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Living is everyone imagination of life, from how we eat, bath, walk, laugh and even sleep matter so much to us that we forget to appreciate the one thing we should find fascinating and that’s the Moon, the Sun, the Stars the Oceans and the beautiful animals, yes I know we have been told by different religion and scientific reasons of how we got to meet all this things but believe me after a horrible heart break all what Mike got to think was how to leave this earth go to somewhere else, he wanted to stop living well you will never know what you can achieve until you made to be pass through the heat of life to get the best out of you this is was Mike cause.

Mike had just broken up with Jenny they both in love for just 4 months and yet it was like 4 years; well you know what they say love drives you crazy but really I think that shit love is toxic.

Picking up his pen and paper trying to analyze the world discoveries I guess he was just trying to get Jenny off his mind, hours of writing unreasonable science fact and how he could break through fact that was already found yet a moment thought of Jenny broke him down again.

Here he stroke him the bright idea of how he could conquer this whole thing called love, how he would never be use as an instrument instead he would be the Master of his own world, yes discovery are always wonderful his filled with range of happiness he thunder lighting idea was this; he was going to travel round the world meet different ladies get to know them and have fun then move little did he know what was way ahead of him as he makes a journey that would change his life. A 26 year old millionaire who thinks love is wicked and ready to spend his life savings just to travel the world to prove this, left from Chicago to Paris well he thought a home of love would be the best place to first visit, spending 2 weeks in Paris was a time of luxury and fun party all night and finally drawn a conclusion that if ever you want to find love don't ever visit Paris the worst place to start from. Got to the airport departing for Dubai when he overheard someone saying Africa can never break their authenticity for their bond of love and braveness well there you go our young researcher just found a new place to explore I just wished he had listened to the end of the conversation he was hear dropping at then he would have found out that the man was talking about their love for their culture and how authentic it was.

Arriving at Nigeria, the giant of Africa he had heard so much about the country from the news and other top politician friends, he actually came to explore and find out if he could also invest in the country cause he was so sure he would never find love. Planned on staying for 2 weeks as usual got booked in his hotel, finally in Lagos he said to himself well I got to spend my time very well I heard Nigeria is a big place I need to plan my adventures to approximately 20 states even if I can't get to the remaining 16.

Here he was at the Ozone Club Inland having fun with all the beautiful black African Queen he could get his hand on within a week he was getting bored already. A sunny day as usual Susan his room would come over to clean up his room and had some gossips with Mr Mike but today wasn't nice for my Mike he felt off he was tired of the usual hotel clubbing and drinking so he asked Susan so you guys don't have any other nice place except from those awesome club, Susan was amazed, well sir we do have some other place you could visit. Mike: would you place take me I just need something new Susan: sure will do Sir my shift closes by 12noon.

Mike was set for an adventure well Susan just wanted to go through the market and get something's she would need to prepare dinner and also show off Mike to some of Friends around just to make herself feel good.

Oduke market was the place to find your cheapest food items Susan was excited be seen with a White man but Mike was passing through Hell, he was advice by not to be inside his car she wanted them to walk. I guess this is the first time Mike has really be to a deprived environment without electricity and bad road with the worst potholes feel, Susan on the other hand was feeling like a goddess who just came down from Heaven to be able to bring a white rich man to her house, she wasn't ashamed of her home a proper definition of a poor house was the place she called home and yet she was so happy that Mike got to wonder why will someone be so excited and yet live like a rat in a hole.

Back to his hotel by 7 he was tired he quickly took his bath and ate, but he couldn't forget everything that just happened he could still feel the happiness within those people in the local areas, he was received by all and had a warm welcome, crowd everywhere just to be welcomed he felt a kindle joy within. That night Susan came back to appreciate him for walking with her I guess she wasn't on duty she had to dress properly and did some make up just to look presentable, I guess this was when Mike noticed a true Black African Queen with her shape like that of a coke bottle she was blessed with everything you could image in a lady body, Mike didn't know when he asked her to join him for dinner; and they there were chatting and playing like they have known each other for years then the spark, he kissed her so hard she couldn't resist and they slept together that night. She is gone, Mike felt she has resumed duty so she left without waking him little did he know that was the last time he would see the woman who has given him the best time of his life. A week has gone by and yet no sign of Susan he was worried he had to traveled back but yet he couldn't leave at least not without saying good bye well a man got to do what a man got to do he packed his things going to the airport first thing tomorrow morning he got all the fun he desired.

He was troubled, restless and worried he might never get to see Susan again he didn't get the chance to thank her for being a true friend. The night was like 2 second to because he was thinking all through he slept quite late and now he had to leave in a hurry, getting to the airport he had process everything he had a double mind but yet he left without a word just sitting on the plane like a lifeless human with a hole in his heart.

"I guess now I know how to live, it's not the sun, moon or the star that really matter but the moment we share with ones that truly love us" he wrote this down on his dairy in his hotel room in Dubai and in less than 4 days he came back to Nigeria went to the home of Susan to asked why she never came back this was what Susan said: Susan: if I can give you my world I would do it but don't ever toy with my heart we can never be together we are from two different world. Mike: will you marry me (kneeling down). Susan was amazed.

In two weeks they were both married and they continued their journey to go around the world but well this time with a different focus to learn every culture they encounter, 1 night became a lifetime.

December 20, 2020 09:52

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Xander Dmer
16:07 Jan 26, 2021

Isn't this the same story as the first one that you wrote? I think it is...


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