Suspense Science Fiction Thriller

  I sat on a crate positioned next to the warm glow of the lighthouse’s luminous bulb.  

Shadowed figures taunted me from the outer world.  They were Winocas disguised in cataclysmic winds.  A storm had erupted in the northern part of Terrestria.  Inky waters crept up the side of the structure, nearly stripping it of its fragile pigment.  I gazed into the manipulating night sky.  A Winoca clouded my vision and forced me off my placement.  The hatch to the emergency exit had been opened.  I distanced myself from the beastly creature, a tall, birdlike figure, not unlike  an owl united with a crocodile.  The fangs it showed longed for the satisfaction of freshly drawn blood.  The talons aimed their grip, pleading to correctly hook the opponent - me.

  I raced to the equipment drawer and gathered enough to last a hard fought battle.  When I returned, two Winocas stood in the middle of the already-small room.  Both identical, and signaling others.  With the direction of their pointed, disoriented heads, I could see the hatch had yet to be shut.  Throwing one of the tranquilizers stationed to my belt for protection, I raced to the door.  Fidgeting with the padlock, I finally assured the closure of the flap.  Out of frustration from the daunting plan, the monstrous beings attacked at full strength, leaving hardly enough room for limitation.  With my weapons, I fired directly at each one.  But, it was just the wind.  I wasn’t mental, nor was I confused.  I knew it was just the trickery of the wind, but it felt surreal.  Unlatching the exit to the aged building, I started for my crate.  I turned for a moment to inspect any new arrivals, and counted three new Winocas.  I gripped my seating  and centered myself among the creatures.  

  I sat there, intrigued to see how long I could obtain a steady mental state in the presence of them.  Many would go insane at the sighting, but I had the special gift only few received at birth.  I could maintain a self-resistance to the visions of the ghastly monstrosities.  They beat me hard, though, none affected my physical character.  But, the most jeopardizing aspect of the damages done by Winocas are the things done to provoke mental conditions.  While I was immune to the dreadful images featured on each being's faces, I was more vulnerable to physiological destruction.

  I clutched my head, feeling revolting pain.  I stood up only to collapse to the ground.  I huddled into a secure position, trying to grasp the nausea that wasn’t even there.  My transformation was almost complete.  I was almost a Winoca.  In an immediate instance, the storm ceased and soon enough, vanished.  And with that, the Winocas - everyone that had attended my monstrous round-up had disappeared as well.  While all had seemed peaceful, I remained in my newly found build.  A Winoca.  The process could not possibly be reversed before the ending of the thunderstorm, therefore, I was stuck in a constant animal morph.  Surrounding the beauty of the newly found aura that featured outside was a horrific creature - lying in dismay.  The hatch remained open.

  I concentrated on breathing, focusing on my next move.  Being still was not an option.  A Winoca is an extremely active animal, so within seconds, I had sprung to my feet, and designated myself outside the lighthouse.  I stared at my reflection, which was a frightening sight.  What was once a somewhat normal teenager has transformed into some monster everyone saw through.  I splashed the image, sickened by what I had become.  I turned my attention to a random noise.  Once I did so, I noticed a beautiful greenery, filled with the purist things.  Flowers of all different colors glistened proudly in the Sun’s prideful rays.

“Hello,” a small voice echoed through the scenery.

“Hi?” I replied, a cross between confused and startled.

“You're…very pretty.”

A fox-like creature appeared, giving off a sunset glow.  It was the most astonishing animal I had come across when it came to the formations of the wind.

“I’m a Willow,” announced the fox, cheerily.

“And I’m a monster,” with every word I strained, the hurt was deflected from the being’s eyes.

“I’m Wendy,” she publicized.

“I’m,” I hesitated.

Most wind figures followed a very specific path of manipulation, which they used to their advantage.

  In my time as the lighthouse’s supervisor, I encountered multiple wind physiques.  Before the latest scare, I had encountered a Fikle.  It was an animal that was presented as a cheetah combined with an eagle.  Every creature is a figment of your imagination.  But, they do as much damage as animals from actuality do.  It spoke to me.  Only once, but in a raspy tone, and recited the most gut-wrenching words I knew, “You…won’t…win..”.  And he was right.  I was knocking at death’s door.  The knob had turned.  I was about to decide my fate.  But, a force stopped me.  It was…it was a Willow.  I didn’t know the reality of the truth at the time, but now it was clear.  I could see the struggling attempts of the good forces beside evil ones, desperately fighting over who would win me over.  I never intended to become what I currently am.

  I didn’t think.  I allowed myself to get drowned beneath the effects of the Winocas and pray that I made it out alive.  I was struggling, yet I didn’t think to ask for help.  That was my problem.  Whenever I come across a problem, I seem to have no interest in the acquaintance of others.  But now, this Willow, Wendy, was giving me an opportunity to fix this.  So, I decided to take it.

“I’m Alexis,” I declared, relieved to find a trustworthy friend.

“You are not a monster.  You never were.  You see yourself as a monster due to the Winoca's trickery.  It has placed images of a being you hoped to not become in your mind, and so that is what you are.”

The realization hit me in a wave of emotionless thoughts, all racing through my head.  How could you be so stupid?  Of course you were never a Winoca, they are just figments of your imagination!

“It’s…it’s still there,” I explained, frightened by the negative thoughts.

“No, it’s not.  It is just wind,” Wendy said soothingly.

I stumble upon a marsh, diving into the velvety vegetation with ease.  I looked to the sky, now, a periwinkle shade of blue.  Clouds, looking more as if made of cotton candy, conspired into all different shapes.  I saw a tiger.  There was also an elephant.  There was a rain cloud, and its form - a Winoca.

  “Wendy,” I called, my eyes fixated on the abnormal figurine.

“Yes?” she called, trotting towards me.

“There is a Winoca.  In the clouds,” I hesitated a moment.  “Is that possible?”

“No, Winocas only come in the form of wind.”

She glanced at me for a while longer until making her way beside me.

“Take this,” she gently placed an emerald gemstone in the palm of my hand.


“In a way, but this jewel will help you.  Would you like to try it?”

Are you now too weak to do anything on your own?  Are you not the independent person everyone made out to be?

“Yes, I would, how does it work?” I inquired, gazing at the radiant treasure.

“Well, all you have to do is believe,” Wendy stared at me, intensely, trying to make out my expression.

How can you believe?  You’re just a dependent child.

Blaring over my previous worries, I engrossed myself in the magic and process the gem took to free me of the mindlessness I had been experiencing.

  I was free.  I always have been.  I let my imagination become reality, a nightmare into actuality.  Wendy bowed in a gesture of gratitude and appreciation.  Before departing, she told me the truest words I ever knew,”Losing makes you stronger.”

March 09, 2024 01:53

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Joshua Clark
21:06 Mar 31, 2024

Wow! I don’t have anything more that can say the same!


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Alexis Araneta
14:48 Mar 13, 2024

A beautiful, very creative story with great imagery. Lovely job !


Summer Bluebell
14:30 Mar 15, 2024

Thank you! It was inspired by another story I am currently writing. It was fun! While this was my first time on Reedsy, it most definitely won't be my last!


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Abigail Clark
12:30 Mar 13, 2024

I love how this story has a figurative imagination. It just all flows together. My mind was swirling when reading this book, it had great detail and I loved reading it.


Summer Bluebell
14:28 Mar 15, 2024

I love your taste in literature! 😂 Thank you for the support! I'm so glad you liked the story!


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Angelica Sophia
16:54 Mar 12, 2024

Very imaginative story. I enjoyed the ending. Sometimes it can be easier to believe the scary things than the gentle or empowering things we imagine.


Summer Bluebell
14:28 Mar 15, 2024

I love the ending as well! It is very meaningful, and has a good lesson. I also agree with your point about the scarier things in our fantasies - how it's easier than believing in gentle things in our imagination. Writing most definitely helps with that!


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Darvico Ulmeli
14:14 Mar 12, 2024

Imagination can be a powerful weapon and tool at the same time. It helped me a lot during stressful times. I like your writing and the use of your imagination. A long time ago, I was sure that creatures from another realm were whispering to me, telling me a story. That is why I started to write, and I still believe that imagination is the best thing I have because it makes me live, and my life isn't boring. I really enjoyed your story.


Summer Bluebell
14:25 Mar 15, 2024

Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it! Imagination can be a very powerful thing - writing has helped me express my ideas and thoughts. Imagination is a great thing, it's what makes our writing pop! Keep writing!


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