Nigel Goes to A Bar

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Coming of Age Friendship Inspirational

"I'm sorry Nigel, but your mother and I think you should grow up by cutting your expenses. You need learn some responsibility especially if you want to be the next boss in our family firm," said my dad on the other end of my iphone. I sat there listening to my father as the bartender handed me my first can of ginger ale. My dad continued explaining the decision he and mother made just recently.

Annoyed, I replied: "So what am I supposed to do father? Just live like a pleasant?"

"Yes my son. I think that is best," he answered. "Your mother and I have spoiled you enough already. We often feel like that the both of us are being used with your spending habits."

"That's completely unfair. I need to look professional out here by buying all sorts of clothes."

"Not when you have a ton of attire over here in your walking closet. You simply could shipped them over there you know."

"I rather not get them rid. Who know if some scandal will ruin them. No thank you."

"Again Nigel, I'm sorry but this is an important lesson for you." 

"I only got 200 dollars in my person right now. What should I ever do daddy?"

"My suggestion would be you looking for a job."

"I know that much. That should be easy for me. But I was asking about my living situation. I can't possibly continue living at this penthouse. It's three thousands dollars a month."

"You will have to look for another place my boy. The nice thing is you still have a month before they evicted. I'm sure you can find a place by the end of the month."

I rolled my eyes, gave a sigh and go: "Ahhh fine. I'll see what I can do."

"Atta boy Nigel. Your mother thought you weren't going to be easy to convince."

"I'm still not fond of any of this. This wouldn't be forgotten, I promise you that."

"Good because we both want you to learn this important lesson that is what is called life."

At that moment, I was completely irritated inwardly. All I wanted to do was scream and have it my way but with knowing how my father is, I had to bit my tongue while doing as he says. I replid: "Okay dad. I better start looking."

"Sounds good Nigel. Don't be shy to call us. We'll still welcome you with open arms."

"Yeah, not until I find a job," I responded.

"Just do it for your mother okay?"


"Good-bye son. Love you."

"I love you too dad. Bye."

The call ended and there I was even more frustrated. I sat there on the bar stroll thinking to myself: 'How come they do this to me? I'm their only son. A son who always gave a damn about the money and business. I'll show them. I shall find a job and shove my earned money in their face. But first I need a place.' 

Just as soon as I started looking for a place on my iphone, it died. 'Damn it all. Just when I needed it most.' I grab my charger out of my bag and looked for the nearest output which was in the back of the bar. Once I gathered myself and my belongings, I waited there with ginger ale can while my iphone was charging. 

I dozed off at least for five minutes but when I checked my phone it was at 2%. 'Great, now my phone is going take a while to charge up. Perfect day,' I said to myself sarcastically.

Ten minutes go by and I completely have dozed off until someone loudly obnoxious comes into the bar going: "Good afternoon everyone!" People at the bar including the bartender cheered back to this stranger.

Stated, I woke up very quickly almost fall off of my stroll. I rubbed my eyes and then checked my phone. 13%. The nerve of today. I then set my eyes to the stranger who burst out to everyone with his friendly greeting which woke me up. 

That stranger was a hillbilly from the looks of it and he wore a Miller work uniform with a dark blue cap. On the base of that cap was a blue and yellow glove which I was guessing was baseball considering I saw a ball within the glove with some stitches. He also had long hair which was tied to a ponytail through the baseball cap and had several teeth missing. I then decided to just go back to sleep considering I knew my phone still needed more juice in order to use it so I lay my head down and rest.

Some time later, I felt a gently budge and a voice softly whisperes to me: "Hey, are you okay there bud?"

I slowly lifted my head from my arms and turn to see the hillbilly sitting right next me. He accompanied himself with a big mug of beer in his left hand and gave a friendly smile. The stranger asked: "Hey there, I'm Frank. What's your name?"

"Nigel," I said. I then proceeded to check my phone and it was at 20%. 'Not even ten minutes I assuming,' I said this to my head.

Frank then goes: "Nice to meet you Nigel. Are you new around here?"


"Where you from?" he asked.


"That's so cool. I always wanted to go there to taste their beer and also check out the ladies. Welcome to the U.S. of A Nigel!" he said as he wrapped his right arm around my neck.

Suffocating from his smelly armpit, he finally lets go and I replied: "Thank you Frank." I then checked my phone and it was at 22%. 

Frank notices this and goes: "You trying to charge up ya phone there?"


"As much I hate to be the barrier of bad news, but you'll be here all day charging it. Trust me, I know this bar like it's my second home and none of these outlets are the best. How about you come to my place to give that phone a good charge? It's a short walk from here."

"I think I'm good."

"Come on bud. I'm sure it will charge in ten minutes fully if you come to my place. I'll also give you a can of ginger ale considering I know you like them with that can there. Free of charge of course."

"Okay fine. I'll join ya."

"There you go. First let me chugged this beer of mine. Then we'll be off."

As he did that, I processed to turn on my iphone in case I had to call the police or someone who rescue me. For all I know he might be a serial killer. Once he was done, he sets it down and leds the way. Before leaving, he gives everyone a shout-out: "Have a good day y'all!" Even the people there said: "The same to you Frank." I have to say it seems like this Frank was an interesting and trustworthy fellow.

March 25, 2022 20:59

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Graham Kinross
10:26 Jul 16, 2022

“in your walking closet” walk-in “I had to bit my tongue” bite my tongue “almost fall off of my stroll” stool “the barrier of bad news” bearer of bad news Personally I wouldn’t have gone with Frank. I’m not a trusting strangers kind of person. I imagine what happened next would be as much of a story, whether Frank is kind or not. I see some word errors in this that you would hear if you had dictation software reading it to you. Microsoft Word has a Read Aloud feature so you can hear what you’ve written. If you don’t have word there are w...


Sean Sorce
22:34 Jul 16, 2022

Thanks for your awesome feedback once again Graham. Yeah, that's all totally understandable especially nowadays. Be sure to check the other titles with Frank & Nigel. I know you checked out A Sandy Predicament but there are two others such as Nigel's First Ball Game and A Fortune's Love. Those are worth checking out.


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Tricia Shulist
15:43 Apr 02, 2022

Interesting story. I wonder what happens to Nigel? Thanks for this


Sean Sorce
15:49 Apr 02, 2022

Thank you for your feedback. You can read more about Nigel and Frank on my other two stories: Nigel's First Ball Game and A Sandy Predicament. You're welcome btw.


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