Drama Thriller Mystery

Can I tell you a secret?

Or maybe I shouldn’t...

It could spoil the whole story,

I don’t know if I should…

But I just can’t keep it to myself. 

It’s so terribly hard!

I need to tell you what's on the note

You know what,...

I’ll just tell you.

But if anyone asks you…

You keep it to yourself.

Or else.

So you want to know what it is?

It’s that....

Hmm let me give you some background 

You should know.

It all began with a note. A creepy note, a scary note, an ugly note. 

“I got it. you don’t like the note” you say but let me continue. I was so scared to even hold the note I threw it out the window. 

“But what did it say!” you ask. I cannot tell you yet. It was very late so I decided to get some shut eye, or what some people call “Sleep.” 

“I call it sleep, you're weird for saying that.” you say. I was having bad dreams about the note and that it was in my room again. I looked around if it was. But I saw it taped to my pillow. But only this time it said something uglier. Something meaner, something spookier. 

“Just tell us what it said!” you yell at me. But I can’t. Not yet. I decide sleeping is a bad idea. I mean that's where all bad dreams come from. T'was 5:00 am and I went for a walk. I thought I stepped in brown stuff on the grass.

“Be more clear what it was!” You scream at me. If you want me to go into more details it was dogs droppings that was all over the grass.

“Ewww” you say in disgust. well you asked for more clarity! I looked at my shoe and I saw...

ANOTHER NOTE! This time it said something frightening, blood curling, spine chilling, HAIR FLYINGGGG! But sadly I can’t tell you. Not yet. Be patient and most importantly do not flip to the end of what you're reading here. Or else. Another thing you have to know is that I can’t tell you what will happen if you do. Walking-running actually, home now. But then I realize, am I safe at home? So I went to the place my dad said I was always safe. The beach. The windy morning blew the sand around. I was looking around the deserted sea shore for shells when I saw the most beautiful one. I looked around it and it had an opening. While looking for a hermit crab there was a piece of paper tucked inside. I took it out and inspected it. Yellowish, crumbly, ugly handwriting

“gasp!*” t'was another note. I threw it in the ocean for the pirates of the Caribbean to get. Running and getting my stuff and driving home. As soon as I was home I went under the covers and went to sleep. When I woke up it was 11:00 am. 

“You slept in!” you congratulate me. Thank you, thank you. I put on my robe and went to my kitchen. I eat some marmalade toast. I decided not to go to work and call it a sick day.

“Liar!” oh shut up. Watching all the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies late till midnight. The tv glitched it was static now and it had a message on the screen. 

“What did it say?” you question me. Well all I can tell you is that it was another note but this time on the tv. Quickly I turn off the tv and go to bed. I dream about the nerve-racking, sinister, horrifying, creepy note. Trying to wake up from this terrible dream. But worst of all I saw you…

 “What do you mean? Are you actually talking about me or is it just what I’m reading? You ask. But sadly I mean what I can not tell you. But one thing, don’t go to the end of what you are reading or else something I can’t tell you will happen. One piece of advice, stay where you are reading and don’t skip, don’t skim, don’t. Or else you could end up like me- oops I’ve said too much. Just keep where you are. Okay!? Stay where your eyes are. I mean if you skip they could be gone I mean who knows. 

“Ok I’m stopping to read! I need my eyeballs.” you say. Well you should. I warn you. If you go any further you can’t back down. You won't ever be the same again if you keep on reading, you will be different, the world will be different, and you’ll see all your regrets. 

“Bye!” you leave. But for those who keep reading that's your fault. Don’t blame me later when something happens. Now some readers are gone I should tell you. If you skip to the end of my writings you’ll end up like me. But I can’t tell you what like me is. You’ll just have to wait. 

This secret is so hard to keep. If I keep it any longer it will just burst out of me! But that's what you want. You want to know so bad. You feel tortured but if you skip that's only a taste of what torture feels like. 

“Tell me, tell me! I won’t tell anyone!” you beg. I can’t, not yet.

“But when?” you cry. I”m sorry it’s for your own good. Now where was I? Oh yeah, waking up screaming. I went back to sleep and woke up near 10:00 am. Drank some coffee and drove to work. “Oh no!”I say to myself. I drive back home and get dressed luckily instead of going to work in a robe and slippers. Putting on clothes then heading into my car. I’m going to be late!

“Oh no!” you say sarcastically. But I get there right on time with only 2 speeding tickets. Mr. Buffalo the head boss yells at me for being a day late. This morning I put some blush on my nose and purple eyeshadow under my eyes to make it look like tired bags that looked like I was sick. Just like I would make in school. And just what happened in school. I got sent home! But then my makeup smudged so I’m still at work.

“Haha!” you laugh. Walking next to the printer I see a paper coming up. Hmmm lets see if you were listening. Yellowish, crumbly, ugly handwriting. What is it? 

“IT’S A NOTE!” you yell in victory. Yes yes it’s another note. But whom, where, why. I throw the note into the air and scream running out of the office and driving away. 

“Can you tell us now what it says?” you ask. I’m sorry not yet. But I can give you a clue. The note might be from you, but you probably just don’t know it yet. After all, I might be wrong. Cause in this world that I am in, there is no wrong but never right! 

“What do you mean, ME? And where are you?” you ask of me. But for in this world I cannot tell you. I’m just here to tell the story. Nothing more… So I was informed by a post it made hours ago to tell you. Never not ever should you skip to the end. I Can’t tell you why. Can’t tell you how. Neither when. Just nothing. One thing is where I am, you do not want to be. You do not want to know. After a few days with no new notes I calm down. I went to work, watched tv, went on walks. Everything normal. It was all just fine until I got another note. I was hysterical, horror stuck, my heart skipped beats. It was plain old terrifying.

“Well you have to tell us now” you say eagerly. Not yet.

“Well when?” you ask. I can’t tell you. I went to my therapist and she asked what's on the note. I told her that it was wicked, hair flying, scream shouting, horrible, ugly terrible, crazy, brain killer, corrupt etc. She asked me again what was on the note but I told her “I can’t tell you…” My mouth couldn’t say the words to her. Nor can I say these words to you. I can’t risk your life. I can’t tell you what it says on the note. I can’t let you end up like me. It could hurt you and me. I’m sorry but, 

I lied…  

November 14, 2020 17:28

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Daniel Roueche
23:14 Nov 14, 2020

I love the concept that you are talking to the reader. It’s a great technique! Keep writing!


05:27 Nov 15, 2020

Thank you I'm glad you liked it!


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Katherine Taylor
19:28 Nov 22, 2020

I completely agree, what I great idea!


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Show 2 replies
17:45 Nov 14, 2020

I hope you like this!


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