As I was making breakfast Mom yelled, “Leon can you grab me some toilet paper from the cabinet?” “Sure Mom,” I yelled back heading straight to the cabinet. “Mom we have a problem,” I yelled waiting for a response. “What’s the problem, Leon,” she yelled back annoyed. “We ran out of toilet paper,” I yelled, concerned about what her reaction might be. “Well you will just have to drive to the store to get some more,” Mom yelled. “Okay I’ll be right back,” I told her walking out the door. 

It took me longer than usual to get to the store because there was a huge traffic jam just before you tuned to get to the parking lot. Okay, I’m just coming in here to get toilet paper, nothing else I told myself knowing that wasn’t going to happen. 

I walked around the whole store and I couldn’t find the toilet paper section. I asked a worker, “Hey where can I find toilet paper?” “Oh that is right here,” she said taking a couple of steps. “Oh thanks,” I said embarrassed. “Hey do I know you?” I asked. “Um I don’t think so, maybe we go to the same school?” She said. “Um yeah, do you go to Brentford High?” I asked. “Yeah, and you’re Leon right?” She asked. “Yeah, and you must be Mable,” I said. “Yeah that’s right,” she said excitedly. “I have to get some toilet paper. We ran out,” I said trying to start a conversation. “Oh I hate it when that happens,” Mable said sarcastically. “Hey, do you want to get something to eat?” I asked. “It’s 8:15 in the morning,” she said. “Oh yeah kinda forgot,” I said nervously. “But I would like to some other time,” Mable said, breaking the silence. “Okay yeah, some other time. Can you give me your number, so we can see when?” I asked. “Yeah sure,” Mable said handing me her phone. We exchanged phones and put our own number in each other's contacts. “See you later,” I said leaving the aisle. “You forgetting something,” Mable asked. “Oh yeah the toilet paper duh,” I said embarrassed again. 

I got to my car and looked at the phone number Mable put in my phone. I can’t wait to go on a date with her I thought. 

“I’m back,” I yelled grabbing a roll of toilet paper. “What took you so long?” Mom asked. “I met a girl,” I said smiling. “Oh, I thought you forgot,” Mom said. “No, I didn’t forget,” I said astonished. “So when is your first date?” Mom asked. “I don’t know we haven't made a date yet, but her name is Mable and she is really nice. She goes to Brentford,” I told Mom. “Oh I see,” she said smiling. 

Mable texted me two days later wanting to know if I would like to go to Rapid Fire pizza with her Friday night. I quickly responded yes. 

Friday night came and I wasn’t dressed up real nice, but I was dressed up a little. She came to my house and we went to eat. When we got back to my house we watched a movie then she left around 9:45 that night. 

“So how did it go?” Mom asked as I walked down the steps. “Oh just fine,” I said smiling. “So what happened?” Mom said. “We had pizza and watched a movie. Just like I told you we would do,” I said. “Well you never know something could have changed,” She said with a smile on her face. “No we didn’t kiss,” I said. “Oh okay just making sure,” Mom said walking out of the room. 

About twenty minutes later I got a text message from Mable. It said, “I had a great time last night. We should do it again sometime. Unless you didn’t have fun. If you didn’t you can tell me I won't get mad.” I responded, “I had a great time last night as well and I also think we should do it again sometime.” 

4 Years Later

Mable and I have been on multiple dates. We are both at the same university and we are both seniors. I have decided that I am going to purpose to her at her graduation party. I talked to her dad and he said yes. 

Mom called me this morning, the day of the proposal. “So how is it going? Are you excited?” She asked excitedly. “Yes Mom I’m excited,” I said. “So I’m invited right?” She asked. “Yes Mom you’re invited,” I said getting annoyed. “Okay see you tonight,” she said hanging up. 

“Do you have the ring?” Mom asked quietly. “Yes Mom I have the ring,” I said. “Okay, just making sure,” Mom said with a smile. “Do you have the ring?” Mable’s dad asked. “Yes, William I have the ring,” I said smiling. “Hi, Mable how’s it going?” I asked. “Good. How about you?” Mable asked. “Oh pretty good,” I said holding her hand and walking away. “What is there to eat?” I asked. “Oh just some chicken and some cake,” she said. “Oh, so nothing else?” I asked. “Oh well yeah, but chicken and cake are the most popular,” Mable said. We ate some food and then we walked around for a bit. “Mable we have been together for four years and I love you very much,” I said getting down on one knee and opening the ring box,” Mable Grace Wright will you marry me?” “Yes, yes, yes,” Mable yelled. I put the ring on her then we kissed. 

“We’re engaged!” Mable said happily to her dad and my mom. “Good I’m so proud of you,” William said. “Me too,” Mom said looking at me smiling. 

6 Months Later

“You ready?” Mom asked excitedly. “Yeah, but a little nervous,” I said. “You will, but once you get up there and you see Mable walking down that aisle you won’t be nervous anymore,” Mom said. “You sure?” I asked. “Yes I’m sure,” she said happily. 

The song came on and Mable came walking down the aisle. Mom was right I’m not nervous anymore. I thought. “You may now kiss the bride,” the priest said. We kissed then we walked down the aisle together. We then went to the reception hall. We had the time of our lives. 

1 Year Later

I got home from work and headed to our bedroom to change. I was about to change when Mable came from the bathroom and said, “I’m pregnant!” “Seriously?” I asked excitedly. “Yeah I’m serious,” she said excitedly back. “Oh my gosh we’re going to be parents,” I yelled hugging her. “I know,” Mable said crying happily. “So when are we going to tell our family?” I asked. “I don’t know. When are we going to have another get-together?” “We have brunch tomorrow with both of our families,” I said. “Well we will just tell them tomorrow then,” Mable said. 

“We have something to tell you guys,” I said. “I’m pregnant!” Mable said cheerfully. “Congratulations,” Mom said happily. “Congrats,” William said. “When are you due?” asked Mom. “April 18,” Mable said. “I’m so excited for you guys,” Mom said. “Me too,” William said. 

9 Months Later

“Leon, it’s time,” Mable said to me. “Are you sure?” I asked. “Yes I’m sure,” she said back. I got Mable to the car and we drove to the hospital. On the way there I called my mom and Mable’s dad to tell them that we are headed to the hospital. 

Mable had identical twin boys on April 18. We decided before that we weren’t going to tell our parents we were having twins to see what their reactions would be. “Do you guys want to come in to see your grandchild?” I asked Mom and William. “Well of course,” Mom replied walking into the room, William following behind her. Mable was holding both boys when Mom walked into the room. “What?” She yelled excitedly. “We had twins,” I said. “You never told me. Did you forget?” Mom asked. “No, we didn’t forget to tell you. We wanted it to be a surprise,” I said. “Well it was certainly a surprise,” Mom said. “I had a little bit of a feeling she was pregnant with twins,” William said. “How did you figure that out?” I asked. “Well her stomach was huge. It was either twins or a big baby,” William said. “So what are their names?” Mom asked. “Their names are Isaac,” Mable said gesturing towards her right, “and Isaiah,” she said gesturing towards her left. “What beautiful names,” Mom said. “They are so cute,” William said. “I know they look just like their mother,” I said smiling at Mable. “Here do you guys want to hold them?” Mable asked. “Well of course I do,” Mom said, taking Isaac out of Mable’s arm. “Sure,” William said, taking Isaiah from Mable. Mom and William stayed for a while. When they left I got to hold both Isaiah and Isaac. They are the cutest little guys ever! 

When we got home from the hospital we put the two boys in their cribs to sleep. 

Isaiah and Isaac were a hand full, but we managed to do well. In three years we had three boys and two girls including Isaiah and Isaac. The two girls were another set of identical twins. We named them Avery and Ava. The third boy was such a hand full. We weren’t sure if we were going to have any more kids, but we did anyway. We named him Luke. We have an amazing family of seven.

March 06, 2020 18:07

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I love your story, Mary! It is so good!


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Thank you!


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