meal and look around at people who look a cross between familiar and unfamiliar.

A guy comes in, and stares at me. “Harriet?”

“Hum, yeah that's me. Uh how do you know me looking like this?” I blinked.

“I saw your play, it was great! I didn't know you lived around here.”' he looks excited.

“You saw it? It was a flop how could you think it was great?” I looked at him weirdly.

“You were good, I thought it had potential. The other actress seemed to kind of make it not as good as it could have been. Um, you interested in being in a show? I been thinking of something you would be perfect in.”

“Uh, what kind of show?” I look at him, I was not expecting this to happen like at all!

“One of my own creation, I want to create and direct plays. I am kind of new at the whole thing but my first one went over well.” He blushed.

“Oh I see, well I guess I can try it out. Can't be worse than my first play.” I smile. “You got yourself an actress.”

“I liked your first play, I am sure this one will really show your true self. Come to the theater at Friday and we will get started.” He heads off and I eat my meal, my luck just keeps on getting better and better.

I head home and see the kids were there with a few bags of things. “I see the shopping trip was successful, did you meet anyone interesting?”

“People stared at us a lot, I guess they are not used to seeing people like us around.” Renate frowns

“Yet, some others like us were about...we tried to hang out with them some. It went OK I guess.” Saria shrugged.

“Hum, doesn't sound like it was that great from what you said. I am sure it will get better as people get used to you. Oh, some guy wants me to be in a play.” I grin

“What? Really? Congratulations!” they hug me.

“Yup, going to see what it is about on Friday.” I flop on the couch. “Ugh, now I want to just relax for a bit.”

“Me too.” they say flopping near me.

My mother comes in. “Lazybones, it is almost time for dinner.”

“Already? What's cooking?” I grin, mom's cooking is the best.

“Your favorite, mac and cheese with hot dogs.” she said, smiling.

My pallet is more refined than that now, but I would feel bad saying that. “Oh that's nice I bet the kids would like that.”

“Well I hope you will too, so stop laying around and help me set up for dinner.” she goes into the dining room and I follow her.

“Ok, I wasn't laying around for long though!” I grumble.

Helping her set the table. It will be nice doing something simple, instead of trying to be in the spotlight I think. Though I have no idea what role that guy has in mind for me. I just wanted to settle down in my hometown, and maybe find a guy and a good job.

Just kind of take it easy for the holidays, would be nice. Now I am here, I would what my mom may of planned. She seems to be feeding me a lot of stuff I liked in my childhood, I wonder if she will bring back other things. It makes me nervous thinking about it.

After being nothing for so long, I kind of got used to being out of the limelight and hope that I would be famous dwindled. Maybe this play might be the attention I wanted, or not. Who could tell the future?

These holidays, I just wanted to have quiet. I have a feeling my mother won't let me have it, from what she been hinting at which is bringing all my childhood friends to me If what I think is true, that means I will see Eddie Garfunkle. I am not sure if I am looking forward to that or not...

to be continued....

December 19, 2020 23:29

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Kylie Rudolf
04:21 Dec 27, 2020

I love the beginning and how it questions everything, the end, pure suspense. Please continue!


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