I was surrounded by pancakes, strawberries and chicken. Oh boy, what should I eat first? My tail wagged happily as I looked around this delicious destination, and I jumped on the giant chicken.

"Ammmhu?" I heard Jake murmur, and my eyes snapped open. Darn. Just a dream.

"Duke? Duke, move," Jake swatted at my golden fur. I barely moved my paws as Jake wriggled beneath me. "Duke, come on."

Jake was tired, I could tell. But it was seven. I was used to waking up to the sound of the bed springs bouncing, and Jake stumbling across the carpet floor and into the bathroom, where the water would run, and Jake would occasionally let out a yelp. Either from shaving, the hot water. Now I was the one waking him up?

Jake sat up, squinting around the dark room. The thin curtains let in some sunlight, and Carrie was sleeping soundly. My tail whacked Jake's legs happily. He looked at the clock.

"Duke, please get off. Your bed's over there," Jake put quietly, pointing a buff finger at my bed. My bed is decently big, but the bed Carrie and Jake sleep in is much comfier. I whimpered. He should know by now that I am a stubborn dog.

I cocked my head at Jake. He had on an annoyed face. It was hard not to take him seriously, but his brown hair was all over the place. I barked and let out a grin. Jake groaned. "Fine. Just tonight."

I grinned, swallowing, before letting my wet pink tongue hang out again. I didn't know why I got to sleep in, but I liked it. And in the big bed yet!!! Jake fluffed his pillow out before setting his head down on it. I followed his movement, but couldn't help thinking what I had done wrong. Jake goes to work everyday. Why change his routine now?

Okay. This is weird. When I woke up, Carrie was downstairs, making a smoothie, like usual, and Jake was there too. But Carrie wasn't wearing any decent dressy outfit, or the ID with her photo on it, like she's always wearing in the morning. She always has it on, and then says she is going to a place called school. She always comes back and tells Jake horror stories, like how they lock the hamsters in the cages when they leave, and how they serve children dog food for lunch. Or bad food, I don't know. Why would they do that? Hamsters are animals too! They need liberation!!

And the children? Why, they deserve true food!!! They always love on me, and they need that delicious food to stay alive!!! If there is no food, no children are next, and then, NO SOUL!!!!!!!!!!! No meaning in life!!!

But anyway, Carrie just made her smoothie, but put it in a tall glass instead of her travel cup. I gave her a side eye, and backed away. No one knows the feminine mind.

Jake was in a nice shirt and khakis. He put down my bowl, and I ate, ate, ate, ate.

I saw Carrie sit down at the desk by the windows, opening a thin object and making it a right angle. She began drumming her fingers on the bottom and sipped her smoothie. I was getting suspicious, but was also happy. Carrie's super fun to be around, so having her here is awesome.

I finished my food, leaving some for later, and went over to Jake, tongue out.

Jake was in the dining room, with half a cup of coffee. He had all this paperwork spread around, and the same thin object open in front of him. The light from the right angle was bright, and I squinted at it. The news?

Jake turned to me. "Oh, Duke. Hi," he said, sighing. He gave a grin and patted my head. I took in all the love. This never happens. But it feels great when it does!!!!

I walked across the kitchen floor, paws light, and pranced over to Carrie. She looked down and grinned.

"Hi, Dukey, how are you today?" she cooed, scratching me on my right jaw. I nuzzled my head into her smooth hand. The three bracelets she was wearing jangled.

Jake was in the kitchen now, by the strange coffee maker. "Best commute ever, honey," he called. Carrie looked over and laughed before turning back to me.

"Here, you want to go out? I've got time," Carrie stood up, closing the thin dark object, and grabbed a ball from my toy basket. I barked happily. Carrie slid open the back door and we walked out together.

The fenced-in backyard was the best. It was super big, great for running around in, and had three giant trees in it. In the corner, there was a tiny garden Carrie planted, where some strawberries were starting to come out. The grass had been treated just recently, and was green as can be. Since spring was right around the corner, the air was getting warm, and some flowers were coming up by the fence posts.

My paws clattered on the wooden porch as I made for the stairs. Carrie followed, and I barked when she got down.

"Okay, okay. Go get it!!" Carrie yelled, smiling. She threw a big green ball over to a tree, where a squirrel was. I ran over, barking at the furry creature. The squirrel ran up the tree as I skidded to a stop. Panting, I ignored the squirrel and picked up the ball, running back to Carrie, fur flying in the light wind.

Jake stepped out, coffee in hand, and watched me play. He came down and locked lips with Carrie for three seconds. I cocked my head, then barked. Carrie laughed, and the both of them came over to me. I wagged my tail happily as they both began loving on me.

I didn't know what this was, or why my owners were here, or being like they were, but I liked it. I barked happily as Jake gave me a belly rub.

It looked like the dog days of summer were coming earlier than expected.

March 21, 2020 17:30

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