LGBTQ+ Lesbian Romance

Alex Envers blinked. She blinked again. Who was that figure standing above her? 

“Ahhh!” she shouted, sitting up in bed abruptly, almost whacking her head on the mysterious person above her, but they moved first. 

“Sorry!” the mystery person exclaimed. “Your moms said I could come on up. They thought that you would be awake already.” 

“Okay, but I wasn’t, so you should’ve left! Not wake me up!” Alex told Eva, who was her best friend. 

“Alright, okay, I’m sorry.” she laughed. 

“So, why are you here at-” Alex checked her clock which was on her bedside table. “eight in the morning? I normally don’t wake up for another two or three hours!” Right on cue, she yawned. 

“Because you weren’t answering your texts, so I wanted to check on you. But, since you’re awake now, do you want to hang out?” Eva smiled. 

“I need my beauty sleep!” Alex rolled over and closed her eyes, but Eva simply walked around the bed to face her again. 

“There are two parties tonight.” she said, changing the subject and trying to get Alex interested (and failing). “Jackson’s and Allison’s. Which one should we go to? Jackson has a pool, but their parents will be there, unlike at Allison’s.” 

“Do I have to go?” Alex whined, rolling over again to the same side as the start. 

“Allison’s it is then. Maybe I’ll have a chance with Derick! I heard he’s going. He’s pretty cute, don’t you think?” 

Alex stuffed her head under her covers and Eva ran over to her closet and picked out a sequined dress that Alex didn’t even know existed. 

Several hours later, it was six in the afternoon and Alex and Eva were standing on Allison’s front porch, Eva grinning and Alex not so much. 

“Hey, girls! Come on in!” Allison said, opening the door. They stepped in and saw chips and candy, lights, music, and lots of people. Some people sat on the couches, waiting for someone to ask them to dance, and others were dancing or making out on the dance floor.

Eva suddenly spotted Derick on the couch. “Hey, do you mind?” she asked Alex. She did mind; she didn’t like parties, but she couldn’t let her best friend down. 

“Not at all. Go ahead!” She smiled, but it was fake. 

Eva didn’t notice. “Thanks!” She ran over to him and he smiled. 

Alex walked to the kitchen since food was the only thing she could trust, and chowed down on some of the chips and candy that was placed in colourful bowls on the counter. 

She ate some Lays, Ruffles, Doritos, and some candy like jelly beans, Oreos, Life Savers, and assorted Maynards candies. She was ready to start on the punch, if only she could find the cups, when someone else came in, ready to eat some candy that was almost gone. 

Alex froze. What if the girl was mad that she hadn’t left more than a few handfuls per bowl? What if she yelled at Alex and brought the attention to her? Alex slinked into the corner and pretended to continue searching for a cup in the cupboard she had already looked in and had no luck with. 

“Oh, hi! I’m Sam. I just moved in on Thomas Street. I snuck into this party to try making friends.” She laughed nervously and fished her hand in the bowl of Life Savers while waiting for a response. 

“H-hi. I’m Alex.” Alex was always very antisocial and only hung out with Eva. She needed her best friend right now to help with this social interaction! Why was Eva so busy making out with Derick! 

Alex sat down at the counter and reached into the Maynards bowl, but found that Sam’s hand was already in there. She froze again, her body screaming to yank her hand out, but Sam’s hand was warm and she blushed. Sam realized that Alex had stopped and paused too, resting her hand against the side of Alex’s. Sam smiled reassuringly and Alex slowly pulled her hand away. They looked in opposite directions and both blushed. 

Sam walked around Alex’s chair and sat down in the chair next to her. No one was talking; just blushing. Sam curled her hair around one finger and Alex felt the urge to do the same as her arms felt heavy and useless at the side, but she didn’t because it would feel like she was copying Sam. 

Suddenly, a hand brushed against Alex’s and she looked down sharply only to see Sam’s dangling next to her. 

Just grab it. Grab it and hold it. Can you not tell you’re both gay?  

Alex had known she was lesbian for a few years, but she had never been so in love in so little time. It probably didn’t even count as knowing Sam yet as they had spent so little time together, only meeting a few minutes prior. 

Alex then faced her biggest fear: Rejection. She grabbed the hand next to hers and blushed furiously. Her insides wriggled uncomfortably yet happily. She had done it! She had grabbed Sam’s hand! 

Then, something crazy happened. 

Sam reached over and pulled Alex’s face towards her, gently yet forcefully, full of meaning. 

They stared into each other’s eyes and Alex felt like she was about to die of excitement. Alex’s big brown eyes stared into Sam’s cerulean. Sam seemed to be waiting for something, but for what? Suddenly, Alex realized what, and she went all in. 

Alex pressed her lips against Sam’s and Sam did so too. They held on as if it was their last moment of life. Her lips tingled in anticipation and she pressed harder, begging for more. Her eyes fluttered closed since Sam's had already done so. Sam’s hand slipped around her waist. Alex reached around Sam’s hips with both arms and pulled closer, holding herself between their two chairs, one third on each and one third in mid-air. 

Someone burst in the door but they didn’t separate. They were too in love. They barely knew anything about each other, but they were 1000% soulmates. The intruder snapped a photo, maybe even a video, but they didn’t even care. 

Anything outside the kiss was a blur and she vaguely heard Eva being called in, but she didn’t care. She only kissed even more passionately. Soon, they were the biggest attraction at the party. They were probably now on Instawham or some other social media platform. But they didn’t even notice. 

By the end of the night, they had stopped making out and had exchanged contact information. They talked all the way home since they lived on the same street. Eva was too busy with Derick or whoever was now of interest (she moved on way too fast), to even care that Alex wasn’t with her. Alex was no longer an introvert. She was an extrovert all the way. Well, most of the way. But there wasn’t a single thing she didn’t tell Sam about. 

They were so in love. 

July 30, 2021 03:06

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17:15 Aug 07, 2021

Cute and fluffy! Very adorable 🐧


Danika :)
23:05 Aug 08, 2021

Thank you!


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Cannelle L
14:13 Aug 04, 2021

Aww. This is so cute! (like your bio 🐧 here's a penguin from me!) I like how positive this whole story is. It's just really happy. I couldn't keep myself from smiling. The world needs more stories like this one, you know? Thank you for sharing and I hope to read more from you!


Danika :)
18:01 Aug 05, 2021

Omg thank you so much!!!!!


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