Anna wanted to escape from that situation. She was already in a hurry. But she couldn’t leave that old woman alone. Anna was late for her work and she had a situation in which she neither went to work nor she left that granny behind. It was not that Anna was only one there. It was a crowded street in New York, but coincident happen and mostly with Anna. Anna never wanted to be in a situation like that but it happened.

She didn’t get up late, at sharp 8 a.m. She was ready to leave home at 9 a.m. She wished to reach the office at 10 a.m. as she used to be late usually. Her boss scolded her the previous day, so desperately wanted to be on time. Her work was complete and outstanding but she could not help being late. That is why she got up early and became ready to go half an hour early. But hard luck! She hit on the old lady. 

“Oh, I am very sorry. Are you okay?” Anna asked.

“Yes, yes I am fine, girl, don’t worry.” The old lady said. “Let me give you a hand.”

She helped Anna to get up. Anna felt weird. 

“Thanks, granny. You are strong. What is your name by the way?”

“Oh, thanks. I am Mary, and you are?”


“What a lovely name. Anna why were you in a rush?” 

“I was trying not to be late for the office. I didn’t see you and bumped on you.”

Mary laughed. “It seemed you are always late, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, and boss scold me in front of all for that. She never actually praise anyone.” Anna said angrily.

Mary laughed again. “Hey kid, can you do me a favor?”

“Yeah sure. What is it?”

“I am new in this city. I came to visit my grandson, but I don’t really know the address. Can you help me?” She showed a diary to Anna. 

“Okay. Let me see the address. Oh…Wow, this apartment is near to my office. I can take you there.”

They both started walking on their way.

Granny was too slow and Anna worried that she will be late again. She suggested to take cab and pay but granny refused as she had some troublesome memories with a cab ride. Mary carried only a purse. She had a big spectacle and when she laughed all her teeth could be seen. She looked old but had a glow in her eyes. 

It was 10.15 and Anna was near her office but she couldn’t go. Her first duty was to make sure granny finds her grandson. 

“There it is. That’s the apartment.”

“Thank you very much, Anna. I would like if you come and take a cup of tea.”

“Oh no no granny. Not now. I am sorry but I don’t wanna be late.” 

“Are you sure?”

Anna looked in the watch. She thought she had enough time to go with granny for a cup of tea. And she skipped her breakfast today.

“Okay, I’ll come. On which floor your grandson live?”

“It says 10th floor in the address.”

“It will take 2 minutes by lift.”

As soon as they reached the apartment’s main door, they saw a notice about repairing the lift. That meant she had to climb the stairs with granny o the 10th floor. Anna couldn’t imagine.

“We will succeed. Don’t lose hope.” Granny said.

“Wasn’t it too much granny? Anyway, let’s go.”

They reached after an hour by sitting and then again climbing. But it seemed they took useless efforts. The door was locked and there was a letter on the door saying that the grandson had to go for an emergency at his friend’s house and couldn’t come before 8 p.m. Anna was in shock more than granny. But the worst nightmare was about to begin. Anna forgot to see the time. It was 10.45 and she was late again. The boss was going to scold her again and she couldn’t do anything. There was still something she could do. She could still go to the office before her boss came and submit her work. But she was unable to do that. She didn’t want to leave granny alone, and she will never going to reach before boss as they have to climb down the stairs! 

Granny didn’t care. She opened her purse and took out sandwiches. She offered one to Anna. 

“You know what situation we are in. How could you even think of eating?”

“Why? What’s it with eating? I am hungry and I think you too. Have a sandwich.”

Anna realized she hadn’t eaten anything since morning. She took a sandwich. They both went into the park. Granny told her past and how desperate she is to meet her grandson because of how lovely and kind he was to her. She also offered Anna some cookies, but Anna refused.

“Oh come on kid. These are handmade cookies. I made those for Jack. But he is not here and we are hungry. Eat it. Don’t hesitate.”

“Okay okay.” Anna took one cookie and taste it. It was heavenly. 

“Wow granny! Never ate like that before.”

“Oh, thanks, dear!”

Anna knew she is late and she couldn’t do anything. She never wanted to be in that situation but it was a coincident and she couldn’t help it. 

“You are late anyway and my grandson will not come before 8 so will you show me the city? I’ll get a company and you can spend your time.”

Anna was late and if she went anyway to the office she could only boss’s scolding. So she took granny’s proposal. It’s been a while since she roams in the city. They wandered in the amusement park. Granny did not have to walk in the time square. They went for a cinema and granny loved it. Anna took her to various shops and they bought so many things. It was 7.30 p.m. when they were sited in a café eating. 

“It was a very great day, Anna. Thank you very much.” Granny said. “I don’t know what I could have done if you were not with me.”

“Don’t mention it, granny. I also had the best time. I was busy and didn’t have any time to look for myself. But you taught me not to lose hope in bad time and seeing you always happy and cool gave me courage. Thanks to you granny. Come on its 8.30. Jack will be at home.”

When they came home the life was working. They both laughed. Jack welcomed both. Granny introduced Anna to Jack. He looked happy and thanked Anna for looking after granny. After dinner with some good conversation and tea, Anna took leave. 

“Keep coming. I am going nowhere for a month.” 

Anna smiled and said, “I come only if you teach me how to make cookies.”

All laughed. Anna never wanted to be in that situation bit the more she be in it the more she wanted. After all no one could resist the company of such a sweet granny!

August 16, 2019 09:02

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