Crime Mystery Thriller

Can they resist darker impulses?

'ALL THE GIRLS here fancy him, even the married ones,' Peggy nudged the new girl. They both slyly giggled.

'So, is he the boss, or what?' Sandy asked.

'No, nothing like that. He is only one step up the ladder from us.'

'I wish I could afford clothes as classy as his,' Sandy said.

'Yeah, I know what you mean; he's the same each day, immaculate, clothes, perfect manners, the lot.'


'He is not interested in any of us. Jessica fancied him, but she left.'

'Oh, gay, is he?'

'We don't know, but I don't think so. I did hear him talking to a female on his iPhone once. Maybe that was his girlfriend?'

'I guess we'll never know. Anyway, I'm here to earn money, not find a lover.'

'That's it, girl, our salary and a decent commission, you'll get any man you want.'

'Except him?' Sandy flicked her thumb in his direction, and they both laughed.

'How are you settling in, Sandy?' asked Peggy.

'Great, thanks, loving it here. When do we get paid?'

'The last Friday in the month, so in a couple of days for most of us, but sorry, you have to work for at least thirty days. So, you'll have to wait. Bad luck,' Peggy said.

'But, my rent and car payment are due on the first of the month. What am I going to do?'

'You'll be okay, landlords are understanding, don't worry. Of course, you could get rid of your motor and travel in the new car in the car park.'

'Yeah, whose is that?'

'Haven't you guessed it? Mister Handsome over there; he just bought it. Nice, eh?'

'He must be a model in his spare time or something?' They giggled.

'Maybe he earns more commission than you or I.'

'Yes, I guess.'

'Why don't you ask him?' said Peggy.

'Oh yeah, "How'd you afford a car like that, and I can't even make payments on an old Ford", what a great ice-breaker.'

'I'm sure you know how to speak nicely to get what you want when you need it?'

Peggy's smugness caused Sandy's question to remain unasked.

'Excuse me, do you mind if I reach across you for a coffee mug?' said Sandy.

'Oh, I'm sorry, all I do these days is get in everybody's way. I'm Carlton, we haven't been introduced.'

'Hello, Carlton, I'm the new girl, Sandy.'

'Are you enjoying life here?'

'So far so good. Thank you. Is that your BMW?'

'Yes, I went crazy and bought it.'

'Wow, I wonder when I'll earn enough to afford wheels like those?'

'Keep at it. Good things come to those who wait.'

Sandy shook her head as she approached Peggy's desk.' That didn't work, and he gave me "mother knows best" advice. I thought he'd offer me a run in his car. And who knows what else?' Sandy said over her coffee with Peggy.

'I told you, he keeps away from workmates,' answered Peggy.

'Look around you. The place is full of gorgeous single girls. He must be gay.'

'Oh, no, he's not.'

'Yeah, and how do you know?'

'Never you mind.'

'One of the others told me he was interested in a lass here. The one I replaced, Jessica.'

'Yes, so it seemed.'

'What happened to her then?'

'She was here one day and gone the next. No one knows why.'

'If I can't get my salary for another month, maybe I can at least get a dinner with Mr BMW.'

'I wouldn't try it if I were you.'

The following evening, Sandy followed Carlton home from the office to see if his house was as good as his car. It was.

As he pulled up in his parking place.' Oh, hi Carlton, is this your place?'

'Yes, what are you doing here?'

'Just driving around, and there you were.'

'Did the girls at the office put you up to this?'

'No, why?'

'Never mind, it is none of your business. See you tomorrow.'

'You'll never guess what happened to me last night?'

'Don't tell me your ex is chasing you up?'

'No. I, by chance, saw Carlton. He barely gave me the time of day.'

'I told you, leave him alone; I'm not telling you again.' Peggy stormed off, leaving her coffee on the table.

She sheepishly returned and grabbed her still-hot drink. She tripped and knocked into Sandy and poured hot liquid over her. The mug smashed into shards.

'Oh, I am sorry.' She looked around and spotted Carlton, 'Quick, have you a hanky, we must clean Sandy. Oh, look at the blood. Are you okay?'

'Yes, don't fuss.'

Carlton mopped her arm and wiped away the blood. 'There, you'll live,' he said as he shook the handkerchief dry and stuffed it in his blazer pocket.

Finally, the day's graft came to an end.

'Come on, Sandy, jump into your car. I want to show you something.'

'Where are we going?'

'Just drive, I'll give you directions.'

'This is the road where Carlton lives?'

'Yes, oh, you know it?'

'What are all the police doing outside?'

'Drive past and take me back to the car park. I'll explain there.'

'Well? What is going on?'

'Wait a minute, I must fetch something from my boot.'

Peggy had something behind her back when she returned. Sandy was more worried about what happened at Carlton's.

'Remember at coffee break, Carlton mopped up your blood at the office? And the street CCTV has filmed your car passing his place at least twice.'

'Yes, of course, what about it?'

'The police arrested him an hour ago.'

'What, why? And what's that to do with his gentlemanly act when we had a little accident?'

'It wasn't an accident.'

'You mean you tipped hot coffee on me and jabbed the broken mug into my arm? What is wrong with you?'

'The police will find the body of Jessica in a grave in his garden.'

A hammer appeared from behind Peggy's back. It swung and clubbed Sandy's head. She collapsed to her knees, blood spurting from the wound above her ear.

'Did Carlton tell you his parents are on holiday?'

'W, w, why would he?'

'I thought you two were getting on so well, no secrets and all that?'

Sandy struggled to mumble as she needed her arms to support her weight. Her eyes questioned her workmate, but her words failed.

'We are going to his parents' home. I've prepared a cosy little hole for you to be buried in.'

The trip was short; lifting Sandy was not easy, but as Peggy had done it before, she had become skilled in humping attractive and slim women.

'I expect the police will soon connect the bloody hanky and your disappearance.' She slung the shovel into the car's boot and whistled as she drove home.

'I wonder what the new staff will be like?'


September 13, 2023 09:27

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Corey Melin
04:17 Sep 18, 2023

Very good read. Superb job


Colin Devonshire
04:42 Sep 19, 2023

Thanks, Corey.


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