"Mom did you saw my books they were lying on the table, " said a frustrated looking voice .

She was pretty looking girl but cunning too and had forgotten to punch his brother in hurry!

I got up lazily up from canvas bed , there on wall hung the poster of cricket players and football palyers . The room was lit by sunshine which was falling thorugh a wide window .

I didn't wonder for ten minutes as soon as , I noticed the time , I rushed into the washroom got dressed and took off from bicycle.

Nothing has changed since, I went to High school, old looking friend's and some work load from teacher side making thing's terrible for us .

I got tired and pale from school until a white ball shoot out from corner and at moment of impact, I suddenly duck it !

" Ohh!!, you just missed by an inch brother ",said anna

"Your preparation was less impressive " I said with smiling face .

" try next time perfect, if you can?" Said I .

Got upstairs to be fresh . Tomorrow was weekend we both had to stay home without quarrelling and this was toughest job ever I had felt . Mom would get father home by sunday morning , we would told to act as normal kid's.

She left the house before waking anna and said goodbye to me and shut door behind and took the charge of the house .

The house was of medium class type and interior had been changed by last year . It was magnificent too look over the beautiful stretch paints of wall .

I was forbited to go outside leaving my sister alone. So I had no choice of escaping . It was my turn to make revenge.

I planned everything and got fixed some preparation's before sun was to rise . I woked my sister up by several fail attempt's , one of which her fist hit on my face but it didn't hurt.

I acted normally not to draw attention to what I had prepared for . She stepped outside the door opening the knob suddenly splash of water burst out from a big bucket and fell upon her entire body .

She screamed in horror and looked back with grinning and narrowing her eyes between water drops .

" It was revenge from me ", I said looking peaceful for what I had done .

"Ok , bro I would tell mom that Sophia, which leaves near in neighbour's is your first girlfriend " said she with mistfull tanckle voice as if blackmailing me for something .

" Wait , How do you know about this "? said I horror stucked in face .

"I was in great impression that it was top secret".

"It was your pity mistake , brother , her brother studies in my class and we are friend's. Said she and walked to the washroom .

She came out realizing I had no choice left , I should follow all orders she gave today at least and my all next preperation turned upside down once more.

I did everything that mom does when she is at home .

Following her every order but the next incident was different.

" Parth come here quickly , I got something under old cupboard " said a voice from deep store room it was anna .

I came hurrying to her side and found a tiny black object or black chalk held upon her finger .

"Is this your's ?" Said she .

"No , it's not mine"said I

" ok , then it's now mine! said she and strolled out of the room.

After some moments later same voice came from different room and more dreadful .

" brother come fast "said anna

I got in bursting the door and looked at her she had fall down form hed and black chalk lay beside her hand .

But this was not up . The next thing was looking like a black dark circle.

" what?" said I , thinking this must be new prank or some trick.

" The black thing had made a hole in our floor " said she nearly to sobb .

I leaned forwardtp check I tried to touch the pitch black circle and really passed through it felt like this was deep .

I took a pen and thrown into the circle and it went deep inside it .

I was frozen by this incident bot able to thing ,"what king of thing is this?"

Suddenly to my horror anna got slipped and went straight screaming thorugh the hole , without any other thought , I too dived in .

It was too deep but everything moved in slow motion I could see anna in front of me everything was dark and we felt sudden stop .

We were both floating, I caught her hand held it tight.

The big displayed appered in front of us ," welcome to kim world " . We got confused bot to think of doing anything .

Soon it got dissapeared and then a bulge blue like marble was approaching us or we were approaching to it couldn't say .

We got close it and it was earth our planet but I could see through space without going in rocket? And soon a voice spoke welcome children to the learning world.

" This is our planet earth " it started describing every part of earth in detail and as if we were his student and took us to the all star's , solar system .

We were amazed this wonderful and interesting teaching could be found anywhere , It was brilliant to learn thing's closely and if we had dought .

Just we have to speak it , the voice would answer it correctly as if a game . Never mind of asking silly question , the voice would speak decent voice .

We found a tool bar we can choose topic's there were about 1 billion one it would take a whole life to learn .

And we want to exit we have to ask for permission to leave and the voice would give us permission and soon we both were back to the room.

Our score and understanding got better , I hope this would make our understanding clear I the world.

May 29, 2020 16:59

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