Charlie Brown (Chuck ) was his nickname he was the eldest child of his family ,a family of seven members . He was a college student of fine arts he was to appear in an international art contest and had to send his canvas painting for the contest for which he had decided the topic the landscape. One Sunday morning Chuck’s family decided to go on a picnic to a place outside town , Chuck did not agree to go to the picnic as he had to finish his project as only one day was left for submission the art work was to be submitted through college , his father suggested him that can do his painting work on picnic, and all other family members insisted him to come along with them ,he thought he can easily prepare his canvas painting on such outing.

He woke up Sunday morning to find that the lady members of the family were busy preparing food items to be carried along to the picnic. Chuck was happy as Snoopy his pet dog was also with him, he carried his loop with him so that Snoopy can play during picnic. Charlie took all his drawing materials along with other eatables which were being carried to the picnic spot.

It was a bright Sunny morning, they started early in the morning

so as to reach the picnic spot in due time, on reaching there all members spread here and there to look for the suitable place to keep their luggage.

After reaching to the picnic spot  Chuck looked here and there and found a place where he could keep his canvas painting stand and placed his canvas on the stand, he looked all around and saw the garden was full of colorful flowers, children were playing in the garden, it was chaos all over , some were busy with their mobile phones, some were busy on laptops, some people were sitting , some were taking photographs, some people were doing boating in the lake near garden, some people were enjoying eatables inside the restaurants , some people were sitting in the toy-train inside garden he felt everybody was enjoying Sunday, What a nice place to visit he felt but he reminded himself that he had to complete his task for submission so he quickly picked up his drawing material and started working on his canvas he finalized a topic and started his work suddenly 'thud' a voice shocked him to find out that a football struck against his canvas board, he looked back angrily and saw a little boy ran up to him and asked him to return his football, Chuck scolded him and asked him not to repeat his action and took a

promise from him. The boy ran away happily. What a start? he said to himself .

Chuck had to start again as the football had spoiled his canvas

he rubbed off the dirt from the canvas to clean it  to start again he then quickly started drawing the sketch but then pencil broke off and he had to sharpen it , then he finished drawing with the pencil and now the thing left was to color his painting, he went to pick up the color box and when he returned  to his canvas drawing he saw a bird had spoiled his painting "spoiled again" was his

thought.He rubbed it off and then thought of coloring it soon, then

family members gathered to have lunch and it took about one hour to finish the lunch and on reaching the painting Chuck saw that his canvas sheet broke into two as a branch of the tree fell on it, not again he shouted then he had to start again with canvas drawing,  and  as he was about to fix his canvas board on the stand Snoopy came running and hit his canvas stand and it fell off ,the canvas was dirty again full of mud, Chuck was angry but he could not shout at Snoopy . Snoopy speedily ran away.

Chuck again fixed the stand and canvas, by the time almost half the day has gone the time was running by and he has not started his project. He took a vow this time he will not allow anyone to interrupt his art work. He will keep an alert , and started his work and nothing ill happened till he his finished his drawing and took a sigh of relief and quickly took out his colors for the painting , he was keeping an alert this time and his painting work was about to finish suddenly Snoopy threw his loop on the canvas and the wet colors spread like a ‘splash’ and now the thought he will not be able to do his work. He sat for a while what a messy day, full of confusion.

He started again with new canvas board and was busy doing his sketches suddenly a current of air carried away his canvas board  and carried it very far away and he saw soon his canvas board was floating in the lake water , now what to do he thought only one last canvas board was left with him and he had to finish it that day while on picnic.

For a while he thought he should not take part in contest and started gathering his materials and was about to carry his canvas stand to the car, he saw his father coming towards him and asked him about his project he told them he was not able to complete his project due to interruptions and he had no time left seeing him disappointed his father motivated him to not to give up and give a try once again ,motivated by his father he started once again and when he  finished his work , tiny-tiny drops of water ran over his cheeks and he quickly looked up and saw the sky covered with rainy clouds and soon his painting was destroyed by pouring rain showers and he had no time to cover it or protect it by carrying it to the car, this is too much, he thought and now nothing could be done his art work was spoiled .

He looked to his father who was giving him a smile as if saying better luck next time and gave him some peanuts to eat.

October 11, 2019 12:05

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Kevin Smith
12:22 Oct 18, 2019

It's a nice little story. I liked it.


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Anil Mehta
12:19 Oct 18, 2019

Very interesting story. The interruptions were very good. A nice tale about artists.


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