Paying for Salome

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Bhoke took her time to dress. This was the only official time she could dress for Godson. She did not waste such golden opportunities. At least the family was back to attending Church. The third week in a row! She was ecstatic! The lockdown had started driving everyone insane in the house.

Godson loved her legs, so she was going to wear the new Ankara short skirt she had stitched. The patterns were bright and now that she had added some weight, the skirt held her in all the right places. Yellow always made her look bright and it matched the Ankara print, so yellow top it was. She wanted to show off her painted toes, so screw the heels, Maasai chappals would do. Besides, if there was some sneaking to be done, best not to announce oneself with cliquey-clucky heels.

Bhoke was happy she had managed to sneak from their parents and was sitting with her cousin at the back. The priest was just going on and on and the service hadn’t even started. Bhoke decided it was time to ‘pee’. If baba could see Bhoke! He would freeze her allowance for a month!

“Today we leave immediately after service. Would you like to see me now?” kiss emoji

Bhoke waited…..


Just one letter response?

After 5 minutes I go back and we will not see each other again for a while…” pissed off emoji

4 minutes later still no text and Bhoke gave up.

Seething with anger Bhoke walked facing down and was startled to feel someone pull her to the side.

“Hey, Miss thing! I missed you so much. Of course, I saw you going out, I was going to follow you. I knew you didn’t need to empty your bowels.…she smiles at last. Come here, babe”

Bhoke then held Godson’s hand and led him to the parking lot. She knew just the spot! Hidden, clean place. It was the end of the month, which meant long service. They had another hour and a half to themselves!

Bhoke’s heart was racing, she was breathless. They had been kissing for half an hour and it didn’t look like they would be slowing down anytime soon.

“Stop! I can hear some footsteps”

I knew it! Especially when I saw Godson stand up 2 minutes after you left.”

“You came out after 2 minutes? So you texting me one letter was to annoy me? I thought you were afraid your mama would see and that’s why you replied with one letter.”

“What can I say? I like to ruffle your feathers, so I can be the one to make you happy.”

So this is where you both came to worship?”

“What’s up with you Schola? Of course, we are worshipping from here. We can hear the service clearly as can you. Its cooler outside and clean enough to sit here. We like it here.”

So you don’t mind if I join you and we listen to the service all together do you?”

No, we don’t mind. Do we Godson?” Bhoke nudged Godson.

“Yeah, like she said, we don’t mind”

Shame on you sis. Listening to service my foot! Your blouse is half-open. Interesting way to listen to service. Or does Godson listen better that way?”

What do you want Schola? You asked to join us, join us.”

Bhoke quickly buttoned her top embarrassed. She wasn’t sure what game Schola was playing here. Schola was very complicated.

“I was riling you. Hahahahaha. You should have seen your faces. I don’t care how you worship, just be careful you don’t get caught. You know your parents Bhoke. If someone else sees you and tells them, you will be in trouble that’s all. I am like your guardian angel”

“What’s up with your cousin?”

Who knows what goes on in that head of hers? The only thing I know for sure is that she won’t rat us out. Despite her quirkiness, she loves me and watches out for me. Perhaps she is a guardian angel after all. We were misbehaving in the parking lot of a church! Why don’t you stand and go for a walk around, then return after 2 minutes?”

Bhoke’s heart was racing and not from all the kissing but from guilt. They were in church after all, and she had no business engaging in scandalous behavior right in church. Schola was right. What if someone who knew their folks had seen them? Bhoke composed herself and decided to return back inside. As she was walking back she saw someone dressed like mama and quickly hid behind a car. Peeping again she confirmed that was mama, going to the bathroom or to buy water, she wasn’t sure which. Now Bhoke was shaking and as soon as mama disappeared out of view, Bhoke literally ran back inside. Phew! That was super close!

Schola gave her a questioning look and Bhoke shrugged in response. Quickly she texted Godson.

“Sorry saw mama and ran back inside. See you after service. Sad emoji, kisses emoji, love emoji.”

Godson returned a few minutes later and they managed to sneak glances all thru.

They were leaving early today. Despite the government assurance that Covid-19 was over, it seems people were still wary. Everyone still wore masks and no one shook anyone’s hands. Even mama and baba were in a rush. Thank goodness Bhoke had sneaked out earlier…

“Who was that boy you were talking to just now? I have never seen him in church before. Is he new?” Mama inquired.

Mama, do you happen to know everyone who attends our church?”

Yes Bhoke, tell us who that boy you were spending so much time with was. Mama is right, I have also never seen him in church before” Schola added. She was playing the Devil’s advocate game.

“And I happen to know every young man who attends our church indeed. I have 4 girls. One is lost, so I have to watch over the others. So yes, I know I have never seen him. Who is he and where is he from?”

“Now…now…ladies. Can Bhoke not talk to any young man without y’all thinking evil thoughts? I think Bhoke was practicing charity by welcoming new ones, yes Bhoke?” Baba asked

Yes, Baba. Thank you! Baba, you are the best. That boy said he is called Godson and he said his family has recently moved nearby and they will be attending our church. Happy everyone?”

“You don’t say!” Schola responded.

Bhoke pinched her and they started fighting in the car. Mama had to smack them both.

When they got home, baba asked Bhoke to help him carry the groceries they had bought on the way home. When they were finally together, baba said to Bhoke;

“Bhoke, I know that you like Godson. I know that you left service for a while and so did he. Remember, you are a good Christian girl. I cannot vouch for that boy and I know he is only interested in one thing. You know what happened to your sister. Don’t disappoint baba, okay? You know you are my favorite. And next time when you sneak out, don’t stay out so long. I am your baba, I always know what you are up-to, you hear?”

Bhoke was shaking. She now understood why baba had saved her in the car. He didn’t want mama to know because he didn’t approve of Godson. He was reminding her who she was.

She went straight to the shower and slept. Her phone woke her up. It was Godson. A video call. Bhoke wasn’t sure if she was ready to talk to him yet. She ignored the call. Godson texted back.

“Hey, miss thing. Missing you. What you up to? Just finished helping mom make lunch. Karibu (welcome). Can still smell your lovely scent, and taste your tongue.”

This wasn’t helping. She remembered Baba’s warning. She remembered how great Godson’s hands on her boobies felt. Drunk and hypnotized. She left the phone and went to the kitchen.

Schola was cooking.

Finally, the princess is awake. Did monsters start chasing you and your prince was unavailable?”

“Am not in the mood.”

My, my…I thought all that kissing would last you a week! It lasted all of 2 hours only? Godson must be a terrible kisser.”

No come back? What’s up with you? Something must have happened. You are like a deflated balloon. Do you know I saw baba go out and I ran to find you? Ohhh! He must have given you a warning right?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about. I just woke up. Do you usually wake up cheerful?”

Hmmm…he must have…..”

Bhoke found 10 missed calls after lunch and so many texts. She could no longer continue ignoring Godson. She texted him back and he video called. They talked for about an hour. Godson sensed there was something but she feigned a headache. He managed to cheer her up though, and she forgot all her worries.

The week passed and soon it was Sunday again. This time Bhoke sat with her folks and refrained from any shenanigans. She wanted baba to believe she was a good girl. Her phone kept vibrating but Bhoke ignored it.

Outside Godson waylaid her.

“Hey, stranger…I am Godson. Your loving boyfriend, whom you have ignored today”

I am sorry. Last week baba saw us and so I had to be a good girl today

“So that’s why you are also avoiding video calls? Depriving me of my rights?”

No” Bhoke responded. “I read somewhere that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Therefore I wanted your fondness for my boobies to grow.” Bhoke winked. Sometimes she didn’t know where her bold self came from. It was like she was two people in one.

“It might just make my eyes go wandering…”

Don’t worry sweetie. Today I will let you see them okay? You know that I missed showing them off to you, right?” She quickly responded.

She didn’t want to spend so much time with Godson. She didn’t want baba or mama to see them.

Bhoke proved true to her words. Godson had then asked if she could sneak on the upcoming 77 National Holiday the following week. Her parents usually went to 77 Grounds. She said she could swing it.

Now to get Schola on the same page. Schola was going to request something in return. Bhoke hoped it would be reasonable. With Schola one never knew. Schola asked for her monthly allowance!! No matter. She gave Schola the money.

On 77 Bhoke acted bored as if she would spend the day in bed. The truth was, beneath her dera (long kaftan) she was dressed to kill. As soon as the folks left, she would do her makeup and disappear. Godson was already in the vicinity. Schola would keep in constant touch with mama so as to alert Bhoke. Since they couldn’t risk spending the time outdoors for fear of being seen, they were going to cruise around first and then go to Godson’s house. Godson said his mom was cool about it. They drove from Sinza to Masaki, there was no traffic jam, and it was an awesome day to cruise. He stopped every so often and bought coconut water, sugar cane juice, snacks. It was beautiful. He took her around the Sea Cliff and bought ice-cream. It was a wonderful date.

He then took her home. The living room was empty. His mom was in her room. The maid was cleaning around. Godson took her to his room. His brother was studying in the US, so the room was his. He put on some music and soon enough they were kissing.

Godson wanted her to understand what she was doing to him. He stood up and held her close. She was responding ardently to his kissing and then she stiffened. He knew then that she had felt his member rubbing her. She must have liked the feeling because she was now kissing him back ferociously. He took this as his cue and started squeezing her tits. Her knees buckled. He held her close. He was hopeful. She would eventually come around.

Bhoke was enjoying the feeling of his thing on her special place. It was so good it was wicked. No wonder her father kept warning her. She couldn’t think of her father now. This was too good. As long as she didn’t sleep with him she was okay. They broke for lunch but Bhoke never saw Godson’s mom. After lunch, they slept. Godson then woke her up with kisses. His hand was also massaging her you know what. She woke up with a start and asked to go back home. She could see the disappointment in Godson.

She started promising him that when her father traveled the following weekend, she would find a way to sneak out if that was okay with him. The date was set for Sunday.

On Sunday, Bhoke pretended to have a major stomach upset. Mama decided to leave her and left for church with Schola. Bhoke asked mama they lock up and take their key as she didn’t want to be disturbed. Schola was suspicious. Bhoke didn’t care.

Godson picked her up the moment they left. They only had a maximum of 2 hours and they were going to make it count. Godson took Bhoke to his home. They had the house to themselves. Bhoke felt a shiver run thru her spine. She hoped that Godson wouldn’t force her to do anything she wasn’t ready for. As much as she enjoyed this new experience of fooling around, she would never sleep with Godson. Her father’s warning rang perpetually in her mind. Every time they visited her older sister, she vowed she would never allow a man to do that to her. It was either marriage or she would die a virgin.

As soon as they opened the door he was crushing her on the wall kissing and fondling her. His thing was poking her today. She was kinda curious to see how it looked. Her hand briefly touched his thing. He didn’t allow her to remove her hand. Instead, he opened his fly.

“Curious, huh? Touch it. Feel it. Stroke it.”

He said it like a command and she obeyed instantly. Her eyes were popping out.

“It’s so big! Wow!”

“Thank you. Squeeze it a little and rub it…awww….yes…go..on.”

How does this even fit in a woman?”

“Would you like to find out? I can show you”

No, thanks. I am not ready yet. It’s too big. It would definitely be painful.”

“Stop talking woman and just stroke it”

He seemed to be lost from the moment she touched it. Just like that some gooey stuff came off and soiled them. Her hands and legs were soiled as were his clothes.

What the hell?” Ewww…gross

“Congratulations. The gross stuff, tells you that you are a pro! You should be proud of it. Come, let’s go to the bathroom and shower.”

Like Together?

“You catch on fast. What? You have already seen him, so what is a quick shower together?”

“If you don’t shower, you will be stinking of sperm and your mom will know what you were up to. Trust me on that one”

Why can I not shower alone then?

“What’s the fun in that? Besides you get to see my thingy and I don’t get to see yours? How fair is that?”

Godson knew how to put his arguments across. She couldn’t argue with logic.

Bhoke barely made it in time before her dad returned home. He wasn’t meant to return until the next day. No wonder it was whispered that her dad was a shushushu (Government spy). She thanked heavens for the close call. She would have to be very careful in the future. He knocked on her door and she feigned sleep. She wasn’t ready to face him yet. She wanted to think of the wonderful time she had with Godson in the shower. It had been magical!

She called Godson.

“Are you missing me already? Jimmy misses you. He wants you to touch him. I was just thinking about you.”


“I want you to prove that you love me. Be prepared mamii. Next time we meet Jimmy wants to worship IN your temple. Jimmy is tired of being rejected. Do you understand?..... I can’t hear you.”

Yes I understand

“I won’t hurt you, babe. I promise I will be delicate with you. You will love it and will soon be asking for more”

Sorry, Baba is calling me. He is back. I will call you later

“You go, but remember what I said. No running this time. I want my woman. I want you to show me that you love me.”

It had now been a week since that conversation. She had been avoiding video calls and talked to Godson sporadically. Godson was upset. She was frightened. She loved him. Yet she knew only too well the heartache her family still suffered. Salome had changed completely and now lived in an asylum. She had been too quick to give herself and had paid for it dearly. Getting pregnant, the man refusing responsibility, soiling her reputation, and then disappearing. Losing the baby and her mind too. No, she would not give herself to Godson.

Bhoke had skipped church (As had Baba. He was watching her closely). She knew what she had to do. It was going to be painful, but she was determined. She took her phone and blocked Godson’s number. A man like him would have no trouble finding another woman to sleep with. That's all he wanted. She started crying hysterically. Baba came in and held her. He smiled, contentedly. 

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