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I stepped into my hovercraft, and pressed a purple button. There was a high pitched ringing, then it clicked. "Good, all of my luggage is transferred to my cousins apartment," I thought aloud. Then I moved a gold lever. My craft lifted off the ground.


I leaned a glass plate, that was in front of me, forward. My craft headed in the same direction as I commanded. I exited the small, clear room I was in and zoomed into the blue sky.


I can’t wait to get to Runi. The exciting thought ran into my head. The great city used to be a part of the USA in the state of Ohio, but after the nuclear war about 100 years ago, the US gave it to Greece and Spain for a peace treaty. I recited the history of the grand city for a long while, then out of the blue, there was a loud bang. My craft went hurdling towards the ground.


I frantically pressed buttons trying to make it stop, but nothing worked. “I didn’t want to resort to this, but....” I press a large red button, the light blue plate I was standing on detached from the hovercraft, and shot out the small doorway. I stood on my hover board. Then there was a loud boom from below. I look down.


I saw my craft smashed on a rock bed engulfed in red flames. "*Sigh*, well I guess I have to get there by this.`` I motioned towards my blue hovercraft, the gold font of my name popped in the sky. It read "Kayra Bayling".


I leaned forward and the board moved. I speed along the terrain, my golden hair blowing behind me.


 It had been awhile since I had seen the world for what it is: a beautiful ball of plants and mountains, not a cruel, uncaring, rejecting, heap of dirt.


I stared at the ground a few miles below me. There were massive plains, huge forests, giant mountains , and small streams. The scenes changed as I neared my destination.


After hours of standing on the craft, I saw a tall red spiral and the city of Runi. "Finally," I said, landing. I looked around at the massive buildings all around me. This might have been a long and tireless trip but it was worth it.


Then... "Kayra!!!" I turn to see my cousin. "Shuna!!!" We embraced. "Nice to see you, how was your trip?" she asked. "Uh, interesting."

September 10, 2019 00:17

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14:45 Aug 26, 2020

Wow, this was great!


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