Christmas Fiction Holiday


The hall was beautifully decorated. All the guests wished Sally and Vincent , ' Happy Anniversary' . After the dance , they all came to the table for the cake cutting ceremony .Amidst clapping and cheering , the couple blew the candles together . As they pulled up the pictures from the three layered Chocolate picture pull up cake . Their eyes were moist . The pictures told their journey through all these years.

    They had first met at an inter college fest where they had represented their respective colleges in the debate competition. From the announcement Vincent came to know that Sally was a student of the host college..They were pitted against each other, he for the motion and she against it .. When Vincent saw Sally , he immediately knew that he had found his soul mate and someone with whom he wanted to spend his life with . He was blown over by her exemplary oratory skills and confidence .

    They didn't see each other for quite some time after their first meeting . But as fate would have, they bumped into each other one day at a coffee shop. Vincent went up to Sally and said ," Your performance at the contest was far better than mine. You deserved the prize. Sally smiled and thanked him for the compliment. 

" Congratulations Vincent, I must say, you were a tough contender."

Vincent paid the bills . He took out his pen from the pocket and scribbled something on a paper napkin and slipped it into Sally's hand .He wanted to spend some more time with her , but she excused herself saying she had to reach home soon . 

   In the metro , Sally took out the paper from her bag and read it . She folded the napkin and kept it back , smiling . Vincent had written his name, contact number and address on it . He had even drawn a rose in the corner .

   Their common likings and interests in books,films , travelling and love for animals strengthened their bond even after five years of their first meeting. They were both settled and well placed in their jobs . Sally was now an English lecturer in the university and Vincent an executive in an MNC .

      They didn't meet often .. But whenever they met ,Vincent would pamper her with lavish gifts, treats at plush restaurants or movies ..Sally would reprimand him for being  extravagant. . She told him openly that she didn't have the means to reciprocate his gestures . Sometimes she even refused his gifts and offers politely . Vincent was more drawn towards her by her simplicity, loving and caring nature..

     Everytime they had some petty argument , Sally would come out to be the winner . Much to her embarrassment , Vincent once jokingly told her that no one could beat her arguing skills . Instead of becoming a lecturer she should have been a lawyer.

     Soon they introduced each other to their families and friends . They would often go out together for trips and picnics. They enjoyed each other's company and had become one big family.

    Vincent now decided to take his friendship with Sally to the next step .He wanted to marry her . But felt hesitant and unsure about how to proceed . So he decided to take the help of his family and friends . They were happy to know about the feelings Vincent and Sally had for each other and promised to help them unite .

     On Christmas Eve , Sally and her family got up early to clean the house and make goodies for Christmas next day . As Sally was decorating the Christmas tree , she heard a whinning sound outside . At first she ignored it , but could not doing so for long . The sound became louder . She went to the door and opened it .It was biting cold outside . 

     She saw a beautifully decorated basket with a puppy tucked in warm sheets . She picked up the basket and came inside . He was cold and shivering . She went to the kitchen to get some hot milk and bread for the puppy . He lapped up the food hungrily and curled up to sleep . Just then there was a message on her phone 'Thank you for giving the puppy a warm welcome. It's yours . I know you are an animal lover '. The message was from a number which was not on her contact list . 

      She blocked the number and went back to the living room to decorate it and also to help her mother bake the cake . She told her parents about the message . Her father suggested that they lodge a police report . The pup had already stolen Sally's heart . She didn't want to part with it . She even clicked a few pictures. His brown eyes were so warm . He seemed to be begging Sally not to send him away. Sally patted his head lovingly.

     The doorbell rang . Sally was sad that the puppy's owner or the police must have come to take it away . It was the courier delivery man . He gave her a bouquet of roses and a package . It was from her friend . There were a few books which she had decided to order online . She send a thank you and message to Polly . She send back a smiling emoji . 

    " Sally please for God's sake go and wear something beautiful. It's Christmas Eve . Some friends are coming over for tea . ". 

     Sally reluctantly went to her room to change . She wore the pink dress she wore a few months back on her cousin's wedding . She had left her hair open and put on some light make up . 

      Sally was flabbergasted when she opened the door . It was Vincent and his family and friends . Sally's friends also followed soon. Sally was taken aback. She had least expected them and that too uninvited. Sally's parents gave them a warm welcome. 

      Vincent sang Sally's favourite song . She was taken in by surprise . She never knew this talent of Vincent at all . While singing, he slipped a ring into her finger and bent on his knees and proposed to her . 

"Will you be mine forever?"

"Yes", she said shyly . 

"So all this was your plan ?"

Vincent and Sally cut the cake.

"How time flies " said Sally wiping her tears .It's now twenty five years of our marriage ! Thank you everyone for making this happen. "

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December 19, 2020 16:20

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Chris Wagner
00:35 Dec 31, 2020

This story flows pretty nicely, kind of like a fairy tale storybook. The dialog and characters were well established, I went along with it for the most part. The prompt asked for a lot in 3k words, so I can guess how it would be hard to fit in descriptions of characters and setting. My biggest issue was just the weird punctuation. I know it's hard to do italics on this site, so I understand a few strange placements of periods and commas, but if you're working from a document and copy pasting, maybe try to fix the hiccups before posting. But ...


Mousumi Biswas
18:07 Dec 31, 2020

Thank you 😊 Will work on this Happy New year 🎊


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Elizabeth Rogge
22:21 Dec 30, 2020

A nice story. A bit of advice I learned a long time ago is, “show, don’t tell”. Use more dialogue and longer, flowing sentences. Introduce dialogue with action.


Mousumi Biswas
18:05 Dec 31, 2020

Thank you for your advice . Will surely keep this in mind 😉 Happy New year 🎊🎈🎂


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